Guangsing Leisure Farm

A legendary place for the embodiment of "pigs cottage"
【Dongshan, Yilan】

 "Guangsing Farm" is a leisure farm transformed from a pig farm, with resources and characteristics of original farmhouse's aquaculture exerted during the process; from natural environment, cottage building, as to experience activity, F&B supplied, all fully express ideas of series plan, and will be able to deeply impress visitors practically, reporting distinctive rural life and cultural features, is an excellent location to experience.

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  • Validity period:2016/01/01~2018/12/31

《Farm Introduction》

 Located in the suburbs of Lotung, "Guangsing Farm" is known far and near in terms of "ducks cottage" and "pigs cottage" features of related traditional rural environment, in which it is formerly a large stud pig breeding center with business transformed by the owner due to the effect of foot and mouth disease incident. A leisure farm covering agriculture/forest/fishery/livestock farming characteristics and is impressive to others is then created after 4 years of efforts as well as good use of original resources to devoted to renovating lesiure space after downsizing of herdingenvironmental education.

 When you come here, you will not only be able to bake sweet potato, boil wild chicken but also to visit the cottage built by duck raising farmhouses especially for duck herding in early times, to closely reach pigs, lambs, rabbits, chickens and ducks etc. lovely animals. Moreover, a pool of bubbling spring within the farm, is even a good place to enjoy delight of "clam searching", also, there is Taiwan snapper especially breeding in the pond, hence you could observe rich aquatic ecology while playing with the water : with herds of teal rowing on water surface, there are fish herds, river shrimps, wild clams to swim in the water, as well as aquatic wild vegetable, crowndaisy chrysanthemum related plants to form delicate food chain that is brilliant. After you have fun, you could order a table of farmhouse's specialty with sufficent Taiwan taste, or you could have few plates of fresh fried clams you search by yourself  in the semi-open restaurant renovated from pig cottage, the joy is infinite. After having it, you could take a stroll around the "ecological back garden" of the farm to feel straw house, magnolia denudata, canna, couple's tree etc., a natural presence demonstrated by various plants to feel comfort and happiness while wandering at leisure farm.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The farm is transformed from "traditional pig farmers" to "leisure farm", which fully show characteristics of proper use of agricultural production, rural life, and natural ecology of rurual village etc. resources; besides kiln, clam searching, pig cottage and duck cottage visit oriented activities, straw, bamboo related local materials are incorporated into the building partially to create featured tourism experience in terms of management aspect, which could be said as "turning bad into good". Moreover, it also shows high attention to environmental protection tasks, which not only maintains native ecology, also, tourists are not allowed to enter the native stream to avoid being damaged, and to proactively proceed to firefly recovery activity.

 In terms of extended processed products aspect, the farm features traditional soybean curd, baby cucumber related pickles, also, there are handmade hammock, hanging seat etc. handicrafts which are pretty rare. The farm could be claimed as having "education", "entertainment" and "creativity" covered in overall because of various activities arranged are highly associated with farm resources from introduction to the farm to proceeding of various experience activities.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Kiln baking of rural village - A BBQ grill kiln renovated from pig corral

    "Kiln baking" is a way to conduct cooking of rural families in the past, but what kiln baking activity of "Guangsing Farm" to our surprise is, the kiln baking location was renovated from pig corral with spacious room that could accommodate over a hundred of people, where you could take part in piling soil blocks, making kiln and firing etc. processes in person, with sweet potato, sweet corn, wild chicken and fish options you could choose, that is fun and delicious.

  • Color painting of wild boar pottery - Piglet money safe of various  colors

    "Guangsing Farm" is formerly a pig farm with "pig baby" used as mascot and have it incorporated into experience activity, providing DIY tutorial of "color painting of wild boar pottery" . You could make one exclusive and delightful souvenir as long as participants follows the demonstration of instructor to use various colors to slowly paint on lovely plain money safe pottery in pig look step by step.

  • Clam searching - Freshly caught and cooked experience

    There are so many fishes and shrimps and clams in the natural bubbling spring pond of the farm, you could go into the water and search for clam, with freshly caught "captures" brought home to feel  delight of "clam searching and pant washing in a time" as long as you pay little experience fee. If you feel like to have a big feast onsite, you could also use "cooking service" provided by the farm to enjoy freshly caught and cooked clam eating. Besides the clam, the restaurant also provides other menus for choices, including deep fried shrimp, boiled and sliced native chicken, dried radish and Sansing green onion with egg, steamed sea bream etc. which are all good food full of genuine Taiwan flavor.

  • Duck cottage - A duck raising cottage fails to be handed down from past generations

    In an era of rural village, duck raising job has to be conducted at wild stream for a long time in order to closely take care of duck herds to avoid duck from stealing, duck farmers therefore use local straw and bamboo as raw materials to build temporary residence to stay at night to keep out wind and rain, in which such type of simple house built by straw is called "cottage", and is generally known as "duck cottage" for being used by duck farmers which is now rarely seen. "Guangsing Farm" has conserved a traditional cottage last for over decades especially, from building material, room size and internal display, all completly show original look to allow people to deeply experience hardwork and effort of farm work in the past via "on the scene personally".

  • Soybean curd by grandmother - Traditional pickles by ancient fermentation

    The self-fermented soybean curd of the farm is said to beerudite through paternal teaching, with old mother of the owner to run pickles to sustain the livehood of the entire family far prior to running pig farming business. Although it is managed by sister-in-law nowadays, it completely comply with ancient method in terms of manufacturing, with six sides of Tofu being exposed under the sunlight to ensure reduction of mist in Tofu and pay attention to method of processing by sealed fermentation, to allow Tofu to lie on chili and rice wine to slowly ferment for 3 months to half a year, to gradually ripe and become sweet and fragrant until the protein of Tofu to turn into amino acid. The process is completely handmade and contains no preservatives, is the best snack to serve along with plain porridge.


  • Address:No. 12, Lane 132, Kwanghua 3rd Road, Kolin Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269
  • Telephone:+886-3-951-3236
  • Public Transportation:Take a north bound train or King Bus and get off at front exit of Lotung Railway Station, make a trasfer by taxi to get there.
  • Route by car:Exit from Lotung Interchange of  National Highway No.3→turn right at 3rd traffic light to bound for Lotung town→make a right turn when you see  China Petrol Station at interscection and go straight for around 7 minutes→make a right turn and go straight to the end at Gongjheng Rd. and then turn right and go across Lotung Sports Park→get across Bei Cheng Bridge and turn left to exit from 1st traffic light→turn right at intersection of Kwanghua 3rd Rd. to get there.
  • GPS:E 121°44'3.1" N 24°41'1.6"