Owl Eco-Leisure Farm

The super creative home to night owls
【Shitan, Miaoli】

 The Owl Eco-Leisure Farm has a strong signature theme. Although it is currently only open to group visitors (not open to individual visitors), the ranch activities are elaborately designed to include a tour of the farm ranch, audio and video navigation, setting owls into wild and the color painting DIY programs. The whole series of activities are rich and fulfilling; especially the setting free of owls into wild that brings astonishing feeling to the visitors, and help boost the ecological education. Most of all, to most people, it is an unprecedented participating experience that can really touch our heart and enlighten our respect to "life" and "environment".

  • Authentication item:體驗
  • Certification period:2014 - 2016

《Farm Introduction》

 Owl Eco-Leisure Farm is an ecological park built by a group of owl advocates. It originates from the "Gugulu Owl Doctor Home" established in 2003, that received injured and crippled owls. Through the years, the establishment has developed into this great outdoor workshop for education on owls. It is open to the public, and through the ecological education it provides, visitors are guided to learn about owl species, traits and habitats, so that people can "care more for owls and care more for nature".

 The farm ranch is equipped with multi-media classrooms and campgrounds, and there are dedicated personnel to provide a series of tours on the owl ecosystems. In this facility, you'll tour the owl habitat, get to know the owl species, and listen to owl hoots. As the season changes, you can also see fireflies, pick strawberries and oranges, or have a barbecue, camp out, and do some outdoor climbing. The activities offered in this ranch are fun and very appropriate for the whole family to join and have fun. Of course, this is also an excellent venue for outdoor ecological teaching and group tourism.

 Worth mentioning is that the Shitan area flourishes with Makino bamboos, and was thus once a major paper making center. Therefore, the ranch now offers the "recycled paper DIY" program with which, under professional guidance, visitors can make paper with their own hands and get a profound knowledge about where papers come from and how they are made. Such a activity will impress visitors with the historical culture of the local industry and bring them a unforgettable feeling of fulfillment from the Shitan tour.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The Owl Eco-Leisure Farm is signified with the theme on owls. This ranch is also a transient home for local injured animals. This is a place with emphasis on the spirit of "nature is the classroom" and dedication to ecological promotion. The signature here is outstanding.

 The overall landscape is well preserved and maintained with nature engineering. No chemicals and pesticides are used. The green awareness of environmental protection is emphasized and the outdoor greenery beautification is highlighted. The result - an abundant and diversified ecosystems. Meanwhile, the farm ranch has also established many owl sculptures, color painted walls and standing art boards, making the park theme strong and outstanding.

 Currently, the ranch is open only to group visitors. But the "one-day tour" and "two-day tour" are full of exciting experience programs that combine with the farm resources. The programs include outdoor activities of picking bamboo shoots, fruits and orange daylilies, and knowing the aboriginal medicine herbs, as well as DIY activities such as color painting on owl ornaments and painting on local made recycled paper. The programs are deeply signified with local features. In particular, under the expert navigation, visitors are guided to know about nature and become aware of the importance of environmental protection and ecological conservation. In addition, the ranch has also elaborately developed theme souvenirs such as the owl straps, owl ocarinas, owl thermometers, etc., which are very creative, unique, educational and full of fun, and have been certified as local cultural creative products. They are worth a visit and have a personal experience on them.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Knowing the owl ecosystem - Get close to the owl's habitat

    Owl, also  known as xiao, is a strigiformes bird, and has about 130 species, most of which are nocturnal carnivores that sleep at daytime and hunt when it gets dark. In the daytime, they mostly hide in thick trees, caves or eaves, very hard to be seen. According to statistics, owls that have appeared in the county of Miaoli include the five major species of Oriental Scops Owls, Collared Scops Owls, Mountain Scops Owls, Jungle Hawk Owls and Barred Owlets. There are about 500 owls that are most frequently seen in the Shitan area. The "Owl ecological courses" designed by the farm ranch include indoor multimedia audio and video guide to know about owls' physical characteristics and biological habits as well as outdoor forest classroom to actually observe the owls and set them free into the wild, so that visitors can further understand the owl ecosystems, and perceive the way to get along with the protected animals.

  • Observing fireflies and picking fruits - To feel the seasonal pleasure in the fields

    Since the ecosystems of the farm ranch have been well preserved and maintained, at the seasonal shifting from spring to summer, the fireflies light up the beautiful nightfall scenery. The ranch also grows fruits, and picking oranges and strawberries let visitors feel the excitement and pleasure of "harvesting farmers". The seasonal changes of fauna and flora bring you the excellent opportunity to really experience the field style.

  • Creative color painting on owls - Paint your own souvenirs

    Owl has very big eyes, a short hooked beak, wide head profile and auricular feathers, with a face looking like a cat and appearance like an eagle, is thus nicknamed cat-head hawk. Owl's very special physical shape is the inspiration of many painters and artisans and the theme of artistic creations. The Owl Leisure Farm's painting white embryo porcelain DIY has instructors to guide visitors step by step to make personalized owl lapel pins and puppets. It makes you feel fulfilled and gives you a special kind of souvenir.

  • Making artistic recycled paper with your own hands - Experience the fun of making paper

    Shitan Township is rich in Makino bamboos. In the past, it had a very flourishing paper industry, and its Baishou Village nicknamed "Paper Lake" and Xinfong Village nicknamed "Paper Hut Pit" were thus famous. Today, the farm ranch has been engaged in the promotion of the traditional paper art and designed the "paper making" activity, which allows visitors to actually participate in the papermaking process of pulp beating, gauze paper making and paper drying, etc. This papermaking is also combined with the owl image rubbing to create very special artistic paper handicraft. It is fun and full of culturally featured inheritance.


  • Address:No. 14-6, Yongxing Village, Shitan Township, Miaoli County
  • Telephone:+886-37-931-323
  • Website:www.dahu.com.tw
  • Public Transportation:Nil.
  • Route by car:Exit at the Highway No. 1 Toufeng Interchange (heading in the Sanwang direction) -> take Miaoli County Road No. 124 (heading in the Shitan direction) -> take a right to connect to Tai Road No. 3 (heading in the Miaoli direction) -> get off the road after 113.5 km and here you are.
  • GPS:E120.55.17.20 N24.32.30.90