Spring Mountain Leisure Farm

A spiritual space filled with vibrant flowers
【Xinshe, Taichung】

 Spring Mountain Leisure Farm is filled with an abundance of flowers, trees, and plants, and is located at a strategic geographical site. Not only can tourists enjoy the beauty of different flowers during different seasons, they can also treck up the hills, feeling the changes in the woods and scenery and the unobstructed landscape. You can fully enjoy the "natural" and "recreational" ambience of "being on a farm." In addition, the farm provides camping sites and local foods, so you can truly experience the close-knit relationship between "life and the land." In short, the farm is a site well-suited for practical environmental education.

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《Farm Introduction》

 Situated on a hillside at elevations of 600 to 900 meters, Spring Mountain Leisure Farm has a total area of over 8 hectares of wide open spaces. Planted with cherry trees, azaleas, lilies, lavenders, Tung trees, horsetail trees, and marigolds, the seasonal colors of Spring Mountain are both vibrant and moving. Spring Mountain is the perfect place for leaving one's worries behind and restoring one's spirit.

 Here, visitors can fully experience the glory of nature. In addition to the seasonal blooming of flowers, strolls through lush valleys offer the opportunity to enjoy sunrises in the mornings and sunsets in the evenings. White clouds, blue skies, and vermillion twilight allow visitors to feel relaxed and refreshed. The sights of mountains and ridges full of primitive forests give people a sense of great comfort.

 Standing on the farm's high ground, Jiotung Mountain lies to the south, Taichung Harbor lies to the west, and Daxue Mountain lies to the east. This spectacular view provides a profound understanding of the concept of "standing tall and looking far". In addition, Dajia River lies 300 meters below the east side of the farm, and offers an obstructed view of Taichung. Each evening, when the city lights turn on, the brilliant lights of Taichung basin sparkle in front of your eyes. The complement between the city lights and the stars in the night sky is breathtakingly beautiful.

 Especially worth mentioning is the complete camping facility inside the farm. A total of 30 camping spots are available, and can be reached by car or camper. Both grass camping grounds and pavilion camping grounds offer electrical outlets and great convenience for the whole family or groups of friends to enjoy a different kind of "outdoor" wilderness travel.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The greatest characteristic of Spring Mountain Leisure Farm is the abundance of flowers in all four seasons. Spring Mountain also boasts unique mountain views for a great tourism experience. The farm is planted with large areas of lilies, cherry trees, olive trees, and cinnamon trees, which fully express the characteristic resources of agricultural planting. The farm also supports diverse animal life, including many types of frogs, birds, and insects. For outdoor viewing and activity purposes, Spring Mountain also features a one kilometer trail that includes over 10 gazebos. The trail and gazebos provide visitors with a comfortable environment for enjoying the scenery and a relaxing atmosphere in which to roam the sylvan landscape.

 In particular, the rolling landscape of the farm reveals different panoramas and contours when viewed from different perspectives. To preserve the natural environment, the construction of the trail, gazebos, and other related structures utilized ecological methods in order to preserve the original and simple tone. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are rarely used on the farm, demonstrating our respect for the ecological environment.

 In addition to visual enjoyment, the sounds of birds, frogs, and the babbling waters of Dajia River yield an aural landscape quite different from those of everyday life. These sights and sounds provide a most natural relief for senses that have long been desensitized by city life. To a busy urban dweller, Spring Mountain is a paradise for cleansing body and soul, and an Eden for meditation and relaxation.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Flower Exhibition - Lovely flowers of the four seasons

    Spring Mountain Leisure Farm has many lovely flowers in all four seasons of the year. All sorts of flowers are planted around the mountain slope surrounding the farm. There are pinkish cherry blossoms from January to March, rhododendrons and golden trumpet-trees in March and April, white tung blossoms and golden daylilies from April to June, fragrant osmanthus and lilies from July to September, purple lavendar in September and October, and seasonal Christmas flowers and snow wood -- beauty beyond words all year round!

  • Hiking - Enjoy the breathtaking view from higher ground

    This is the "must-see" trail of the farm. You will feel relaxed seeing the beautiful plants alongside the trail. The wooden stairs leading upwards will take you to a hilltop 900 meters above sea level where you can gain the satisfaction of "conquering the hill". On the hilltop, you can see an unobstructed view of the landscape beyond and experience the pleasant feeling of scanning the far horizon. In fine weather, you can see the Taiwan Straits and enjoy the natural beauty of the high hills and vast ocean.

  • Camping in the wild - A traveling experience worth sharing

    The Spring Mountain Leisure Farm is rich with natural resources, so we have allocated a number of camping sites that you can drive directly to. One of the sites is below the platform of the restaurant, while the other site is mid-way up the mountain. The sites are well-equipped with the necessary facilities and provide an excellent and extraordinary camping experience for families from the city. Parents are particularly encouraged to bring their children here. During the firefly season in April and May each year, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery produced by the shining little creatures as they fly through the air. Feel the magnificence of nature, and at the same time take a break from the concrete walls of the city. Children can enjoy a youthful experience of staying overnight in the wild.


  • Address:No. 60, Zhongxing  St., Zhonghe Village, Xinshe Dist., Taichung City
  • Telephone:+886-4-2593-1201
  • Website:www.0425931201.mmmtravel.com.tw
  • Public Transportation:Nil.
  • Route by car:
    1. Take National Freeway No. 1 and exit Zhongquing Interchange → take Songzhu Road toward Da-Keng and pass Dong Shan Paradise; pass Zhongxing Ling → drive straight toward Xinwu Village → when you see the sign for Zhonghe Village, make a right turn → drive along the mountain road; when you see a large three-way intersection, make a right turn toward Zhonghe Village → drive straight until you pass Zhonghe Primary School (before this, you can follow the Lavender Forest sign) → go straight for approximately 5 – 7 minutes and you will see the sign for Spring Mountain → follow the mountain road upward until you reach Spring Mountain.
    2. Take National Freeway No. 1 or No. 3; connect to National Freeway No. 4 and drive until the freeway ends → exit the Fengyuan Interchange → travel on Provincial Highway No. 3; pass Shih-Kang and drive toward Dongshi Bridge → after passing Dongshi Bridge, turn right → connect to Provincial Highway No. 8 (Central Cross-Island Highway) toward Ku-Kuan; pass Long-An Bridge and drive straight toward Xinshe → drive straight passed Annie’s Garden until you reach a three-way intersection; turn left toward Zhonghe Village → drive straight until you pass Zhonghe Primary School (before this, you can follow the Lavender Forest sign) → go straight for approximately 5 – 7 minutes and you will see the sign for Spring Mountain → follow the mountain road upward until you reach Spring Mountain.
  • GPS:E120 84.7384 N24 14.9366