Zhun Leisure Farm

A beutiful, landfill-transformed space for learning ecological knowledge
【Wugu, New-Taipei】

 Zhun Leisure Farm is well-designed and equipped with modern and stylish hardware, while its rich and abundant botanical resources offer excellent resources for ecological knowledge learning. The farm has many Taiwanese native plants, wetland ecosystems, and vanilla herbs, makign it quire worthy of a visit. The environment allows you to make a close observation of the frogs, butterflies, and fireflies. This perfectly designed farm offers you a comfortable, leisurely space and provides an excellent ground for species conservation.

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  • Validity period:2012/01/01~2016/12/31

《Farm Introduction》

 The Zhun Leisure Farm, situated in the Wugu area of New Taipei City, right beside the Highway No. 1 Wugu Interchange, is convenient and easy to reach. The farmland is about 4.5 hectares in size, and is the only legally registered leisure farm in the Taipei metropolis. The founder of the farm is Mr. Zhaoheng Chen, an entrepreneur whose family has been living in this Lion Head area of Wugu for generations. Mr. Chen's family predecessors were successful entrepreneurs who had founded quite a few famous enterprises such as the Shihlin Paper, Taian Insurance, and Wan Hai Lines Taiwan firms. To give back to his hometown, Mr. Chen in 2001 decided to transform the Wugu waste landfill into a garden ranch to enrich the Wugu area, which was lacking in leisure venues. The garden ranch is named after his mother Zhun Lee in commemoration of her.

 The ranch is spacious and comfortable, with green forests and meandering trails. The 3000 pings of  grassland and the man-made waterfall highlight the garden's features. Since the ground is derived from a landfill, it is not suitable for agricultural plantation, so the ranch has been largely developed into ecological education facilities, which include the Ecology Pavilion, Butterflies Pavilion, Vanilla Greenhouse, and Fireflies Repopulation Room, in addition to wetlands like the ecological pond and the little creek that collects hundreds of aquatic and terrestrial aboriginal plants. This garden ranch offers a complete and biodiversified ecosystem, making it an ideal venue for eco-exploration in a metropolitan style.

 Moreover, the garden ranch also provides classrooms and meeting rooms that are well-equipped for meetings, seminars, and social activities. And there is a restaurant that provides light food and drinks, and is best featured with its afternoon tea made with ingredients of vanilla picked from the vanilla greenhouse, fresh and aromatic. In a leisurely afternoon teatime, sitting in this refreshingly decorated restaurant, what can be more romantic than having a pot of aromatic tea to elegantly pass the time.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The farmland used to be the Wugu waste landfill. Although the soil has undergone 9 years of remediation and nurturing, it is still not suitable for agricultural plantation. Consequently, this farmland has developed its "natural ecosystems" as its primary manifestation. In addition to a vast plantation of forest woods, there are more than 200 species of plants, among which are wetland plants, Taiwanese aboriginal plants, and vanilla herbs that are the highlights in this farmland biodiversity. The ranch stresses not using pesticides. There is also the rainwater collection system for filtration, precipitation, and extraction for partial irrigation and environment cooling. Also, all the buildings correspond to the park themes, and distinguish the modern styles of the ranch.

 The experience activities and packaged programs are all closely related to the ecological education themes upheld by the ranch. And the programs can be customized with flexible schedules like observation of plants, butterflies, fireflies, and frogs, as well as the "experience notes" designed to cater for group visitors of different characteristics. Of course, certain particular plants that were used in old-time farmhouses, such as the big taro leaves used for sheltering from the rains, are introduced to elaborately enrich the entire programs.

 On the premise of "creating a friendly environment," the entire ranch presents a comfortable and bright space with well-equipped hardware facilities. Furthermore, the visual effect reveals the design dedication in that, whether indoor outdoor, the space displays comfortableness, coziness and safety, in a full sense of aesthetics and practicality. The walk trails, for instance, are made with wooden sleepers consolidated with cement to facilitate walking, and the warning signs remind visitors of the gaps between steps. These little things make a big attentiveness to servicing the visitors. Furthermore, the service staff are all equipped with professional knowledge like nature ecosystems, gardening, education and even arts, so they'll be able to give you the best guide and narration. Of course, we also have exquisite brochures as well as interpretive and indicative signs in the ranch, so that you'll find it easy to reach wherever you'd like to go and see, and fully appreciate all the features the ranch has to offer.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Botanical system navigation - A beautiful garden with thick flowers and woods

    The ranch has 10 thousand pings of landscaped greenery, and you can walk with a guide to stroll in the garden and see all kinds of orchids and greenhouse medicine herbs. Also, you'll tour the ecosystem's abundant wetland and see many Taiwanese aboriginal plants. Under the professional narration of the guide, you'll have a deeper understanding of the trees, herbs and flowers, and personally touch, observe and feel the characteristics and beauty of the vegetation.

  • The butterfly pavilion - The best arena to get close to butterflies

    There is a specially designed "greenhouse butterfly garden" on the farmland, where you can appreciate the sight of butterflies dancing anytime, in any season. Most of all, you can take a close look at the four breeding stages of a butterfly - egg, larva, pupa, and adult. In addition, you'll also get to know the herbs and honey sources that butterflies breed on. Nowhere else can be better than this place for getting close to butterflies!

  • The ecological pond - The abundant treasure trove of the wetland ecosystem

    The ecological pond is located in front of the waterfall, where there are bountiful of aquatic species of frogs, water birds and a variety of freshwater fishes, in addition to all kinds of aquatic plants, including Taiwanese wild turbot, bellows, various Nymphoides, water candles and water dragons. What a wetland treasure island! Notably, at the end of the little creek is the lotus pond, where you can see the precious yellow water lilies, and standing at the bank of the creek, you can enjoy watching the beautiful architecture and vast green meadow. What a pleasant and content sightseeing experience!

  • The scenic waterfall - The energy saving lively spring

    The specially designed scenic waterfall is the "live spring" of the entire garden ranch. It is not only magnificent but also irrigating the entire ranch. The precision design of the circulation system makes the facility the best model of energy saving practice. In addition, the place where the waterfall is located in a spacious square of 3000 pings is size, with a large tract of grassland that can facilitate all kinds of parent-child activities like picnicking, group games and garden parties.

  • Fun DIY programs - The enriched, bountiful experience programs

    On weekends and holidays, about 2:00 in the afternoon, in the "story house" are all kinds of DIY programs given, including a dozen activities of color painting, creative works, and scientific games. For example, making owl pen holders, color painting shell photo frames, hand-made windmills and kites, as well as making aqua rocket that is made with waste PET bottles, from which we'll play the scientific game and learn the scientific principles that make the rocket fly. This is really a favorite to all the visitors.


  • Address:No. 70, Section 2, Xin 5th Road, Wugu District, New Taipei City 248
  • Telephone:+886-2-2292-2466
  • Website:www.wugu-farm.com.tw
  • Public Transportation:Take the Union bus No. 838, 637, 638, 801, 508, 805, or the Zinan Bus No. 1503, 1510, 1502, 1507, or the Sanchong Bus No. 1203, 1207, or the MRT shuttle bus No. 10 orange. Get off at the "Tomorrow's World" bus top, and walk down Ziqiang Road for about 5 minutes to get here.
  • Route by car:Exit at the Highway No. 1 Wugu Interchange, then drive in the left lane heading to the Taishan-Xinzhuang gateway, and then exit at the Wugu ramp to get to Xin 5th Road. Next, drive in the slow lane on the right for about 100 meters to get here.
  • GPS:E 121°26'14" N 25°04'23"