The Charcoal Valley Leisure Farm

A Black Charcoal and Golden Melon Reflected "Black Gold" Paradise
【Zaoqiao, Miaoli】

 The Charcoal Valley Leisure Farm has taken the traditional "charcoal" and local "pumpkins" as its signature themes to offer abundant and appropriate "discourse of charcoal culture" and "experience of pumpkin activities", and elaborately integrated the colors of "Black" and "Golden" into the cuisine to impress visitors and let them know about pumpkin's growing process and ecological environment, which construct a relationship between the pumpkins and us. This is a perfect illustrative arena for environmental education.

  • Authentication item:體驗
  • Certification period:2014 - 2016

《Farm Introduction》

 Zaoqiao Township has long been known as the "Home of Charcoal," as 80% of its residents made a living from "burning charcoal" in the past. Located in this township, the Charcoal Valley Leisure Farm is not only the first legally registered experience-type farm in Miaoli County, but also Taiwan's first leisure farm themed around charcoal.

 This vast farm ranch has 30,000 pings of land, comprising a compound of the original "Kuba Leisure Vacation Resort" cabins combined with soft and hard facilities like a banquet hall, a camouflage jungle paintball field, a barbecue area, an indoor climbing area, and more. There are also very unique charcoal-themed areas like the charcoal museum, charcoal kiln, and charcoal spring spa, as well as the charcoal-related specialties of the "healthy charcoal gourmet foods," such as "charcoal crystal buns" and "charcoal crystal rice noodles." There's also a charcoal featuring "charcoal boutique," offering items such as the "charcoal bathing package," "charcoal pillow," "charcoal underwear," and so on. Visitors come here and feel the wonderful, pervasive "charcoal" culture and atmosphere.

 The farm ranch also presents a substantial eco-landscape. Walking along the mountain trail, you'll see a forest of Tung flowers, acacia woodland, Lychee orchards, bamboo trails, couples trees, and century-old magnolia trees, as well as the fish pond and ancient houses. And you definitely don't want to miss the "pumpkin tunnel" behind the farm ranch's main building. This is really a major hit of Charcoal Valley, for pumpkins have become Miaoli's symbolic products and also a symbol of Charcoal Valley. In spring and summer, the mature pumpkin seasons, the shapely "golden melons" of various sizes draw a gorgeous and breath-taking picture. And this is the best time for visitors to taste fresh and tasty pumpkin rice noodles, pumpkin toasts, pumpkin cheese and many other pumpkin delicacies that are the favorite of adult and kids, making Charcoal Valley a wonderful place for families to experience the magnificent Zaoqiao covered in the beautiful black charcoal and golden melons, and enjoy a really relaxing and leisure holiday.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The Black Charcoal Valley Leisure Farm is based on the themes of charcoal and pumpkins, and extends the entertainment to lively and diversified "feasting, shopping, playing, observation" experiences and products, to signify the cultural values of the Miaoli Zaoqiao entertainment industry. And the combination of the folk activities and festivities has created this place a vacation resort that connotes profound local features.

 The entire farm ranch is designed into diversified spatial arenas, so that visitors can participate in kilning, walk the pumpkin tunnel, and see the Tung flowers and natural beauty. This land emphasizes conservation of ecosystems, thus the pumpkins and other crops are grown with natural agricultural engineering, and the interior and exterior of the architecture are also attached with green engineering to make a landscape that is refreshing and comfortable.

 Notably, the two major resources - charcoal and pumpkins - come with big events. There are related agricultural products and a narration center, along with the charcoal hot spring hall, and the dual image "black" and "gold" based experience programs such as the charcoal cards and pumpkin wizard pencil holders DIY. Moreover, the very special charcoal pumpkin dishes, charcoal bedding and charcoal clothing comprehensively present the delicacy, abundance and completeness of the pumpkin industry, for which the ranch has been awarded the cultural and creative coaching prize and Hakka souvenir prize. Visitors are all beautifully impressed with the "charcoal" and "pumpkin" images.

《Travel Recommended》

  • A tour of the charcoal museum - Get to know the rich and interesting charcoal culture

    This is Taiwan's first ever charcoal-themed museum, which was built through a six-year data collection and construction to its completion. The two-story museum displays charcoal usage, charcoal making, and charcoal-related tools of early days as well as charcoal musical instruments, charcoal sculptures, charcoal scientific experiments and its future applications in daily life. Visitors will have a better understanding of the charcoal culture and history, in addition to enjoying the fun of shopping charcoal deodorants, charcoal seat cushions, charcoal healthy quilts, charcoal socks, and charcoal underwear, and many others. This is really a best place for your to really get "charcoaled".

  • Walking in the pumpkin tunnel for fun - See the yellow, plump, and beautiful golden melons

    This tunnel is a uniquely designed "pumpkin zone" in the Charcoal Valley Leisure Farm. There are all kinds of pumpkins of various shapes and sizes. In late June every year, it is site of the great "Pumpkin Exposition" held in Zaoqiao Town, which exhibits exotic super giant pumpkins from America, as well as fruitful pumpkin vines hanging from the sheds. It is a vast sea of golden pumpkins flushing into your eyes, and you'll be totally amazed and attracted, by this extravagant glamour.

  • Strolling in the ecological trails - Totally soaking yourself in Taiwan's first pioneered healthy charcoal spring

    Whether it is in the morning or in the evening, this vast garden ranch always has bountiful ecological views for sightseeing, including birds such as thrushes, red-collared doves, Japanese white-eyes, bulbuls, Muller's barbets, Vinous-throated Parrotbills, tree magpie, and white egrets, as well as wild animals such as squirrels, hares, bamboo partridges and ferrets. Furthermore, there are hundreds of species of ornamental plants, wild vegetables, medicine herbs as well as bamboo forests, Tung flowers and acacia woods. Strolling along the trails, you'll feel the wonder and fun of getting close to nature.

  • A charcoal spring experience - Soaking in Taiwan's first pioneered healthy charcoal spring

    This "charcoal spring" is Taiwan's first charcoal spring SPA. The charcoal is fine selection with exquisite quality. The facility includes the Japanese Bincho charcoal pool, Taiwanese Acacia charcoal pool, bamboo charcoal pool, vinegar cold spring. Since charcoal spring is slightly alkaline and ample of minerals, soaking in it helps the blood circulation and alleviates fatigue from waist pains and sore muscles. It is very good for health.


  • Address:No. 8-5, Guogangping, Zaoqiao Village, Zaoqiao Township, Miaoli County
  • Telephone:+886-37-543-945
  • Public Transportation:Alight at the Zaoqiao train station -> transfer to Jhunan or Miaoli station -> take a taxi for about 13 km to get here.
  • Route by car:
    1. Seting out from the north, exit at the Highway No. 1 Toufeng Interchange -> take a left to connect to Tai Road No. 1 (heading in the Miaoli/Houloing direction) -> take a left to connect to Tai Road No. 13A heading to Zaoqiao -> take a left 300 m before the Zaoqiao train station and then keep going for about 13 km to get here.
    2. Setting out from the south, exit at the Highway No. 1 Miaoli Interchange -> take a left to connect to Tai Road No. 6 -> take a right to connect to Tai Road No. 72 and then exit at the 7 km marker -> take a right to connect to Tai Road No. 13A heading in the Toufeng direction, and get to Zaoqiao -> take a left 300 m ahead of the Zaoqiao train station and then keep going for about 13 km to get here.
  • GPS:E120.52.338 N24.38.89