Forest 18 Leisure Farm

A forest heaven with abundant living aesthetics
【Mingjian, Nantou】

  The Forest 18 Leisure Farm has a natural ecology, farm produce, and gourmet food to offer, in a leisure space filled with the spirit of happy living. At the same time, being environmentally minded, the upholds a belief in the spirit of "taking from the land and giving back to the land" to maintain the environment. Thus, the farm is an excellent place for "environmental education".

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《Farm Introduction》

 The Forest 18 Leisure Farm is situated in the Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area, 400 meters above the sea level, surrounded by mountains. Here you can view unique hydraulic engineering - the Baguashan Drought Irrigation Reservoir, which has such beautiful scenery that people call it "Mingjian Shangri-La" or "Little Sun Moon Lake".

 The ranch park has a large area of 4000 pings, with Eucalyptus trees planted all over. This park is divided into a birds zone, herbs zone, vanilla zone, and wild vegetables zone. The vast forest land is rich i natural ecosystems, where you can see butterflies and bees flying all around, along with all sorts of other insects. You may also suddenly spot monkeys traversing the woods. Roaming in the park, you'll hear the leaves whispering to the wind, and see the magnificent beauty of shifting shadows under the sun. You breathe the refreshing purity of Phytoncid in the woods, leaving the city buzz behind. The park owner has a childish spirit. You know it when you see the adorable koala dolls in the trees and on the wooden tables, chairs and hammocks scattered around. Yes, it makes you smile and brings you into the fantasy of this "Wonderland."  Furthermore, there are many experience programs such as thechicken garden experience and tthe outdoor Bar-B-Q experience. December is the month of the Roselle Festival, coupled with many related DIY programs and tour guide narration. All the programs are very rich and lots of fun.

 After some nature watching, don't forget to visit the farm's restaurant. It has an architecture sketched with pure white and neat lines, in a minimalist space design - the huge wall in white is combined with glass French windows, letting the sunlight spill in, and the simple yet elegant decoration creates an exquisite, stylish ambiance. On the menu, you can find western dishes like French lamb ribs, red wine beef ribs, grilled chicken, and vanilla chicken, in addition to the light dishes like Italian pasta. Here in the restaurant, whether it is the spatial "sights" or the gourmet "taste," you'll feel the fulfillment of "contentment." And this is what the forest heaven has to offer - an aesthetics of living.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The Forest 18 Leisure Farm views "forests" as a fantasy theme. Eucalyptus trees grow everywhere in the ranch park, along with wild vegetables, vanilla, and many native plants and flowers. This farm has abundant agricultural resources and beautiful scenery. To protect the environment, the farm does not use chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The architecture is all minimalist in style, with the "green architecture" concept accommodated to the ambient surroundings - aesthetic and magnificent.

 Moreover, the experience programs and fun games are designed to make full use of the surrounding resources. There's ecosystem navigation, wild vegetable picking, Roselle preserves DIY, and animal painting on fallen leaves, plus the "Ancient Canal Farmland Biking Trip" activity that combines the farmland with nearby ancient canals. The experience programs are diversified and enriched in an ample space, comfortable and safe, and the service staff are well trained and amiable. Signs and other directions are well deployed to help visitors find their way to any place on the ranch.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Navigating the ecosystems - Roam leisurely in the woods to enjoy nature

    You definitely don't want to miss the great opportunity of roaming in this vast Eucalyptus forest! In its midst, you'll breathe in the Phytoncid, enjoy a baptism of fresh greenery, and observe the natural ecology that you don't see in the city - swinhoes flying and dancing in the sky, monkeys playing around in the tree tops and beetles slowly climbing up the trunks - you'll be thrilled by one wonder after another. And there's more! You can pick grass and feed the friendly lambs, and you'll be touched by the intimacy with such lovely and wonderful animals.

  • Picking roselle - Fun games to experience

    November and December are the roselle blooming season. At this time, you'll see the wine red calyx like rubies scattered on the branch tips. The roselle garden is open during this season for visitors to experience the fun of picking roselle flowers. What's more, the service staff will show you how to clean and deseed the roselle flowers, and then add sugar to it and simmer and marinade it into preserves. What a fun game. Plus, you'll have great snacks made by your own hands.

  • Ancient canal farmland biking trip - A romantic and retrospective biking trip

    In earlier times, when the Mingjian Township had no running water facilities, the water supply for daily life and irrigation was from the man-made reservoirs. Today, the long deserted reservoirs are revived into beautiful ponds and small lakes. When you bike along the ancient canals to embrace the breeze, a wonderful pleasant feeling will come to your mind, and you'll also hear the birds singing and smell the fragrant flowers, in this beautiful and open wildness that brings you indescribably happiness and contentment.

  • The diversified DIY programs - Make souvenirs with your own hands

    There are many DIY programs at the farm, including animal paining on the fallen leaves, making wooden key rings, making handmade soaps, makign antibacterial bath foam, making mosquitoe repellent, and so on, which are all eco-friendly and practical. The instructors will lead you to do all the handicrafts, so you can learn the knowledge and in the meantime have fun doing the souvenirs with your own hands. That's something really worth experiencing.


  • Address:No. 16-8, Tianzai Ln., Tianzai Village, Mingjian Township, Nantou County 551
  • Telephone:+886-49-227-3797
  • Public Transportation:N/A.
  • Route by car:
    1. Exit Highway No. 3 at the Mingjian Interchange, take a right and then go to Tai Road No. 3 straight through the meat market; you'll then hit a Taiwan Sugar Company gas station, where you'll take a left; at the first T intersection, take a right and go for about 1.5 km to get here.
    2. Exit Highway No. 3 at the Nantou Interchange, then take a left to pass through the Nangang Industrial Park; go straight toward Mingjian, and then pass through the ShinJe Elementary School and see a Taiwan Sugar Company gas station, where you'll take a right; when you hit the first T intersection, take a right and go for about 1.5 km to get here.
  • GPS:E 120°40'33" N 23°52'09"