Dongluo River Leisure Farm

The retro farm converted from a traditional "duck pen"
【Erlin, Changhua】

 The family-friendly "Dongluo River Leisure Farm" combines rural landscape, agro-eco resources, farming customs, local cuisine, with informative, interesting and fun-filled activities, to give visitors a sense of leisure agriculture and understandings to the meaning of "living, production, ecology, life". Its transformation from a "duck pen" to a leisure farm gives value to the importance of environmental education.

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  • Validity period:2018/01/01~2020/12/31

《Farm Introduction》

 Located downstream of the old Choishui River at the junction where Fangyuan, Fuxing and Erlin border, the "Dongluo River Leisure Farm" (Ah Mu Liao), is a rustic-featured farmhouse restored from a dilapidated duck farm full of local charms.

 This simple, rustic farm is surrounded by rich water resources and a scenic "green corridor" formed by aquatic plants and trees along the embankment road. Inside its three-hectare compound, there a service center converted from an old duck pen, a DIY classroom, an old farmhouse made of straw, a retro "general store", as well as a kitchen equipped with an old-fashioned stove and a traditional stone grinding mill. Coming here is as if one stepped into a time tunnel, and got transported back to the quaint rural countryside some thirty, forty years ago.

 The reservoir in front of the main building was originally a duck pond, but after renovation, is now a gushing-spring wading pool full of loaches. This pool is a popular attraction for families and friends to enjoy "catching loaches" especially in the summertime.

 Guests not only can tour around the old farmhouse and see old farming tools here, but can also go fishing or digging for clams, learn about aquatic plants, cycle along the Dongluo Riverbank, enjoy the beautiful scenery; DIY traditional rice products, and eat "traditional rice meal", before journeying home.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 Converted from a duck pen, the Dongluo Creek Leisure Farm not only has rice paddies, vegetable gardens and other agricultural resources; but because of its efforts preserving country scenery, so in addition to the main building many of the olden farmhouses and agricultural machinery and equipment are in good condition also, giving this farm a distinctive rural, country feeling.

 In regards to the natural environment, Dongluo applies natural farming practices, absolutely without any use of herbicides or pesticides on its entire compound. Also, after it was restructured into an experimental facility, in addition to building the duck pen the old fashion way, straws were used as insulation, a very feature-oriented and distinctively eco-friendly practice. Natural building materials were used in all of its other facilities as well. Its eco-pool, rich with fish, insects and aquatic plants, is also dedicated to green imagery.

 Aside from "traditional architecture" and "olden day farming tools" this farm smartly uses agricultural resources to showcase rural country lifestyle, such as DIY activities like planting rice seedlings, harvesting, grinding; and agro-food preparations i.e. make rice cakes, bamboo rice, etc., to convey the importance of living in harmony with nature. In addition, experience programs suited for the whole family including making scarecrow doll, bamboo cannon and bamboo dragonfly, as well as digging daikon radish, prying peanuts, roasting sweet potatoes, etc., are intended to teach participants to appreciate nature, cherish life, and value the land.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Farming village makeover - Enter the wholesome, unspoiled country house

    Many facilities on the compound once part of the old farmhouse are very worthwhile to see, such as the main building "Ah Mu Liao" old "general store", straw shack, and the star terrace. The wading pool and water wheel are also worth a look. The pool is surrounded by lush landscape and full of fish and aquatic plants, making it a perfect spot for sitting and enjoying sunset at dusk. The well-kept "eco-ditch", formerly a irrigation channel farmers drew water from, is inhabited by clams, snails and other organisms, and can be said as a great place for "water fun".

  • Mill grinding and cooking meals - Handmade delights from the olden day kitchen

    In "Grandma's kitchen" guests not only can see the big stove used in the good old days, there is also an ancient stone mill. If you are interested, you can hand-grind ingredients, and make "taro rice cake" from scratch. Just follow the teacher's instructions and chop the organic taro organically grow here into thin strips, then add washed-and-drained rice crumples, then season to taste, then form the dough by hand into your favorite shape, line it with a fresh leave, then put it into a steamer on the stove for cooking. Thirty minutes later, a delicious taro cake is ready to eat!

  • DIY straw dolls - Experience the creative fun of farming arts

    The farm also has a variety of DIY activities including painting gourds and making toy pinwheels, out of which the "scarecrow doll" is the most popular. Each person gets to choose a hat, clothing, and accessory to dress their mini scarecrow doll, so that each is unique and reflective of the maker, making them the best souvenir to take home, and the perfect gift for friends and relatives.

  • Play with water and catch loaches - The cool activity on hot summer afternoons

    The wading pool located in front of the main "Ah Mu Liao" building, originally a duck pond, has been transformed into an amazing spot to beat the heat of summer. Not only can guests play in water, but also because there are loaches inside, it offers a very valuable experience to "catch loaches" yourself. Every summer, children of all ages are seen here chasing and catching loaches, and having a great time.


  • Address:No. 1201, Lane 2, Erxi Rd. Sec. 7, Xizhuang Village, Erlin Township, Changhua County
  • Telephone:+886-4-865-9206
  • Public Transportation:Nil.
  • Route by car:
    1. National Highway 1: Exit from Yuanlin Interchange →Yuanlu Road →heading toward Xihu →connect Erxi Road going toward Erlin direction →Xihu Bridge (about at 6.4KM mark) →turn right and drive along Old Choushuei River (Dongluo River) drive 6.3KM, about 20 minutes to destination.
    2. Taiwan Provincial Highway 17: Down south at 44KM mark →turn left and drive along the river embankment for 3 KM to North 44KM mark →turn right and drive along the embankment for about 3KM to destination.
  • GPS:E120.22.09 N23.54.04