Wuhsiu Leisure Farm

A bamboo tour: An intellectual and cultural experience
【Lugu, Nantou】

 The Wuhsiu Leisure Farm has a beautiful natural environment, and the Moso bamboo forests have been well utilized to create an excellent venue for experiencing the "bamboo ecological culture." Visitors can get to know the stages of bamboo growth, see a bamboo charcoal kiln, and even taste bamboo charcoal cooked food and touch other bamboo charcoal products. This impressive way of learning about the growing and processing of bamboo is very educational and a lot of fun.

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Forest 18 Leisure Farm

A forest heaven with abundant living aesthetics
【Mingjian, Nantou】

  The Forest 18 Leisure Farm has a natural ecology, farm produce, and gourmet food to offer, in a leisure space filled with the spirit of happy living. At the same time, being environmentally minded, the upholds a belief in the spirit of "taking from the land and giving back to the land" to maintain the environment. Thus, the farm is an excellent place for "environmental education".

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Spring Mountain Leisure Farm

A spiritual space filled with vibrant flowers
【Xinshe, Taichung】

 Spring Mountain Leisure Farm is filled with an abundance of flowers, trees, and plants, and is located at a strategic geographical site. Not only can tourists enjoy the beauty of different flowers during different seasons, they can also treck up the hills, feeling the changes in the woods and scenery and the unobstructed landscape. You can fully enjoy the "natural" and "recreational" ambience of "being on a farm." In addition, the farm provides camping sites and local foods, so you can truly experience the close-knit relationship between "life and the land." In short, the farm is a site well-suited for practical environmental education.

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