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Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Resort

Beautiful and vast pasture garden
【Fenglin,  Hualien】

 "Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Resort" reports diverse distinguishing characteristics of agriculture and pasture culture, with organic compost recycled and reused in addition to massive planting of grass, milk cow raising in terms of natural herding manner; ecological area of various animals and plants is mostly built by natural engineering method, which pays attention to maintenance of environment ecology considerablly. Moreover, the farm is devoted to promoting diary culture; Besides raising, milk squeezing process is open for visit and also combines DIY experience and gift design to provide tourists a complete experience of farm process, is the best location to understand diary industry but also the best option to conduct environmental education.

  • Authentication item:體驗
  • Certification period:2011-2014、2017/-2022

《Farm Introduction》

 Situated at "East Rift Valley", "Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Resort" reports a coverage of 726 hectares, combining natural scenes, entertainment resources and agriculture, forestry and pasture ecology, is the biggest comprehensive leisure farm nationwide. Over 30 years of development, it starts from shingle river to full of green and vigor, with tens of theme areas planned in the farm, once you step into the main entrance, you'll see European style garden with brilliant colors as well as "Si Show Lake" sparkling in the sunlight, spectacular and pretty landscape of lakes and mountains, making people relax and happy.


There are 500 milk cows breeding with up to 70 hectares of "Pangola" grass planted in the farm. Cows are breeded in terms of natural herding manner to allow tourists to have an opportunity to feed diary cattle in person which becomes the most popular experience activity. In addition to "milk cow area", there are "lovely animal area", "money island area", "bird observating area", "lizard kingdom" and "insect and butterfly ecological area" etc. raising over 30 animals and reporting diverse features along with clear tour and intepretation, which are impressive.


In terms of plant ecology aspect, not only an extent of orchard planting sugar orange, calamondin, guava, avocado etc. fruits for sightseeing and plucking in the farm, but also renovation of original fishing pool is conducted by ecological engineering method, with lotus pool, water chestnut, cyperus rotundus related water plants to attract many migrant birds to rest on. Moreover, there are "dissert plant area", "medical plant area", "rose garden", "hundreds of bamboo garden" are arranged here especially, with coreopsis, rapeseed flower, lavender, Salvia officinalis, garden balsam related flowers and plants planted in back garden, allowing the place to have different styles of flowers to look at over four seasons.


The accommodation service here is also distinctive, divided by "Holland village", "rose garden" two major areas and are all built by log, in which the former is full of green while the latter is full of flower fragrance, reporting different landscaping and creating completely different scenario and atmosphere, which are comfortable and pleasant.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

   "Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Resort" comprises rich farming resources, with diverse animal & plant science park arranged in addition to fresh milk and fruit production in milk cow pasture and sightseeing orchard, representing bio-diversity of rural villages and providng distinctive farming experience activities.


In terms of farm construction aspect, ecological engineering method is mostly adopted to nurture rich environment for animals, insects to grow by natural plants, and to make good use of shit compost, avoid pollution of chemical fertilizer, showing that an emphasis on ecological maintenance. Moreover, various activity space are cozy and safe, rich and diverse experience design, which not only fully echos theme and culture of farm, but also equips with complete safety protection measures. The staff are well trained with good service attitude and professional capacity, providing quality and stable interpretation.


  《F&B of leisure farm》

Located on the 2nd floor of tourist center, the farm's restaurant reports spacious and cozy environment and good ambient light, the dining area is further divided by group and individual tourists with clear mark. A large landscape window design allows panoramic view of remote green Central Mountain Range, Coast Mountain Range and green grasslands before your eyes with pleasing view. The F&B supplied all adopt self-planted organic vegetables and fruits as well as local special food material and mountain product in Hualien, recommended specialties such as milk health preservation hot spot, silver perch with bamboo leaf etc. and all report local features; coffee shop provides fresh brew coffee along with self-produced fresh milk, which are aromatic and rich.

Moreover, the tableware used are also safe and sanitary, they are washable and reusable and are environmentally friendly.


《Travel Recommended》

  • Desert plant areaDrought-enduring plant that are rarely seen

    Reacting to current soil conditions, the farm decided not to fertilize or rebuild purposely, but to use its features to plant drought-enduring plants and to plan a "desert plant area". There are cactuses of the same height as people in there, as well as beautiful "desert rose" that requires less water but remains blossom; if you are lucky, you could also see rare vision of cactus blossom, which is worth seeing.

  • Get near to pasture herdA world of milk cow where you could play and eat the milk product

    Different from confinement feeding by other farms, "Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Resort" comprises vast grasslands to conduct herding, therefore tourists could observe a vision of milk cow to take a rest and eat grass in an extent of grasslands at close distance; you could feed calf with milk in person when it comes to milk squeezing time, to experience delight of being a "nanny". Moreover, you must not miss fresh milk products made of milk when you come here, including milk ice cream, milk cotta etc. with rich and aromatic taste, it is a must-to-have dessert. If you wish to continue having this, you could also bring cowboy hat, cow cup, cow-shape money safe, cow ballon etc. souvenir home, to fully reminisce journey of "cow world".

  • European style gardenA stylish courtyard of manner and splendor

    Located in the entrance of the farm, "European style garden" could be the best guest-receiving facility; as if the gate of "arc de triomphe" which is the most significant landmark. The entire garden features a style of European garden with gorgeous arrangement of flowers and plants, representing an atmosphere of spectacle and splendor in cooperation with aborigines of the nine major native Taiwanese tribes, statue of farm's pioneer. There is tour train behind the garden, you could take the train and tour around the farm to view tranquil and beautiful field sight of back mountain easily.

  • Coffee observatory of back gardenA gorgeous sea of flowers changing in four seasons

    Located behind "European style garden" and "tourism monument prairie", the "back garden" plants various vanilla plants, coreopsis, rapeseed flower, garden balsam etc., reporting multi-colors in fours seasons with too many beautiful things to be fully appreciated; in which there is a "tree garden" planting over 20 plants especially here, with tree grape, sweet osmanthus tree, jasmine orange etc. with tree age between 20~80. Moreover, the farm also especially builds "garden coffee observatory" to allow people to drink coffee while appreciating the ever-changing views of Central Mountain Range and Coast Mountain Range.

  • Ecological big bird garden Virtual scenario of birds classroom 

    The farm reports rich bird ecological resources considerably, "bird garden area" i.e., displaying specific birds in Taiwan and outside parrot that reports the biggest quantity in Taiwan. Moreover, the farm also constructs a large cage (53m long, 24m wide and 12m high) which not only simulates ways and habits of birds roosting in natural enviroment, and have them placed on up, middle, and bottom layers, and also meticulously mixes vegi, omnivorous, predatory birds to seek for ecological balance, species quantity by natural control within the cage. When you walk around the bird garden, as if you are entering a natural bird classroom where you get to know interesting bird eco deeper.


  • Address: 975 No. 20, Yun-Fu St. Fenglin Township, Hualien County
  • Telephone:+886-3-877-2666
  • Website:www.skcf.com.tw
  • By car:
    There is shuttle bus service provided in the farm, you could get on at Hualien County Visitor Information Center, the right side of Hualien Railway Station front exit, or at the 1st floor of main entrance of Hualien Airport; costing NT$ 100 per trip per hotel guest; NT$ 150  per trip for non hotel guest, reservation by phone 2 days before arrival is required.
  • Those who leave from Hualien above and head for south bound please drive on Provincial Highway No. 9 (Suhua Highway), pass through Hualien City and cross Pin Feng Bridge, you'll see giant cow symbol at 231.5 km, turn left and go straight on to get there; those who leave for north from Taitung, drive on Provincial Highway No. 9  and head for Fenglin direction, turn right and go straight on when you see a giant cattle symbol at 231.5 km.
  • GPS:E 121°43'45.72" N 24°37'10.33"

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