Magical Mushrooms Tribe Leisure Farm

A fungal farm with modern technology
【Puxin, Changhua】

  The Magical Mushrooms Tribe Leisure Farm uses modern technologies and professional expertise to grow top quality mushrooms, in addition to using the facilities for tourist visits and value added products, combining ecological values with production know-how to bring an exciting experience to visitors. The farm is an excellent venue for ecological education.

  • Authentication item:體驗
  • Certification period:2012 - 2022

《Farm Introduction》

 The Magical Mushrooms Tribe Leisure Farm was previously known as the Big Village Farm, which had a business focus on breeding and providing mushroom strains. In 2009, the farm introduced tourism to its business model, and has since developed the facilities into an educational leisure farm, where the mushroom production facilities, vacuum packaging process, and mushroom plantation process are open to visitors, along with the relevant programs and catering services. This is a place frequently visited by agricultural academic groups, government institutions, elementary and middle school students, as well as kindergarteners. The educational mechanism and facilities in the leisure farm have been highly appreciated and praised by visitors of all ages and various backgrounds.

 Visitors are led by professional guides into a production warehouse for fresh mushrooms, so that they can take a closer look at how the medicinal mushrooms grow. Here you can see ordinary mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, and beech mushrooms, as well as the very special pink rose mushrooms and golden mushrooms... a dazzling and amazing sight. What's more, there are many fun programs for personal experiences, such as mushroom painting, mushroom lei cha, fungal cup DIY, and more. With the hands-on experience, you can experience the world of mushrooms firsthand.

 Of course, you certainly don't want to miss the fresh mushroom cuisine. And you'll enjoy all the different flavors of tasty mushrooms. In addition, the farm has developed a variety of featured products such as mushroom lulu, king oyster mushroom muffins, regimen mushroom muffins, adn lingzhi oyster mushroom muffin gift packs. They are all tasty and nutritious, and were award winners among the Chunghwa top 10 souvenirs in 2010 and 2011. They all come highly recommended. Just give these tasty treats a try.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The leisure farm is like a bright theme park featuring mushrooms. The mushroom plantation house is built with the standards of a high-tech wafer plant, and the exhibition area is equipped with modern facilities built into a mushroom shape to handle various attractions and to present the various impressive features of the farm. To maintain an eco-friendly environment, the entire premises are kept free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, conforming to eco-friendly standards for agricultural plantation. Even the outdoor environment is constructed with ecological engineering - there is an ecological pond, and the field ridges and waterway are well maintained in order to fully manifest the spirit of co-existence between technology and environmental protection.

 The experience programs are based on the two themes of "mushroom production navigation" and "mushroom theme DIY". These enriched programs not only accentuate the farm's features but also contain the elements of entertainment and interaction, conveying knowledge filled with educational meaning. Moreover, the fine spatial design and sturdy equipment, such as the facilities for creating the mushroom ecological environment, are put to use by guides with relevant academic backgrounds, giving the programs the highest of quality. As for the value added products, the farm has made good use of all the mushroom resources to develop versatile souvenirs that have excellent quality and exquisite packaging in designer styles, giving them a good reputation and consumer admiration, and effectively increasing the farm's business values.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Mushroom Navigation - Tour the mushroom production process

    Visitors can take a tour of the mushroom plant and production line to gain an insight into how the mushrooms are grown. In particular, to ensure mushroom quality, the farm is equipped with a modern plant and related technology, in addition to adopting thermostatic reverse osmosis water to grow the mushrooms. Acacia shavings are used as a cultivation material, without any chemical additives for fertilization. Before the tour starts, visitors need to go through a disinfection process and put on a dustproof outfit including a hat, shoes, and outerwear, and then, under the narrator's guidance, they enter the mushroom ecological world. The journey is fun and very enriching. Definitely an impressive experience.

  • Mushroom DIY - Plant lovely mushrooms with your own hands

    Under our expert guidance, you'll put the mushroom cultivation media in a fungal bottle, which you can then take home and put in yout refrigerator for 24 hours; then, just spray water on the fungi 3-4 times a day until the mushrooms sprout. The growth takes about 5-7 days, during which you can observe the mushrooms grow bigger and bigger, and when the mushrooms are mature, you can pick them and cook them in a delicious dish. What a pleasant way to reward yourself for the cultivation and harvest!

  • Mushroom painting - Colorful handcrafts

    Interested in taking home a mushroom "flower" as a souvenir? Come and make one yourself! Paint a puppet made of snow white king oyster mushrooms with the colors and patterns you like, and when the paint is dried, you'll own a one-of-a-kind mushroom ornament, so lovable that you just won't let go of it.

  • Mushroom food - Healthy and delicious souvenirs

    At the farm, you can buy all the fresh mushroom varieties, as well as a dazzling variety of processed mushroom products such as black fugus dew, healthy mushroom muffins, lingzhi vitality eggs, lingzhi jelly, lingzhi coffee, and more. Best of all, the king oyster mushroom balls are made of top quality king oyster mushrooms blended with high-class fish paste, juicy and chewy in your mouth and featuring the oyster mushroom's delicious texture, so soft and rich. There's also the king oyster mushroom sausage made from mushrooms and CAS certified pork leg meat, offering a solid texture, fresh and tender, to bring you total satisfaction!


  • Address:No. 829, Liuqiao E. Rd., Pijiao Village, Puxin Township, Changhua County 513
  • Telephone:+886-4-852-1898
  • Public Transportation:alight at Tai Railway Yuanlin Station, then take a taxi for 20 minutes to get here. Be sure to agree on the taxi fare before setting off.
  • Route by car:Exit at Highway No. 1 at Yuanlin Interchange -> go theYuanlu Road in the direction of Puxin and Yuanlinfon -> take a left when hitting the Puxin Road -> take Expressway 76 to get here.
  • GPS:E 120°33'28" N 23°56'55"