San-Fu Leisure Farm

A LOHAS wonderland satisfying five senses experience
【Dongshan, Yilan】

 There are rich frog ecological views and different animals, plants and insects in four seasons for viewing, which could be said the best field to engage in outdoor teaching of natural ecological experience. Moreover, it not only combines various DIY activities of farm's ecology and product features, but also further combines environmental education and art education, to allow participants to use both hands and brain in terms of handmade and creative manner, and at the same time, to take up diverse knowledge belong to natural science aspect and art aesthetics aspect.

  • Authentication item:體驗
  • Validity period:2016/01/01~2018/12/31

《Farm Introduction》

 Located in the source of Dongshan River, "San-Fu Leisure Farm" is part of the "Jhongshan Leisure Agricultural Area", and mainly operated courtyard landscaping and pomelo fruit tree planting. It gradually turns into a landscape farm that cooperates with local animal/plant ecology and introduces natural engineering method with the rise of leisure industry, which not only provides recreation and accommodation, rural F&B and but connects with neighboring "Re-Shan Botanical Garden", "Hsin-Liao Waterfall" etc. scenic spots to map out ecological experience and outdoor teaching related comprehensive activities.

 There are various types of flowers and trees, fruits and herbs planting in the farm. In order to be particular about ecological balance of nature, the farms insists on no implentation of pesticides for years, with an emphasis placed on a principle of "one thing to conquer another, one thing to nurture another" of nature, to maintain natural and organic environment. There is fluorescent light sparkling on the land, a school of fish swimming in the pond, birds singing and flowers radiating their fragrance, the cry of frogs and insects, which are full of beauty of countryside, with little pigs, ducks and gooses and other commonly seen animals bred by farmhouse, which is a scene of bustle and excitement.

 In recent years, the farm is devoted to applying "production", "life" and "ecology" resources to develop theme tour featuring pressure relief and therapy, to emphasize on health facilitation and health care concepts, and have them applied to farm activities and diet aspects, and to expect to achieve harmony and balance of body, mind and spirit for tourists coming to farm via five senses experience. Moreover, "collaborated clogs", "wise child toy" related games here are favored by children especially; as for handmade activities aspect, there are creative T-shirt, glass painting, book making related diverse DIY items, in overall, a strong rural atmosphere makes the leisure farm that suits the family the best to jointly visit and experience.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 "San-Fu Leisure Farm" features a diversity of ecology, nature and agricultural resources, reporting diverse types but skillfullly cooperated with planting and gardening to create excellent ecological environment for frogs, as well as butterfly, Rinoceros Beetle, Pitta Nympha, Taiwan Blue Magpie related precious creatures, are its most significant feature. In order to maintain the ecology, the farm emphasizes that all crops spill no pesticides with many Taiwan native plants planted in particular, with a method of natural food chain used to expel black fly, and even artificial river is built by natural ecological engineering method, in which attentive care is paid considerably.

 Moreover, although main building features eye-catching purple look, it is well adapted to the environment and also reports rich agricultural resources, such as display area for historical relics of rural villages to allow tourists to feel difficulty and pains of farmers while doing farm work via seeing instruments for agriculture productions in the past; while professional interpretation of bison ecology is to further enable understanding of farmers' philosophy and intelligence in using animals of nature, getting along with them harmoniously and further to be fond of them to people mutually ; which fully express characteristics of rural villages combining with "life", "ecology" and "production.

 As to featured F&B served in the farm, there are frog egg, pomelo cake; special souvenirs such as 9-turtle chess, frog cellphone, display plate in frog shape, frog chain, frog slipper etc., which are relatively creative with a theme and are fully associated with features of farm itself.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Rich ecological landscape - A natural environment sustained by heart

    "San-Fu Leisure Farm" is a landcape farm cooperating with local ecology with an emphasis placed on nature conformity, where you could enjoy leisure of garden but also see firefly, butterfly, frogs, trees and flowers, birds, Taiwan moneys etc. animals when you come here, the farm even cultivates 300-ping frog ecology pond for breeding and recovery, you will see mating of Nantou tree frogs when it comes to breeding season of Nantou tree frogs, which is proclaimed as the best natural classroom to observe frog's ecology. Closely linked food chains of various animals/plants and insects within the farm will be completely shown by seasonal changes, the farm also makes use of a characteristic of inter-natural enemy as well as natural engineering method to maintain balance of environmental ecology. Rich and natural scenes are worth experiencing.

  • Purple house purple coffee - Beautiful F&B corner no matter days and nights

    Cooperated with the exceptionally gifted natural environment of the farm, the coffee house with special design is surrounded by mountains in four sides to provide tourists a best environment for leisure and dining. There 3 french windows indoors for fine view seeing in the farm, the outdoor seating areas have wide view; where you could look into remote green trees and mountains, make people relax and happy during the daytime; while there are lake views reflecting lights of coffee house in the nighttime, which report romantic prospect. No matter having a snack, or simply drink a warm purpose-house coffee or a pot of pomelo flower tea, you could all deeply feel purity and joy of keeping from the hubbub.

  • Frog money safe DIY - Lovely and interesting tourist souvenir

    Starting from the most feature-distinguishing frog ecological pond, the DIY activity provides participants a white plain porcelain money safe in frog shape, to allow people to exert observation and esthetics & creativity, even to combine with cartoon figure such as Hamutarou, Chinese doll, koala etc. to paint unique frog money safe with colors and bring home as a souvenir, which reports practical value at the same time.

  • Happy cow tongue-shape cookies with pomelo flower - Snack incorporated into pomelo scent

    Pomelo is important agricultural products of "San-Fu Leisure Farm", therefore diverse use of pomelo by clever ideas is conducted with many related products developed including pomelo flower tea, cake with pomelo scent etc., in which the most feature distinguishing  "happy cow tongue-shape cookies" are made from Yilan specialty - cow tongue-shape and pomelo flowers produced by the farm. The 6 extra large handmade cow tongue-shape cookies are crispy and tasty, with different blessing words printed on each cookie : well-being, health, completeness, smooth going and happiness, which is proper gift that you could eat yourself or give to people.

  • Color-painted clogs - Creative work of art exerting esthetics

    In order to deepen an impression of rural life to visitors, the farm applies clogs with characteristic of reminiscence to experience activities, with related making skills explained during the process, including selection, drawing method, painting and polishing as to press on clog belt etc. to allow participants to conduct learning by teaching steps, to complete a beautiful clogs step by step by yourself.


  • Address:No. 82, Hsin-liao 2nd Road, Chungshan Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269
  • Telephone:+886-3-958-8690
  • Public Transportation:Take taxi from Lotung Railway Station about 15 minutes.
  • Route by car:National Highway No. 5 →exit from Lotung Interchange and go straight to the end and make a right turn to Chungshan Rd. at T-junction→Provincial Highway 7C to Lotung direction and make a left turn at Guangrong Rd.,→pass through skyway and go straight, head toward directions of Wan Shan, Re-Shan Botanical Garden or Jhong Shan Agriculture Leisure Area at the 3rd traffic light→go straight to the end around 2.7km and look at brown sign→make a right turn and go straigt to Re-Shan Botanical Garden.
  • GPS:E 121°45'14.3" N 24°37'4.5"