Toucheng Leisure Farm

Beautiful farmhouse of nature and simplicity
【Toucheng, Yilan】

 "Toucheng Leisure Farm" reports rich ecology of natural animals and plants, diverse facility of village experience, and is fully combined with agriculture and forest livestock farming, with tour conducted by professional sensible person who could lead visitors to get to know life scenes of villages, to do farm work and transplant rice seedling in person, and further use Makino bamboo produced by farm to make ancient child toy that is full of intelligence of children's fun, and will have an opportunity to taste farmhouse cuisine different from urban diet, to completely and impressively feel natural and humanistic environment of rural village and foster understanding of agricultural culture.

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  • Validity period:2016/01/01~2018/12/31

《Farm Introduction》

 Located in the most northerly position of Lanyang Plain, Tocheng Township faces the Pacific Ocean on the east with Hsuehshan Mountain Range located in between for being segmented from other countries. Due to its special geogragphy and location, it has been an important passageway for outsiders to get into Yilan, with good reputation of "first town of Kailan", in which the "Toucheng Leisure Farm" faces the sea and leans against the mountain and reports a coverage of around 110 hectares. Being surrounded by green mountain and water with zero pollution, many landscape flowers and trees including prunus campanulata, peach blossom, araucana, camellia and large Makino bamboo forest, as well as peach, pomelo, Oval Kumquat wine etc. fruits were planted here, attracting many types of birds, insects to rest on, reporting rich natural scenes and ecological resources. When you come here, you could  feel a pace of farmhouse that makes people completely relax, to stand aloof from worldly success and would like to return to pure and free rural life.

 Based on the environment and geography, there are paddy rice, rural village animal area, orchard area, insect classroom set by areas in the farm, there are also tree house area, fishing area, bathing area  planned specifically here, with a series of farming experiences planned to get close to land, including farm work, weeding and cattle and lamb feeding in pasture, melon and fruit plucking in vegetable garden, or playing with the water at riverside, fishing or boat rowing at lakeside etc., and also it allow tourists to make kimchi, fermented soybean curd by themselves, or even fly a lattern in the sky; even cuisines provided also introduce traditional kitchen range to burn firewood, traditional rural dishes cooked by stove are full of taste of grandmother.

 For those modern people who live in cities for a long time, the most attractive part of "Toucheng Leisure Farm" is pure and native atmosphere close to nature ubiquitously, making people to truly acknowledge the look of "farmhouse delight", especially when you do farm work, bend down with bare foots and be a one-day farmer in person, a deep memory will be kept in your mind.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 "Toucheng Leisure Farm" reports strong theme and distinctive feature which clearly conserve complete look of rural village in Taiwan, in which rich orchard, vegetable farm, animals and plants in the farm provide a good leisure opportunity to tourists. Moreover, it also pays attention to the maintenance work of ecological environment and shows good natural environment. As far as agricultural product is concerned, process of various farming are all conducted by "natural farming" and with facilities conformed to ecological engineering method  setup in particular for waste water treatment of animal raising, which is to be proclaimed as an example and leading brand of local leisure farm.

 Regarding planning and design of experience activities, there is a variety of types for choice, proper level of difficulty in activity itself and pays attention to retaining the look of traditional rural village,  including experience of rice seedling, rice drying in the sun and harvest, to allow visitors grown in modern society, without agriculture background to get involved in it deeply. In the meantime,  F&B, side dish, DIY experience activity (brick kiln, color drawing, rubbing and bamboo products etc.), homemade agricultural specialty or agricultural specialty combined with local industry all fully use resources to develop agricultural features and represent uniqueness and significance. The service staff within the farm all report certain level of quality in terms of essential competence, hospitality skill and practical operation.

餐飲《Leisure Farm Food and Drinks》

 The dining area of the farm is centralized in a large restaurant comprising spacious space which could accommodate many visitors at the same time, with plain and simple style introduced in terms of table and chair selection and display aspects, as part of the space is for experience location concurrently, use of the space is more diverse.

 Regarding F&B supplied, food materials lay a great emphasis on homemade, seasonal and surrounding agricultural products, e.g. Oval Kumquat, Makino bamboo etc, combined with a traditional manner of cooking makes agricultural features exceptionally outstanding. The facility of kitchen environment are regulation compliant, good level of sanitation; well-managed cooker and conform to dry and sanitary principle. The tableware all use stainless bowls, chopsticks, trays and plates, they are environmental friendly, with large dish washer equipment applied for washing, and with protection net to keep from mosquito and insect for storing.


《Travel Recommended》

  • Soil farming and rice seedling - Feeling real experience of agriculture

    The most significant "paddy rice area" within the farm has rice seedling area, cereal drying area, with blowing machine, threshing machine, stone miller machines of agricultural era displayed, to allow tourists to practically experience work life of farmers' "sowing in spring, weeding in summer, harvest in autumn, reserving in winter" in cooperation with farm's tour and rice seedling activity, to further comprehend true significance of "each and every grain of rice is the fruit of the toiling farmers".

    Besides, a house of cob wall by couch grass, mud and bamboo that is commonly seen in agricultural society of old times is especially created here, a vintage look cooperated with many old utensils, which also further add atmosphere and scenario of true farmhouse of farming experience area.

  • Local Cuisines - Genuine and pure taste in the township

    Possessing a spirit of guest entertaining of "being afraid of failing to feed guests", master of "Toucheng Leisure Farm" provides various delicatessens, sweets and salted food all day for tourists to access anytime. While traditional rural cuisines are provided as main meals, handmade steamed bread, rice porridge with sweet potato, dried pork floss, gluten, egg with dried radish are provided at breakfast hours, a large plate of pig knuckle stew, chopped cold chicken, chicken roll, pumpkin rice noodle etc. are provided at lunch hours, while dinner is supplied by outdoor BBQ style, where you could eat roasted meat with Makino bamboo, and healthy bamboo tube rice that uses natural Makino bamboo tube to insert glutinous rice, dried mushroom, lean meat and place into a bamboo steamer to steam with big fire, as well as to allow tourists to boil soup noodles, minced pork with strong taste of reminscence by themselves, making people fully enjoy themselves to.

  • Child toy of bamboo art - Walking into a world of beauty of Makino bamboo

    As over half of the "Toucheng Leisure Farm" is occupied by large Makino bamboo, therefore farmer's owner has exerted creativity to develop a series of DIY activities of bamboo child toy, to teach everyone to use Makino bamboo to create every kind of bamboo products, e.g. bamboo dragonfly, bird whistle etc. to understand a diversity of bamboo features while learning beauty of bamboo arts via delight of hand-making, to lead everyone to walk back time tunnel by child toy of sufficient ancient meaning, to comprehend delight and toy of grand parents' childhood.

  • Oval Kumquat products - Healthy and delicious fruit products

    Oval Kumquat, is also called "calamondin", reporting effects of "quench thirsty and relieve saliva, suppressing cough and relieving dyspnea, health and beauty keeping, while "Toucheng Leisure Farm" located in Yilan County reports over 90% of Oval Kumquat production in Taiwan, which could be the "birthplace of Oval Kumquat". There is also a great amount of Oval Kumquat tree planted in farm with substaintial production every year, which not only allows visitors to enter the farm to conduct plucking, but also are processed into gifts with local feature such as  calamondin vinegar, calamondin sugar, calamondin jam and  calamondin preserves etc.

  • Soy sauce pickles of private home cuisine - Good condiment out of ancient fermentation

    Fermented soybean curd, spicy sardines, sergestid shrimp with XO sauce, these are also augmented products of "Toucheng Leisure Farm", in which pickled white gourd is the most significant one made by ancient production, during the production process, you need to white gourd and cut into circles, then to expose it under the sunlight to certain level and then conduct fermentation with no preservative added during the period, which makes use of nice mountain, good water and environment locally, jointly with the effort of master to enable tasty products out of natural fermentation.


  • Address:No. 125, Geng Hsin Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan County 261
  • Telephone:+886-3-977-2222
  • Public Transportation:Take EMU to Gueishan Railway Station and walk for around 30 mins, there is shuttle bus service provided during weekdays (please make a reservation by phone in advance); take express train to Toucheng Raiway Station and make a transfer by taxi (around NT$ 220).
  • Route by car:Connect to National Highway No. 5 from National Highway No. 3→get across Hsuehshan Tunnel and drive on the outer lane→exit from Toucheng Interchange and make a right turn and bound for Toucheng, Keelung direction, connect to Provincial Highway No. 2 coast highway→make a left turn when you cross Gengfang Bridge at 129.5 miles→follow the indicator aside the road of pier to get there.
  • GPS:E 121°50'55.6" N 24°54'25.4"