Bunun Leisure Farm

A grange at the foot of hill brimming with amorous feeling of aborigines
【Yenping, Taitung】

 Located in the East Rift Valley between Central Mountain Range and Coast Mountain Range, "Bunun Leisure Farm" features Bunun culture with farm resources combined to build up a tranquil and beautiful "Agri-Farm", allowing visitors to feel the particularity of local environment and resident groups via guided tour and activity experience, understanding their lives and production as well as arts & culture that worth conservation and commending, which extremely report an educational value.

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《Farm Introduction》

 Located in Taoyuan Village, Yen Ping Township, Taitung County at the foot of Central Mountain Range, "Bunun Leisure Farm" was formerly the tribe clustered by Bunun people, with residents to mainly live on hunting and simple agriculture in the past. In 1985, after years of efforts by home-returning Mr. and Mrs. Bai Kwan-Sheng, "Bunun Foundation" is established upon church as a foothold, and with "Bunun Tribe Leisure Farm" built in the wastland of Lu Ming Riverside in the north of village, to expect to develop tourism and leisure industry with Bunun feature via a manner of operation by culture industry, to further help Bunun people to find a sufficient, culturally-dignified and self-contained path.

 More than a decade, starting from a wastland with rocks spread ubiquitously to tribe theater, weaving workshop, modern art center of aborigines, coffee house, houstay, restaurant, pasture, riverside park related complete facilities of today, it could be the Arcadia of back mountain that enables full experience of aboriginal culture to people. Moreover, the place reports extremely good sustainability of natural ecology, where rinoceros beetle, butterfly, firefly etc. insects could be seen everywhere, it is even listed as one of the "best place for beetle observing in Taiwan".

 You could feed chicken, cow, lamb, pluck vegetable and fruit, make juice, jam, fruit vinegar, fruit sauce by yourself when you come here, you could also appreciate dance and weaving creations of aborigines, and experience arrow shooting, set trap, top whipping with bark related activities with local features. Moreover, you could also buy featured products that the farm develops in recent years, including up to 99% purity of Chinese cypress essence oil, CAS-winning bamboo charcoal, bamboo vinegar liquid etc.. You could not only sufficiently enjoy a vacation of aboriginal feeling, but also seize the opportunity to make friends with Bunun people, to feel different culture and passion.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 Featuring "aboriginal culture", "Bunun Leisure Farm" combines with agricultural resources to fully express 4 quality - "production", "life", "ecology" and "being", over 80% of pasture products are self-produced and are mostly cultivated by natural farming, weeding and disinsection by manpower besides homemade organic fertilizer, the farmland ecology is hence diverse and rich. In addition to producing organic vegetables, chicken, pork, beef and lamb poisonless meat products, you could see snail, frog, dragonfly, ladybug etc. creatures, as well as flowers and plants to stand in great numbers, the environment is quiet and beautiful and full of delight of agriculture.

 The main building conserves features of aborigines, where cultural relics of villages display and product sales center are well-established. It also fully combines with local cultural resources with village experience activities incorporated, such as bamboo charcoal processing, essence oil refinery, roselle processing etc., in the meantime, to fully express features of local residents' craft via dance & singing, anchery, barbecue, necklace, ornament, flower ring DIY activities of aborgines, to further add glory to it and pass down legacy of experiences. Moreover, various experience rooms within the farm are spacious with sufficient ambient light, with both level of comfort and safety are considered, the staff are in consistent consume, kind, passionate and well-mannered and in sufficient number, providing service and guided tour  interpretation with steady quality.

餐飲《Leisure Farm Food and Drinks》

 The restaurant is cozy with good ambient light, with local food materials adopted for cooking, in which set menu, range of dishes, hot pot served are all homemade or organic vegetables provided by contract farmers, as well as fresh and healthy meat products from own livestock with no antibiotics. Food materials are processed and placed by raw and cook foods separately and follow first-in first-out principles, reporting well-managed freshness and good culinary skills, e.g. "sliced beef" with special milk smell, "handmade rice with alpinia speciosa" wrapped with glutinous rice and salted pork only, which are extremely fine foods with local feature.


《Travel Recommended》

  • Tribe theater - Important platform in succession to Bunun performance art

    Traditional sacrificing ceremoy, original songs of aborigines as well as world-known "pasibutbut" are performed by grand old man and teenagers of Bunun regularly per day, which is a sacrificing ceremony to pray for plentiful harvest of millet to the sky, a harmonic singing by chromatic method without director and music score in the chorus, which is spectacular and has been invited to perform in USA, Canada and Japan and are well-received. Moreover, each dance accompanied by music contains aboriginal customs and passionate and united character, which is devoted to spreading traditional dance accompanied by music of Bunun via performance and practice and is worth seeing.

  • Cloth weaving DIY - Traditional craft activities of aborigines worth experiencing

    Favor particular cloth weaving and pattern of aborigines? You could play around with traditional loom by yourself when you come here, beautiful cloth art products with Bunun style could be easily weaved being guided by grand old man of tribe, to. Moreover, you could also try on Bunon apparel and become the embodiment of beautiful Bunun lady, handsome Bunun young man and take precious photo as a souvenir before the camera.

  • Tribe coffee house - Food culture full of aboriginal style

    Furniture displayed in coffee house deeply incorporate aboriginal patterns and contemporary arts, such as seats are woodcarving work by artist Eky of Amis Tribe, which report strong aboriginal taste and personal style.You could overlook Tulan mountain of Coast Mountain Range edge while seating in an open-air area and overlook deep running water of Lumin River. on sunny days, you may have an opportunity to see a view of Crested Serpent Eagle circling in the sky. Besides having a coffee, you could also taste handmade seasonal juice and smoothie such as plum, mulberry and pineapple etc. beverages; During holidays, it's no harm to take try Bunun flavor lunch box, roasted pork and tea egg, to enjoy food of local feature.

  • Journey of ecology - The best chance to get near rich mountain and forest resources

    Follow tour interpretation guide and take a stroll along every tree and bush within the farm, you could not only listen to beautiful legend of tribe and further get to know Bunun culture, but also walk into an environment of poisonless mountains, to get close to rich and diverse ecology -- fishes and shrimps are clearly seen in pure and clean mountain spring valley, if you are lucky, you'll encounter with mitten crab, eel; After evening hours in early summer, fireflies would dance ubiquitously in the sky, which is extremely beautiful; Meanwhile, in the night between May and July, you could find many large and beautiful rinoceros beetle, you can't afford to miss it!

  • Handmade fruit product - Take-away snacks of natural taste that you must buy

    Around Yenping township where the farm is located, there were many Bunun people planting olive, plum, mulberry, pineapple and roselle before, however, due to low market price, no one plucks it from time to time. Some fruit trees were cut, some were left in the mountain, however they are in good harvest owing to fertilized soil. In order not to waste natural products, the farm mobilizes Bunun people to pluck, with various fruits manufactured as 100% natural, handmade juice, jam, vinegar, sauce, enzyme etc. products, adding no preservative,  pigment or fragrance, which are best snacks and gifts that you could keep or give to people.


  • Address:No. 191, Neighborhood 11, Taoyuan Village, Yenping Township, Taitung County 953
  • Telephone:+886-89-561-211
  • Website:www.bunun.org.tw
  • Public Transportation:Take "Taitung City→Bunun (Junior High School)" of Ding-Dong Bus at Taitung New Station, there are 4 shifts a day, "Taitung City→Shih Wei", one shift per hour with 40 minutes drive.
  • Route by car:
    1. From the north : drive past Kuan Shan on Provincial Highway No. 9, you will see "Bunun Tribe" indicator, follow the indicator to get there.
    2. North-bound : drive on Provincial Highway No. 9 to Chu Lu and drive for around 8 minutes, drive for another 300m after you pass Lu Ming Bridge, you'll see "Tuo Shian wild chicken" and "Family Convenient Store" on the right, turn left and you'll see "Bunun Tribe" and Hong-Yeh elementary school indicator on the left, follow "Bunun Tribe" indicator along the road for around 5 minutes to get there.。
  • GPS:E 121°01'27" N 22°56'51"