Sheng Yang Leisure Farm

A fine world showing the beauty of aquatic plants
【Yuanshan, Yilan】

 "Sheng Yang Leisure Farm" reports over 3 hundreds of water plants including  Buttonbush,  Taiwan Quillwort, Nuphar Shimadai etc., where you could not only pay a visit but also get to know ecology of water plants further through professional guidance, moreover, good use of resources by the farm has developed good level of creativity and richness water plants DIY activities and fine foods by water plants, allowing people to fully understanding of beauty and importance of water plants.

  • Authentication item:體驗
  • Certification period:2012 - 2019

《Farm Introduction》

 The Sean-de village of Yuanshan township that "Sheng Yang Farm" located reports incessant bubbling of the spring and good water quality, is a noted water town of Yilan region. The owner of the farm formerly run eel breeding business and began to introduce overseas water plant with high unit price over twenty years ago under an advice by intern students of National Keelung Maritime Vocational High School in that time. It has gradually transformed to a leisure farm later due to prevalence of local travel, and is developed as the biggest professional water plant breeding plant from time to time, which even won recognition of "Top Ten Classical Shennong Prize" in 2009.

 The farm features "outdoor breeding pond", "planting area of greenhouse" and "indoor aquatic plant" as 3 major themes to visit, including ecology pond, aquatic greenhouse, unsheltered greenhouse, aquatic packaging plant as well as "aquatic culture plant" facilities to allow coming visitors to directly reach entire look of aquatic breeding industry, including : planting, recovery, subpackaging and distribution, the process is rich and interesting. In addition to interpretation tour and a diversity of creative DIY activities, there is special "aquatic restaurant" serving with delicious aquatic cuisines, desserts and drinks.

 Elegance of natural environment, novel building and modern equipment have made such kingdom of aquatic plant become the best parent-child leisure paradise "favored by adults and childs".  Being here will not only help comprehend various special water plants, but also appreciate reflection of remote mountains and clouds in the sky on the pond, dream sight interweaveing with aquatic plants. Moreover, no matter "Water Plants Ecology Bottle" DIY, or eating of aquatic plant meals you can't have everday, these are all rare experiences, along with King Car Whisky Distillery, Shen-gou Display Waterpark scenic spots in the nearby you could pay a visit, makeing it the best choice for holiday of the whole family.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 Combined aquatic plants ecology with marine resources, all aquatic plants and fishes & shrimps within the farm are planted and breeded in terms of natural farming, in order to recover ecology maintenance. Buildings in the farm report distinguished feature with a concept of "green building" incorporated into rooftop farming, the environment is kept in good condition in overall. With regard to experience activity planning, extended design is conducted as per farm development with aquatic plant resources used to develop many unique and creative DIY activities, to allow participants to bring home after "doing" it, also, a "live" souvenir with "aquatic plant ecology" feature is not only extremely creative and fun, but will also fully exerts "life education" function. What's worth mentioning in particular is, the farm not only provides good hardware space, the staff in service are well-trained with kind attitude and are professional. Moreover, various interpretation facilities are quite complete, with folds, indicators, books and videos in good quality and great quantity.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Aquatic Culture Plant - A visit to graceful house of aquatic plants

    The aquatic plant established out of a concept of "eco-museum" could  be architecture "grew" from eel breeding pond -- the reason why the building is sinked into the pond especially to combine with aquatic pond into one, it is to reduce the effect on the environment. Being designed by noted architect Alex Cheng, the entire building is composed of exposed concrete, glass, metal related building material, featuring a look of "Yilan House" and following images of Taiwan concrete wall surface in early days, with exquisite style of simplicity out of roughness displayed in overall. There are drawing books, hand-made display cabinet related facilities displayed in the museum to express am intimate relationship between "aquatic plants" and human's life in terms of food, clothing, living and transportation dimensions, with types of aquatic plants commonly seen in Taiwan introduced including herbal use of aquatic plants, edible aquatic plants, viewing aquatic plants as well as varous types of product with regard to aquatic plants, which is the best choice to get to know aquatic plant ecology.

  • A guided tour of aquatic ecology - Knowing the beautiful aquatic plants

    It's no harm to walk with the guide if you wanna know various types of aquatic plant upon a "most efficient" manner in the biggest aquatic plant breeding plant in Taiwan! From outdoor to indoor halls, you could get to know types of aquatic plant, ways of breeding step by step, as well as plucking, subpackaging and distribution processes, and even get to know ways to arrange aquarium, maintain breeding equipment with rich and abundent contents. Besides, a situation of various dragonflies gathered accidentally because of non-polluted aquatic environment in the farm, you could even see "rhyothemis variegata arria" which is rarely seen here, it could be proclaimed as "paradise of dragonfly".

  • Eco-bottle DIY - Self-made wonderful macro-ocean

    Research and development of "ecosystem ball" is originated from NASA, in which salted shrimps, algaes and snails could live in a sealed glass ball for years after being calculated precisely. The farm applies the same principle to teach everyone to use one glass ball and add into water plants, shrimps related creatures that you like and water in certain ratio, then a wonderful macro sealed world is done, which could sustain for few weeks after you bring home, it is the most popular DIY activity within the farm.


  • Address:宜蘭縣員山鄉尚德村八甲路15-6號
  • Telephone:+886-3-922-2487
  • Public Transportation:搭火車至宜蘭火車站,或坐車至宜蘭轉運站下車,搭計程車至農場約200元。
  • Route by car:國道5號→宜蘭交流道下→ 直行接縣民大道往右→經嵐峰路接台七省道往左→經員山路、員山鄉公所後,再走1.7公里 ,在觀音菩薩像(八甲路)旁路口右轉800公尺 即可到達。
  • GPS:E 121°42'15" N 24°43'36"