Lin's House Leisure Farm

Lotus Pond Retro Farm Village Banquet
【Guanyin, Taoyuan】

 Lin's House Leisure Farm has a large tract of ecological lotus fields and the aforementioned vintage old house, which are coupled with homegrown products, local  resources, and lotus cuisine, to provide a complete picture of agricultural life. Meanwhile, the Hakka rice food and rural kid DIY programs offer visitors chances to "see, hear, smell, taste and touch" in order to fully perceive the completeness of farm life. This natural and affectionate environment is humane and cultural, and is an excellent place for environmental education, whether for adults or kids.

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《Farm Introduction》

 In the Guanyin area of Yaoyuan County that has become famous for its "lotus" fields in recent years, there is a very popular three-section compound house. The host of the house, Mr. Jintang Lin, from the fifth generation of the Lins, has developed this ancient house into a leisure farm, making it a northern Taiwan lotus watching and tasting resort, a leisurely venue on vintage premises with a uniquely scenic atmosphere.

 The Lin's House has been standing here for more than 120 years. In front of the traditional brick-red Minnan style architecture is a large lotus pond, and the background is a vast bamboo forest, exuding a natural and unadorned atmosphere. Stepping through the yard into the house, you'll see all kinds of old furniture and antiquities displayed all around, including a vintage bedroom with red bedding, cosmetics drawers, a baby basket, and treasure boxes; a kitchen with antique steamers, cupboards, rice baskets, and kitchen pots; and the farming tool room with long-forgotten cutting rakes, oxcart wheels, oxbows, excavators, and so on. The experience is just like walking into a time tunnel, bringing you back to the early days of Taiwan and immersing you into retrospection.

 Coming to the receptionist desk at the opposite side of the old house, you'll find a totally different landscape - in this vast tract of garden land are endless lotus fields and the melon-shed trail along the Taku River. And what's more, you can taste lotus dishes and Hakka dishes in the restaurant and, of course, there is a barbecue area to cater to youngsters. To make you even more amazed are the lovely, eye-catching little yellow ducks - the most popular and favorite animals of the farm - leisurely swimming in the sleeping lotus pond. If you come in a bigger group, we have all kinds of experience activities designed for group visitors, including a tour of the old house, a lotus eco-tour, Hakka rice food DIY activities, kids toys DIY activities, lotus root digs, lotus seed picking, vegetable planting, and flower picking, among many other fun activities that will bring you and your companions, old and young, a fruitful, joyful, and unforgettable one-day tour.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 Lin's House Leisure Farm best features are the "centuries old farm house" and the "lotus ecological landscape," coupled with the homegrown vegetables from natural farming, which combine create a "one-of-a-kind rural farmer" atmosphere and provide a showcase for Hakka cultural imagery.

 The old house has been well maintained to present genuine Taiwan traditional habitation characteristics. The inner exhibition of this house is also unparalleled to fully reflect the rural humanity of earlier times. Also, the facilities in the farm are mostly built with wooden and recycled materials and are perfectly integrated into the outdoor environment, making the entire property natural, pure, and simple.

 Our experience programs are mainly designed for group visitors. There's fruit picking, sweet potato roasting, lotus deseeding, lotus digging, mochi grinding, vegetable bun making, etc. All the materials used in the experience programs are grown on the farm or closely related to the local natural resources. These experience programs are enriched and mostly outdoor activities that are very attractive to city dwellers who have few chances to "get close to the earthy mud." Visitors benefit from the real life knowledge of these interesting experience programs and have lots of fun. In addition, the histories of lotus ecology and the ancient house are narrated through the navigation activities to impress the visitors and leave them with a special and wonderful memory.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Visit the Lin's House - The old farm house passed down for over 120 years

    The well-known "Lin's House" is one very rare example of well-preserved Minnan architecture in the "one corridor with four Fulongs (protection halls)" style. The Lin's ancestors immigrated to Taiwan from Huizhou, Guangdong Province, and put down roots here, farming for more than 100 years ever since. Ten years ago, the old house master, Mr. Jintang Lin, decided not to desert the land inherited from his ancestors, and started to develop the old house to what it is now. Inside the old house are abundant rural antiquities of the early days, including some rarely seen these days, such as bedding, brooms, rice filters, chopstick holders, sickles, blowers, throwing buckets, and so on. This old house offers the best "reality workshop" for learning about how our ancestors lived.

  • Tour the beautiful lotus fields - A lotus landscape stretching up to the sky

    In the farm, there are several parks centered on the lotus ponds that grow beautiful and tiny Guanyin lotuses and Sleeping lotuses, as well as refreshing and dreamy Dahe lotuses and Peony lotuses. The total area of one pond after another reaches 7 plus hectares. The blossom season, starting in June and going through September, offers splendid and mesmerizing beauty and magnificence. Then comes the October lotus root digging festival, and the farm is open and free for visitors to experience the fun of actually standing in the lotus fields and digging!

  • Kids have fun making rice - Experience how farmers live and enjoy some fun and food

    The "one-day" journey is designed to offer the "Hakka Rice DIY" and "Old-Fashioned Kids Play DIY" experience programs. The former includes making mochi, vegetable buns, rice noodles, and red bean sticky buns, while the latter includes painting gourds, making malt drums, binding straw ropes, and making straw men. These programs are fun and versatile. In addition, visitors can pick seasonal fruits like dragon fruit, kumquat, and roselle to enjoy the feeling of "harvesting" and the great fun of a farmer's life.

  • Kilning pork - A family barbecue feast

    Kilning is a common "happy memory" of among individuals born in the 50s and 60s, while barbecues are a favorite outdoor activity of youngsters and kids. To cater for all these entertainment needs, Lin's House Leisure Farm presents a deliberately designed kilning area and offers a food ingredients purchasing service, so that visitors can come and enjoy their feast in great fun. Whether it's a sunny day or a rainy day, the sheltered kilning area will keep you away from any bad weather. This is a great place for you to get together with your friends or family, and to enjoy kilning with your own hands. What a wonderful experience!


  • Address:No. 544, Sec. 2, Zhongshan Road, Guanyin Township, Taoyuan
  • Telephone:+886-3-4980-753
  • Public Transportation:Nil.
  • Route by car:
    1. Exit at Highway No. 1 Guanyin / Daxi Interchange -> connect to the  Tai Road No. 66 expressway -> go in the Guanyin direction, and take a right at the 7.2 km marker (there will be a 7-11 store on the right) to Xinhua Road connecting to Yao Road No. 84 -> go directly to Dahu Road connecting to Yao Road No. 97 and take a right to continue for about 500 meters -> then you'll see the road sign leading to the farm's entrance.
    2. Exit at Highway No. 3 at the Daxi Interchange -> go in the direction of Chungli for about 1 kilometer -> connect to the Tai Road No. 66 expressway -> go in the direction of Guanyin, and then take a right at the 7.2 km marker (there will be a 7-11 store on the right) to Xinhua Road connecting to Yao Road No. 84 -> go directly to Dahu Road connecting to Yao Road No. 97 and take a right to continue for about 500 meters -> then you'll see the road sign leading to the farm's entrance.
    3. Go the West Coast Expressway and connect to Yao Road No. 112 heading to Zhongshan Road -> continue in the Xinpo direction and then take a right to connect to Yao Road No. 97 -> pass the Xinhua Road on the Tao Road No. 84 for about 500 meters -> then you'll see the road sign leading to the farm's entrance.
  • GPS:E121.12.8923 N24.99.8757