Tai-Yi Ecological Leisure Farm

A colorful world, mesmerizing and dazzling in every corner
【Puli, Nantou】

 The Tai-Yi Ecological Leisure Farm has lots of flowers and gardens to see. The farm cultivates saplings to create an excellent venue for experiencing vegetation ecology, getting to know agricultural production, and understanding the life of a farmer. There are also butterfly ecosystems and bird habitats so you can personally observe the wonders of nature. What's more, the DIY programs allow you to use flowers and herbs to do handicrafts with your own hands. This is an ideal place to experience environmental education for the sake of "knowing natural ecosystems, and being conscious of environmental protection".

  • Authentication item:體驗 餐飲 
  • Certification period:2011 - 2021

《Farm Introduction》

 "Observe the wonder of life from a seed, decorate life with the aroma of flowers." This was the very spirit in mind when the farm's owner decided to transform the sapling nursery farm into today's leisure farm. Through all the years, this mindset has been insistently supporting the running of this 50-hectare leisure farm adorned with flowers and gardens in every corner to exude fragrance and a romantic atmosphere. This is truly a "garden castle".

 The farm has many theme parks, including the "Cactus Ecological Park," featuring cactuses of versatile shapes and sizes; the Jurassic Park like "Rain Forest Hall," with ferns of all kinds; the "Butterfly Dancing Pavilion," featuring exotic butterfly luring plants; the "Birds Park," which has peacocks, roosters and pigeons; and the "Green Sculpture Park," with its many fairy-tale and eco-friendly sculptures. Also, there is the small creek running through the parks, with water-loving plants like papyrus, bald cypress, willows, and wild ginger flowers along the banks. This is a landscape filled with greenery and a vivid ambiance.

 For food and accommodation, the Tai Yi Leisure and Educational Farm offers uniquely designed dining facilities, including the aquatic garden restaurant, a flower cafe, the romantic water wooden houses, and the Flora Inn. In 2010, the new "Grand Tai Yi Spring Hall" and "Southern Garden Restaurant" were opened to offer visitors an excellent vacation resort for immersing themselves in a sea of flowers.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The Tai-Yi Ecological Leisure Farm has very good natural resources built on the foundation of the flower and vegetable seeds and sapling nursery of the past. The farm owner has used his distinct vision to create today's "exquisite farm with flowers," and is a past winner of the Shennong Award. Even today, agricultural production is still the farm's main business, producing flower essence oil, flower tea bags, essence oil soaps, and flower dishes. These are all main products featured in the farm's experience programs. The farm has also built connections with other industries to introduce versatile professions and expertise to enrich the whole farmland experience.

 The farm's main resources are the flower plantation and the surrounding ecosystems. Resources within the premises and in the vicinity are well organized and utilized. For example, the use of water resources and application of ecological engineering, as well as the implementation of green architecture concepts, abundantly present the characteristics of "ecology, leisure, and education." And this establishment has created a strong and profound flower-affiliated impression on this farmland.

 Professional tour guides lead visitors through the ecosystems of the farm. And the DIY programs are diversified, daily life-oriented and creative. The farm plants are cleverly used to make various souvenirs such as T-shirt rubbings, floral key rings, flower paper fans, mini flower pot mixes, and so on.

餐飲《Leisure Farm Food and Drinks》

 The farm's main dining facilities are the water garden restaurant and the flower café, which combine hydrophilic architecture with flower presentation to create an unparalleled ambiance for dining and sightseeing. The dishes are mainly local recipes, and the ingredients are mostly from local markets. The delicious cuisine is combined with various fragrant flowers like organic roses, lotus leaves and vanilla, making the fabulous dishes one-of-a-kind.

 The new kitchen is brightly illuminated, clean and dry, and the drainage and exhaust systems are well integrated into the facilities, for a nice cooking environment and recipe seasoning conditions. Moreover, the new "Southern Garden Restaurant" is designed and built to accommodate floral imagery and green concepts, making the establishment outstanding and very attractive with tempting lighting and space.


《Travel Recommended》

  • Rain Forest Pavilion - Uncharted tropical forests and flourishing ferns

    This theme pavilion is dominated by tropical plants, with all kinds of ferns and abundant greenery, filled with mystery, putting you in a tropical forest ambiance. To make it more realistic, the pathway in the pavilion is specially made with floating pieces of wood so that you need to balance carefully while walking on it, adding an adventurous thrill to the journey and creating a scenario that is natural and phenomenal, so that it will be hard for you to resist giving it a try.

  • Butterfly Pavilion - The ecological classroom of dancing butterflies

    Puli, where the Tai-Yi Ecological Leisure Farm is located, used to be praised as a "butterfly kingdom" in earlier times. But when people started to capture them and ruin their feeding ground and habitat, the beautiful butterflies permeating the mountains and valleys went away. To resurrect their imagery, the farm has built the Butterfly Pavilion and elaborately utilized organic agricultural waste as feed and honey sources to resurrect the dancing butterflies inside and outside the pavilion. This has been a very successful and signature classroom for ecological education, where visitors can take a close look at the larvae breaking the pupae and becoming beautiful butterflies.

  • Water Floral Houses

    This is the most special accommodation type. The houses look like lovely sail boats, and each one has a botanical greenhouse in the front yard, as well as a small exclusive terrace right beside the romantic waterway. So, open the backdoor of the wooden house and walk to the terrace, and you'll see the black swans and fish leisurely swimming in the water, just a few feet away.

     Inside, the house exudes a fresh light aroma from the wood. The high-ceilinged and spacious design is totally free of stress. The fine select double bed is also very special, being of the same class as the ones used in Dubai's Burj Al Arab, a type of tempurpedic bed certified by NASA. The  mattress contains Brazilian natural tourmaline and technological charcoal glue that has far infrared function to release anions, making you totally relaxed at night with sweet dreams.

  • Creative floral feasts - Cuisine colored with flowers

    The dishes made with the seasonal flowers grown in the ranch garden are one of the signature presentations of the Tai-Yi Ecological Leisure Farm. The ingredient flowers include nasturtium, stone lotus flowers, organic roses, begonia flowers, wild ginger flowers, and more. These edible, organic flowers make the dishes exceptionally astonishing in both taste and visual presentation, and the different flowers bring in different aromas, tastes and textures. Don't miss it.

  • Botanical DIY programs - Experience the fun of herbal handicraft

    Since flowers are planted all over the farm, many flower related DIY programs are designed for visitors to make creative daily goods with flowers, such as rubbing colorful flowers and leaves on pure white T-shirts, making memorable cloths with a distinct style of your own, and flower pressing that preserves splendid flower patterns in handmade key rings, notebooks, and cards, which are unique and personal, practical, and provide a great memory of the fun.


  • Address:No. 176, Sec. 1, Zhongshan Road, Puli Township, Nantou County 545
  • Telephone:+886-49-299-7848
  • Website:www.taii.com.tw
  • Public Transportation:Take the Nantou Highway Bus at the High Speed Rail Taichung Wurih station heading south to Nantou, and then take the Nantou City Bus heading Cingjing farm or Wushe to get here.
  • Route by car:Exit at Highway No. 6 Puli Interchange -> Tai Road No. 14 (Zhongshan Road) heading Wushe -> go forward along the road signs to get here.
  • GPS:E 121°00'22" N 23°58'40"