Green World Ecological Leisure Farm

The Asian largest semi-tropical rainforest ecological park
【Beipu, Hsinchu】

 The Green World Ecological Leisure Farm is determined to be a large amusement park. To enrich visitors' experiences, the farm combines the "fauna and flora natural resources" and "Hakka architecture and food culture" to develop experience programs that are fun and educational. And the attentive services bring visitors the international standard leisure farm enjoyment in this well maintained landscape, where visitors can observe ecological wonders, layer upon layer, and perceive the worthiness of the educational offerings.

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《Farm Introduction》

 The Green World Ecological Leisure Farm, themed on "fauna & flora ecosystems" combined with "leisure & educational entertainment", is an Asian top international ecological farm, with an area of 70 hectares. This vast farmland is filled with natural greenery of grass and seasonal flowers including cheery blossoms, peach blossoms and many other plantation. There are also the exotic animals raised on the farmland that add varieties to the natural resources.

 According to the ecological features of animals, plants and insects, the farmland is divided into six theme parks, which are the "Swan Lake", "Butterfly Ecological Park", "Discovery Land Area", "Bird Ecological Park", "Water Plants Park" and "Biodiversity Adventure". In these theme parks, there are as many as 47 scenic and entertainment spots including the animal theater, macaws zone, lovely animals zone, Amazon rainforest, green field square, rainforest air trail, and so on. The exhibition of the theme parks is grand and rich, very suitable for parents with their kids to make fun together, and is also an excellent venue for schools to do outdoor teaching.

 In addition to the fauna and flora landscape, what's worth mentioning is the special zone of the 100-year old "Hakka Old House". Here, you'll taste all the delicious Hakka food and enjoy the fun of seeing the early-day Taiwan architecture, soaking yourself in this farmland beauty filled with humanity atmosphere. All the attractions manifest the exquisite features, making you linger and linger and linger.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The farm combines the biological resources of birds, insects, animals, and plants all together, making it a rare and classic ecological leisure farm ranch.

 As you near the front door, you'll see a rooftop covered with straw and walls decorated with cartoon animal figures, conveying a stylish mood of "rural farmland" and "animal paradise." In the garden, you can see many precious and exotic fish, bugs, birds, and animals, and clearly feel how the farmland is operated with full respect to nature. In order not to impair the ecosystems, the farms builidings are mostly built with wood and straw, which are connected to nature and energy-saving. Moreover, the artificial facilities such as trails and ponds are all built with ecological engineering, with an emphasis on greenery and integration with the ambient natural environment.

 The farm features a variety of very interesting experience programs, which are divided into six themes and are all closely connected to the farmland's natural resources. The programs are even scheduled and tuned to seasonal changes, including bird performances, bee and butterfly ecology, essence oil making, lei cha (tea ground with other ingredients) and mochi (sticky rice cake) making, navigation of the Hakka Old House, and many others. They are all very fun and educational.

 Overall, the tangible and intangible amenities offered in the Green World Ecological Leisure Farm all come in high standards of quality. In addition to the abundant scenic resources, the attentive services include free wheel chairs and baby prams, free mosquito-repellent Citronella oil, indicative signs and narrations, and the beautiful scenic public toilet, breast feeding rooms, and even the pet motel zone whre visitors can temporarily leave their pets. Such delicate consideration and services have set forth a model for other leisure farms to make reference to so as to promote industrial standards as a whole. We are determined to let visitors experience top-to-bottom service and enjoy their time with us.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Swan Lake - Romantic roaming by the lake while watching the swans

    On the left-hand side near the entrance is the farm's own Swan Lake, with rippling water that creates an elegant and beautiful scene. Sit in the outdoor café shop to feel the glamour of the sky and the water, and watch the white and black swans romantically swimming on the water with a cup of coffee in your hand. Take a sip, and you'll be intoxicated. Strolling around the lake, you'll see the fishing pelicans, coupled Mandarin ducks, lovely wood ducks, beautiful spot-billed ducks, and the colorful, naughty macaws. There is also the spacious Green Field Square which hosts the Animal Theater. Nearby are the "Gourmet World" and "Juice Bar" eateries to satisfy your tastes for fun and enjoyment. The Swan Lake makes a good starting point for the tour.

  • Discovery Land Area - The colorful and shapely plant exhibition

    This adventurer's paradise is right next to the Swan Lake. It has an Amazon rainforest, a cactus park, and the wonder seed botanical zone. Here, you'll also see poisonous plants, carnivorous plants, air plants, aerobic plants, vanilla, Taiwanese aboriginal plants, orchids, and many other flowers and trees. This is the best place for learning botanical knowledge about plants. To make it more wondrous, along the sleepers trail, you'll be cheerfully amazed when running into lovely animals like wild rabbits and Taiwan muntjac, which come so close to you that you won't believe they're real.

  • Water Plants Park - Butterflies dancing in the watery greenery

    This is one of the largest aquatic plant parks in Asia. This park grows Taiwan yellow water lily, Taiwan quillwort, and bulrush, among as many as 500 herb species of submerged, floating, emergent, floating plants, all rare and precious. When you are guided by the professional narrator, you'll also see dragonflies dancing and hear frogs singing around the pond, giving you the feeling of a natural wilderness, which is very, very impressive. When the summer comes, the Water Snowball blossoms to attract flocks of butterflies to come over for honey, drawing a "butterflies for flowers, flowers for water" picturesque and poetic painting, so enchanting. There are also the outdoor butterfly watching trail and the honey bees ecological farm, making this place a very good place to get to know insect ecology.

  • The tropical rainforest air trail - Exploring the lush jungle

    This is the only tropical rainforest air trail in the entire country. It is situated in the Biodiversity Exploration Zone, 15 meters above the ground. Strolling on the trail, you can see magnificent waterfalls from a distance and observe vines and ferns in a close encounter, surrounded by large tropical plants competing for glamorousness. Also, you'll see the exotic sloths, pythons, tortoises, and lizards from all over America, Africa, and Australia. This entire scene brings you to the wonderland of green fields and lush jungles, greatly catering to your adventurous mood.

  • The 100-year-old house - Classic architecture and Hakka gourmet dishes

    In the rearmost section of the farm is the Bird Ecology Park, where the old house Gaopin Hall stands. This is a 100-year-old house in the three-section yard style, originally belonging to the Hakka Fengs' family. Its appearance is unadorned and vintage, and its well preserved facilities include its old-time stoves, latrines, barn, and pigsty, which have been renovated while leaving the original styles intact. Here, you can perceive how the ancestors lived and come to the restaurant to enjoy delicacies such as grilled chicken, braised carp, shrimp rolls, cabbage wraps, mustard greens with fried pork, ginger pork intestine, salty pork, and many others, which all come with unique flavors, classic and tasty.


  • Address:No. 20, Dahu Village, Beipu Township, Hsinchu County
  • Telephone:+886-3-580-1000
  • Public Transportation:
    High Speed Rail:Alight at the High Speed Rail Hsinchu station -> take the Hsinchu Bus (Qionglin-Zhudong-Beipu line) -> and get off at the Green World bus stop -> walk a short distance to get here.
    Tai Railway:Alight at the Hsinchu train station -> take the Hsinchu Bus and get off at the Zhudong Bus Terminals -> take a bus heading for Beipu and get off at the Green World bus stop -> take the free Green World shuttle bus to get here.
    Guoguang Bus:Get off at the Zhudong bus stop -> take the Hsinchu Bus at the Zhudong Bus Terminal heading for Beipu, and then get off at the Green World bus stop -> take the free Green World shuttle bus to get here.
  • Route by car:Exit at the Highway No. 3 Qionglin Interchange (at the 90 km marker) and then head for Zhudong -> connect to County Road No. 120 (Fulin Road) -> take a right to connect to Tai Road No. 3 (Zhongfeng Road), heading for Beipu -> take a left at the 79 km marker on Tai Road No. 79 and go for 2 km to get here.
  • GPS:E121 04.1 N24 41.57