Shangrila Leisure Farm

Beautiful grange at half way of hill
【Dongshan, Yilan】

 "Shangrila Leisure Farm" reports rich farm landscape, insect and plant ecology, along with promotion of traditional rural folk activities, to deeply combine "ecology" with "life" and "production of farm via demonstration of creative cuisines, which could relatively provide complete environment for life education in overall, to allow visitors to practically feel connotation of agricultural culture via listening, observation as to tasting and hand-making.

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  • Validity period:2016/01/01~2018/12/31

《Farm Introduction》

 Located in the roots of Da-yuan Mountain, Yilan, "Shangrila Leisure Farm" was once the first sighteeing orchard" in Taiwan and also the first leisure farm of Taiwan. After 20 years of development, it becomes a bulky scale of today, in addition to fruit trees planting all over the hills, there is over a hundred of lodges built with more than 10 experience activities, the owner of farmer - Chang Ching-Lai is devoting to fulfilling combination of "culture", "education", "environmental protection", "management", "tourism" and "life", and therefore has a good name of "Father of Taiwan Leisure Agriculture".

 Walking into the farm, what welcomes you is endemic species of Taiwan forest, including michelia formosana used for cutting board by ancient people, calocedrus formosana for blackwood furniture etc., which all belong to precious tree species; what's following is brilliant orchard areas, from carambola, guava, dragon fruit to pomelo, Oval Kumquat, orange and Tankan..., with various fruits for plucking and seeing during four seasons. Moreover, there are monkeys, tree frogs, firefly, butterfly and various plants provided for ecology observation, with mountain training site, campfire site, BBQ site etc. for outdoor activities. You could see pavilion from time to time provided for people to take a rest while walking in the farm, or you may go to observatory to have a swing agreeably while seeing fine views of Lanyang Plain under the mountain.

 At dusk, delicious local foods are ready to serve on table, in which food materials are either from self-planted edible wild herbs of the farm, or local vegetables purchased on the very day, all have turned into cuisines with featured flavor via cooking by owner's wife. After dinner, there is a series of folk activities : spin a top, Chinese puppet show, fly a lantern in the sky, rub sticky rice ball, you could experience entertainment of rural life in early times of Taiwan. If you could get up early the next day, it's no harm to see beautiful sunrise at sunrise seeing building, or take a stroll on the orchard along the sidewalk paved by michelia formosana, to feel tranquility and happiness of natural grange.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 Featuring traditional agriculture, the farm reports diverse agricultural resources and production (guava, mandarin etc. fruits) and natural resources (insects and native plants etc.). Building color and natural environment are combined into one, inner decor and traditional element of purity are mixed together with many rural antiques displayed in various corners of the farm. Experience activities and agricultural production resources are well combined, e.g. to apply bamboo to bamboo tube DIY of agriculture production, white mulberry and silk worm ecology etc., cooperated with lantern flying in the sky of rural folks, Chinese puppet show, to fully express agricultural life and cultural characteristics. Service personnel are in high level of education and have received professional certifications from government and related units, reporting consistent quality.

餐飲《Leisure Farm Food and Drinks》

 Located on the 2nd floor of service center, the restaurant reports good ambient light and spacious room, with cozy and elegant décor and display and good arrangement of movement. The F&B served not only highly use local fresh food materials, but also pay attention to cooking method and R&D of creativity. The tableware are clean and sanitary, and mostly adopted reusable materials and are environmentally friendly. The kitchen is clean with complete fresh keeping equipment of food materials, cooking utensils are placed in order and conform to hygiene management standards.


《Travel Recommended》

  • The specialty of owner's wife - Fine foods of Lanyagn incorporated with creativity

    The F&B of "Shangrila Leisure Farm" are good considerably among people, while many creative methods are in fact from ideas of owner's wife, e.g. "red yeast miso meat", "shripm in a pumpkin", "red yeast pumpkin", "braised balsam pear with honey" etc. are all unique cuisines, they are not only particular about exquisite setting, but also emphasize on vegetables and fruits produced by the farm without worrying freshness. Morover, they find new ways of doing things from old theories in terms of use of cooking method and sauce, every course served on table dazzles your eyes. What's worth mentioning is, "wild fern" grew next to michelia formosana sidewalk in farm, it is a kind of pteridophyte with curved leaf tip, although it is short comparing to species by artificial planting, it is relatively tender and is made into "fern with sesame" via clever idea of owner's wife, which tastes exceptionally lovely and is worth trying.

  • Rural activities - Folk entertainment brimmed with children's fun

    Featuring traditional rural life in Taiwan, "Shangrila Leisure Farm" also mapped out many rural activities to allow tourists to participate, in which teaching of child toy making is what being favored the most, including Bamboo Whistle, Chinese puppet show etc. with a diversity of types. Moreover, top spinning, lantern flying in the sky, sticky rice ball rubbing are also entertaining items of high popularity, you could eat and play, adults and children will all find pleasure in it.

  • Silk worm DIY made of paper - Handmade toy as vivid as life

    Handicrafts not only well worth its value but also are environmental friendly. This handicraft simply uses chopsticks, napkin and straw to come up a white and fatty extra large silk worm, after you finish, you cold make the silk work wriggle as long as you push the straw, which is funny and could be said as creative toy "simultaneously use of hand and brain".

  • Little sky lantern DIY - A small but complete symbol of blessing

    Fond of flying a lantern? Seeing lamps rise one by one gradually before your sigh always impress people a lot.
    If you wanna bring a sky lantern home, you could use little fringes and art paper to adhere to it step by step to make "mini" sky lantern. After completion, no matter where you hang it on, little sky lantern will also swing as long as gentle breeze blows, which corrects infinite sense of feeling.

  • Ocean drum DIY - Traditional ocean drum spreading for a long time

    "Ocean drum" is a traditional musical instrument which reports related record since Chou Dynasty, is pretty simple structurally, it has a side drum in the middle with two hammers tying with rope symmetrically on the outer circle of drum, with wooden handle connected down below. As long as you turn the handle, two hammers beside the drum will knock the drum side with "don don don" sounds, and will hence become a tool for street vendors selling cloth on the street and has passed down till now, such interesting musical instrument has become a toy, make one and bring home could be the best memory with a meaning of "passing down".


  • Address:No. 168, Mei-shan Road, Da-ching Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269
  • Telephone:+886-3-951-1456
  • Public Transportation:Take a north bound train and get off at Lotung Station, make a reservation of shuttle bus 3 days prior to arrival (additional fee required) or get there by taxi for around 20 minutes.
  • Route by car:National Highway No. 3→Lotung-Wujie Interchange at 45 km of National Highway No. 5→go straight to the end and make a right turn at Chungshan Sec. 1→get across Lotung town→Chungshan Sec. 4→pass through left side of
    Lotung Industrial Senior Vocational School→turn left at 2nd traffic light→go straight and head for a direction of Sanqing Temple along the mountain road of Tudi Gong Temple at 6-fork circle→pass through Sanqing Temple parking lot and drive on the right outer lane of Mei-shan road at 960M.
  • GPS:E 121°43'44" N 24°37'57"