Dongfong Organic Leisure Farm

Enjoying the fresh and natural habitat
【Dongshan, Yilan】

 Dongfong Organic Leisure Farm is a well-known tourism site for its natural resources. Besides pomelo trees, the farm is also a bird habitat great for bird watching. The owner has designed various DIY experiential activities, such as essential oil DIY and environmental friendly chopsticks making, using the farm’s own resources. The farm offers accommodation and has good campsites. It is certainly a wonderful place for ecological education as well as for fun and relaxing vacations.

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《Farm Introduction》

 Dongfeng Organic Leisure Farm is located in the valley along the upstream in Dongshan River, covering a land area of 5 hectares. The farm primarily cultivates Wendan pomelo and white grapefruit. In addition to offering ecological guide and fruit plucking experience sessions, the farm also provides services including homestay, camping, coffee and beverages. In other words, it is a farm that offers ecological experience and is surrounded by the beauty of nature.


The owner of the farm, Mr. Lin Wen-Long and his wife were originally engaged in the garment industry. Later, he returned home and took over his father’s grapefruit garden, and boldly transformed the garden. He not only renovated the old farmhouse, but also cultivated organic pomelos. Without using any fertilizer and pesticide, he let the land fully recover on its own. It took ten years to turn it into a green, lively farm with singing birds, fragrant flowers as well as tall and strong pomelo trees.


Due to its healthiness, the farm has attracted a wide variety of insects and birds to set up their habitats. Therefore, not only can one see little egrets, yellow herons and night herons, but one can also find crested eagles, black-naped monarchs, scops owls and mountain scops owls. Even the rare fairy pittas are regulars in this farm. Hence, this farm can be known as the best ecological observation station for observing birds, thus attracting many visitors to bird watch and take pictures of birds. However, Mr. Lin Wen-Long insists, in order to reduce disturbance on birds, visitors who come to take pictures must hide in the “camouflage tent”. At the same time, he will also personally guide the visitors to carry out observations. With explanations made in a lively and humorous manner, the farm’s rich ecology leaves a deep impression on everyone.

Furthermore, the farm has developed natural essential oil and cypress chopsticks DIY activities. It also produces specialty products, such as hand-made soap bars, shampoo bars, dish-washing bars and detergent bars, which are all made of plants in the farm. With the specially built campsite and lodging facilities, visitors can even enjoy cuisine involving wild vegetables, wild chicken and five-element meals which are full of rural, wild and nourishing flavors. This is most suitable for families to go on a leisure travel and fully experience a “healthy, natural, refreshing, environmentally friendly”and happy holiday.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 Dongfeng Organic Leisure Farm uses pomelo, bitter melon seed and herbs as its theme, and is rich in sources of “production”, “ecology” and “life”. While it is managed by means of natural farming, it possesses biodiversity, and combines farming tools and agricultural experience activities, thus fully demonstrating the features and nature of a leisure farm.


Architecture-wise, the farm not only uses a large number of Cypress and focuses on simple outdoor facilities, especially in public spaces and multifunction experiencescape, but also exhibits the atmosphere o the early agricultural society through the use of old furniture and farming tools. The farm blends all these elements into a beautiful environment surrounded by flowers and trees, bringing a comfortable and natural harmony feeling of joy to people.

Besides, various kinds of experience activities profoundly highlight the unique features of the farm, and include herbal essential oil and home-made cypress chopsticks DIY activities, which primarily utilize the farm’s resources. Not only are these activities which are greatly creative and full of environmental awareness highly interesting, but they are also very educational. On top of that, the agricultural products that are carefully developed by the farm are also worth mentioning because these products are not only highly diverse, but also highly unique from its quality to packaging, fully showing the effects of added value and creativity. These products can be considered as “practical yet commemorative” gifts.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Enjoying the natural environment - Appreciating the beautiful habitat day and night

    In this big and organic farm, the owner has conserved an area for creatures, and therefore, and as a result, the place has a good biodiversity, attracting many people interested in the natural habitat. Between the end of spring and early summer, the mating period of birds, the farm is decorated by many beautiful butterflies. During the day, you may observe crested goshawk and black-naped blue flycatcher preying on lizards, frogs and various types of bugs to feed the nestlings. At night, many birds that are hard be observed in a close distance, such as spotted scops owls and collared scops owls, can be easily found on trees. The owner of the farm, Mr. Lin, is humorous, and his professional interpretation can help people understand the history of the farm and acquire useful knowledge about the local habitat and the importance of environmental protection.

  • Experiencing unique activities - DIY natural and useful souvenirs

    The farm has developed many interesting experiential activities that are very local and use the pomelo trees and other plants grown on the farm. One example is the essential oil DIY activities in which the visitors can use dropped pomelo, lemon grass, aromatic marigold, and cinnamon to extract the essential oil according to their preference. Another activity, cypress chopsticks DIY, uses old cypress materials left from building the farm and legal scrap for visitors to create their own chopsticks using files.

  • Enjoying a cup of tea or coffee - Freshly prepared coffee and tea

    Aside from local farm cuisine, you can also have a cup of hot or iced coffee, or enjoy high mountain tea after trying out the various activities on the farm. It is relaxing to sip the drink while appreciating the greenish garden right in front of you.

  • Staying in the country overnight - An excellent farm stay experience

    The farm provides three types of accommodation: the nostalgic 1950s country farm B&B, a regular campsite (pallets included), and a RV campsite. The building for B&B is renovated from an old farm house, whose simple country style has been well preserved for guests to discover many smart inventions by our ancestors. For example, the reason the roof is tilted for 28⁰ and is facing the north is to prevent water accumulation on raining days without sacrificing much of the indoor space. If you want to be closer to the nature, camping is definitely the best choice. You can set up your camp on the lawn and enjoy outdoor tables and chairs prepared exclusively for camp users. The campsite is equipped with a public bathroom. You can chat with your friends, looking for comets or preparing your meals in the natural environment, and such a camping experience here is absolutely better than staying in those luxurious or sophisticated hotels.

  • Bringing home a souvenir - Fragrant and environmental friendly products made with essential oil

    The creative processed goods sold on the farm are designed by the farm owner and have attracted lots of attention from many visitors. You can find handmade soaps, shampoos, dishwashing detergent, and laundry washing detergent pastes here. All these products are made from plants on the farm using a natural and environmental friendly method. Moreover, the products are biodegraded 24hr after use, so it won’t contaminate the ground. These practical, creative and environmental friendly products have become an icon of the farm preferred by all our visitors.


  • Address: No. 769, Zhongshan Rd., Zhongshan Vil., Dongshan Township, Yilan County
  • Telephone:+886-3-958-7511
  • By car:
    ◎From Taipei to Yilan:
    1. Taipei→National Freeway No. 5→Exit at the Luodong-Wujie exit→Turn right to Jhongshan Road (Provincial Highway #7C)→Turn left to Guangrong Road (Provincial Highway #9)→Turn left to Section 3 of Yicheng Road→Across Wanshan Bridge and go straight on Wanshan Road→Go straight on Jhongshan Road and across Jhongshan Bridge→Go straight  The Farm.
    2. Taipei→Pei-yi Highway→Chungjing Road of Luodong (Provincial Highway #9)→Turn right to Section 3 of Yicheng Road→Across Wanshan Bridge and go straight on Wanshan Road→Go straight on Jhongshan Road and across Jhongshan Bridge→Go straight→The Farm.
    ◎From Huilian to Yilan:
    Huilian→Suao (Provincial Highway #9)→Dongshan Road→Turn right to Section 1 of Yicheng Road→Babao Road→Turn left to Wanshan Road→Go straight on Jhongshan Road and across Jhongshan Bridge→Go straight→The Farm.
  • GPS:E 121°43'45.72" N 24°37'10.33"