Wanshun Leisure Farm

A fairy-like pumpkin kingdom
【Jhuangwei, Yilan】

 With rich pumpkin resources, Wanshun Leisure Farm has developed comprehensive and attractive leisure activities covering food, drink, and recreational areas. Visitors can experience pumpkins thoroughly, from vision and hearing to smell, taste and touch. The leisure farm has successfully integrated ecology, production, living, and life to make the place wonderful for family vacations and school field trips.

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《Farm Introduction》

 Wanshun Leisure farm is famous for its pumpkins. The owner Lin Wanshun, with a more than 30 years of farming experience, was initially in the cantaloupe farming business, but later because of his passion for pumpkins, he introduced various pumpkin species, including Japanese pumpkin, western pumpkins, and American pumpkins, into Taiwan from places all over the world. Because of his dedication in cultivation as well as in research and development, the pumpkin farm has become very successful now.

 Once you have stepped into the farm, you will be greeted by the assorted colorful pumpkins. Because the key product of the farm is plants of the Cucurbitaceae family, there are not only pumpkins but also nearly 300 types of various types of Cucurbitaceae, including bottle gourds, luffa, and winter melons. Depending on the season, you may also find tomatoes, passion fruits, sun flowers, and roses on the farm. In other words, it is a place for all seasons. The best timing for visiting the place is around the Dragon Boat Festival because that is also the harvest season of pumpkins. Pumpkins of diverse shapes have attracted many visitors each year.

 You can also taste many delicious dishes prepared using pumpkins, including the pumpkin bomb, pumpkin rice noodle ,and pumpkin curry. The farm also offers various DIY activities, such as pumpkin figure painting and pumpkin pizza making. Come and visit the pumpkin farm with you family.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The farm's main theme, pumpkins are unique and creative. The farm owner takes advantage of the environment for cultivating many other agricultural products, such as tomatoes, hot peppers, gourds and others. There is also a water lily pond, some small forests, and a small farm for chickens and ducks. At here, visitors can recognize the advantages of transforming a conventional agricultural practice into quality and a leisure-oriented one.

 The assorted experiential activities and relevant products offered by the farm are closely related to pumpkins. For example, in the pumpkin house, you can learn interesting ecological information about pumpkin. Visitors can also take a look of pumpkins of various species on the farm. If they feel tired and need to boost their energy, they can order some delicious dishes prepared with pumpkins. Even the DIY activities here are related to pumpkins, such as making pumpkin pencil holders or pumpkin pizza. They can help visitors gain a more in-depth understanding about pumpkins. We can say that this pumpkin kingdom Wanshun Leisure Farm has successfully added a distinctive flavor to Jhuangwei of Yilan, the renowned place for cantaloupe.

《Travel Recommended》

  • A visit to the pumpkin farm - Assorted golden pumpkins

    The farm owner has set up a pumpkin art zone to display the various looks of pumpkins, from those as big as rocks to ones as small as hot peppers. There are also pumpkins with many pimples on the surface or pumpkins looking like zucchini. They are colorful too. On the farm, there is a pumpkin tunnel and many decorations made with pumpkins, such as pumpkin campanulas or pumpkin carving art pieces. They make the farm a wonderful and lively place. Aside from appreciating the beauty of pumpkins, visitors can also acquire useful knowledge about pumpkins, making this place not only recreational but also educational.

  • Delicious pumpkin dishes - Many pumpkin treats available nowhere but here

    The farm has prepared many unique pumpkin dishes, such as pumpkin curry made of pumpkin cubes, curry sauce and milk. Another very famous must-try dish here is the pumpkin bomb, where a whole pumpkin is grilled until the outside is as dark as coal while the inside is golden and tender. Don’t forget the pumpkin rice noodle soup or pumpkin panecotta. All of them are highly creative and tasty. By the way, the chef’s recommended dish here is the Zihsin chicken. The dish, though has nothing to do with pumpkins, is inspired by the cumin barbeque, a famous dish from Xinjiang, the origin place of cantaloupe. The chef put a whole chicken into a special barrel for grilling. Then, plenty of cumin spices are added to the chicken to give the tender chicken its unforgettable fragrance.

  • Pumpkin DIY activities - Fun experiences that giving you a sense of accompaniment

    The activities held on the farm are pluralistic. Aside from professional-guided tours and artistic pumpkin figure painting, visitors can also try baking their own pumpkin pizza, making pumpkin smoothies and more. It is a great place where you and your kids can participate together in various activities and feel close together. Besides, all the DIY products you make at here can be enjoyed immediately, an immediate reinforcement. These activities also help the participants learn about the practical side of pumpkins and obtain useful knowledge related to pumpkins.

  • Buying pumpkin treats and souvenirs - Something to eat and something to play

    On the farm here, of course, the souvenirs and gifts are made with pumpkin. In addition to pumpkin crisps and pumpkin instant rice noodles, there are also decorative pumpkins, including the extra-large American pumpkins, swan gourds, UFO, Buddha hands, and Chinese lucky charms. Visitors can ask the farm owner to engrave their pumpkins, and when the pumpkins are matured, turning orange yellow, the engraved text or patterns will be shown on the surface of the pumpkin. It is most popular item great for souvenirs and gifts.


  • Address:No.107-7, Sinnan Rd., Sinnan Village, Jhuangwei Township, Yilan County
  • Telephone:+886-3-938-3918
  • Website:www.wanshun.hiweb.tw
  • Public Transportation:N/A.
  • Route by car:
    ◎From the north (from Yilan to Jhuangwei)
    Yilan Train Station→Section 1 of Yising Road→Siaoshe Road→Donggang Road→Formosa Wongzu gas station→Jhuangwu Road→Yilan Route 7 (Yijhuang redevelopment zone)→Yilan Route No. 20→Farm.
    ◎From the south (from Luodong to Jhuangwei)
    Luodong Train Station→Gongjheng Road→Turn right to Datong Road→Turn right to Cangcian Road→Singsheng Road→Jhongfu Road→Wujie Road→Siehe North Road→Siaowei West Road→Dazhong Bridge→Turn left to Coastal highway→Zihciang No. 3 Bridge→Zihciang No. 2 Bridge→Zihciang No. 1 Bridge→Gemalan Bridge→Turn right to Maoliwuhan Bridge→Yilan Route No. 20→Farm.
  • GPS:E 121°48'39.45" N 24°43'32.40"