Wuhsiu Leisure Farm

A bamboo tour: An intellectual and cultural experience
【Lugu, Nantou】

 The Wuhsiu Leisure Farm has a beautiful natural environment, and the Moso bamboo forests have been well utilized to create an excellent venue for experiencing the "bamboo ecological culture." Visitors can get to know the stages of bamboo growth, see a bamboo charcoal kiln, and even taste bamboo charcoal cooked food and touch other bamboo charcoal products. This impressive way of learning about the growing and processing of bamboo is very educational and a lot of fun.

  • Authentication item:體驗
  • Certification period:2012 - 2022

《Farm Introduction》

 The Wuhsiu Leisure Farm is situated in Nantou Lugu, 1500 meters above sea level, among the Alishan Mountain branch of the Sun Link Sea Mountains. The 80-hectare farm has two main areas: the Wuhsiu Farming Garden and the Wuhsiu Bamboo Kiln. In earlier times, the farm was in the tea growing business, although the Moso bamboo forests of nearly 10 hectares were already there. Starting in 1991, the farm planted other vegetation such as cheery blossoms, luohansong, cedar, camphor, firs, and other arbors. But the real highlight is Ginkgo - this single species takes up as many as 50 hectares of the land as the star of this farm. In recent years, the farm's owner has been dedicated to a cultural renovation, setting up an improved traditional kiln to make Moso bamboo charcoal and successfully developing various innovative products.

 The mountains offer great tranquility. You can stroll in the spacious garden and enjoy the beauty of the ginkgo trees and cherry blossoms and feel the wonder of nature. Meanwhile, the elegant and scenic Forest Cafe offers genuine local bamboo charcoal coffee coupled with special bamboo side dishes. In addition, you can also shop at the farm for bamboo charcoal pillows, bamboo charcoal socks, and versatile bamboo tableware. You can leave the urban noise behind and totally liberate yourself in this peaceful and tranquil place.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The farm has very beautiful forests with abundant agricultural resources and ecological vegetation which are developed with natural farming and ecological engineering. Most of the architecture is made with bamboos to collocate with the ambient surroundings and highlighted features. In addition, the experience programs combine the natural resources with the aid of expert narrators for tour navigation, introducing bamboo ecology, primitive tree species, and fun games involving bamboo charcoal kilning and bamboo charcoal soap making. In particular, the daily goods and healthy foods made of bamboo charcoal materials are versatile and innovative, which have greatly contributed to the added values of the farm and successfully shaped the emerging character of the farm.


  • The mountain views at dawn and sunset - The charming and intoxicating hues of the mountains

    At dawn, the sun rises above the Fenghuang mountains, and you can see it from the park on the farm. You'll also be able to enjoy the landscape of Lugu valley surrounded by the mountains. In the afternoon, the mountain clouds drift in, soaking you in endless mists that make you feel like you are floating in the clouds, elated and romantic. When the sun goes down, the nightfall awakens the lights of the houses down the hill, echoing the twinkling stars high up in the sky, composing a mesmerizing night time scenery.

  • Natural ecological landscape - The best place to watch birds and fireflies

    Walking in the park, you'll very likely come across partridges trotting around and pheasant birds tripping leisurely. Take a closer look, and you'll spot the tracks of barbets, yuhinas, and brown face eagles -- endangered and protected birds -- in the midst. Moreover, the nights from May thru August bring the charming party season of spotted night lights made by fireflies.

  • Bamboo charcoal kiln - The workshop for you to learn how to make bamboo charcoal

    The Wuhsiu Kiln specializes in Moso bamboo charcoal. The kiln selects Moso bamboos of over 4 years old as the material and uses a high temperature carbonization technology plus handcraft applied over 10 days to finish the charcoal. This process is totally distinct from the common method of burning with diesel. As a result, the produced bamboo charcoal has an excellent, unparalleled quality. The workshop is open 24/7, and a narration of the bamboo charcoal making process is provided. This is a nice place for you to learn the process of producing bamboo charcoal.

  • Bamboo charcoal coffee - A must-taste coffee with unique characteristics

    The Secluded Bamboo Café in the woods is the place where you can taste bamboo charcoal coffee made from the ground powder of fine selected Muxiu Moso bamboo charcoal blended with superior coffee beans. This signature coffee is served here, and only here -- nowhere else. Hungry? We also have seasonal bamboo sprout dishes for you to feast on. While having your food, you can also enjoy a view of the rolling hills and green Moso bamboo forests outside the restaurant. What a natural taste and beautiful landscape that you can only dream of in the city!

  • Bamboo charcoal products - Diversified health goods

    Bamboo charcoal is known as "black diamond" in Japan. It can purify water, aid in the body's blood circulation to improve the bodily health, improve the freshness of air, and regulate humidity. Here, we offer bamboo charcoal made of fine selected Moso bamboos with high temperature refinement, that has exquisitely dense fiber and contains rich minerals. In addition, we have also developed extended products such as antibacterial, deodorant charcoal socks; anti-rot, anti-odor and sleep-aiding healthy pillows; anti-mosquito, anti-bug bamboo vinegar; and even delicious bamboo charcoal cookies, bamboo charcoal peanuts, and more. They are all worth a try, so you can shop to your satisfaction.


  • Address:No. 35-66, Tiantou Ln., Zhulin Village, Lugu Township, Nantou County 558
  • Telephone:+886-49-2676-262
  • Website:www.wvsiv.idv.tw
  • Public Transportation:Take the union bus heading for Xitou or Sun Link Sea -> get off the bus at Lugu Station -> transfer to the Yuanlin bus heading for Zhulin or Citou -> get off at Zhulin Station where there is the bamboo shoot market -> head to Tiantou Lane -> Wuhsiu Charcoal Kiln.
  • Route by car:Take Highway No. 2 and exit at the Zhushan Interchange -> head to Lugu -> pass through Xitou and hit Sun Link Sea -> take a right at the turning point indicated by the Chinese Animal Zodiac Goat -> go straight for 3 km.
  • GPS:E 120°45'31" N 23°43'13"