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M&G Family Leisure Farm

An urban farm on Yangmingshan mountainside
【Shilin, Taipei】

  Since “agricultural ecology” is the core resource of “M&G Family Leisure Farm”, not only has a wide range of plants been grown within the extent, the farm has also been carrying out its operation based on the philosophy of conveying “food and agriculture education”: from ecological guiding tour on the farm, recognition of agriculture machinery to participating in farming practice and collecting crops for preparing meals, the systematic experience package tour is exquisitely designed and offered. It is undoubtedly an ideal field for practicing environmental education.

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Tomita Love Leisure Farm

Romantic European Garden & Animal Farm
【Daxi, Taoyuan】

  “Tomita Leisure Farm” applies “herbal plants” and “animals” as its core resources, into which integrated gardening and environmental landscaping for offering the major experience programs of “getting close to animals and the study of diverse plants”. The farm is both thematic and enticing for it displays the elegant demeanor resembling that of a “European manor”. It is undoubtedly an ideal field for practicing life education and learning rural aesthetics.

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Zhun Leisure Farm

A beutiful, landfill-transformed space for learning ecological knowledge
【Wugu, New-Taipei】

 Zhun Leisure Farm is well-designed and equipped with modern and stylish hardware, while its rich and abundant botanical resources offer excellent resources for ecological knowledge learning. The farm has many Taiwanese native plants, wetland ecosystems, and vanilla herbs, makign it quire worthy of a visit. The environment allows you to make a close observation of the frogs, butterflies, and fireflies. This perfectly designed farm offers you a comfortable, leisurely space and provides an excellent ground for species conservation.

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