Miel High Café Leisure Farm

A ginger-flavored and cloud-graced mountain paradise
【Dahu, Miaoli】

 The Miel High Café Leisure Farm was transformed from a tourist orchard into today's leisure farm. The primitive ecosystems in the  mountain forests have been well preserved, thus the fun of fruit picking is an all-seasons experience. The local cultural elements are integrated into the ranch, making the architecture and food service filled with signature Hakka traits. And the farmhouse crops and vegetables are also presented in the cuisine to make this trip an excellent opportunity to experience a "Hakka Farmhouse".。

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《Farm Introduction》

 Situated in the Jiangmayuan tourist park, 700 meters above the sea level, the Cloud Habitation Leisure Farm stands on a mountain top spot to overlook the beautiful scenic landscape at sunrise and sunset. And when the rain subsides and the sun comes out, or when the temperature drops, the white clouds come up and surround the mountain tops, and their breath-taking changes of shape and leisurely drifting make you feel like you're in a fairy wonderland.

 The farm ranch has bountiful ecosystems. In addition to "gingers", there are also many fruit trees including strawberries in winter,  peaches, red plums and grafted pears in summer, and sweet persimmons in autumn. Whatever the season it may be, the rancher can always offer you the fun of fruits picking. The tranquility and serenity in the transition from spring to summer is accompanied with the dancing of fireflies dominating the mountains and valleys, chorused with the frog singing, to depict a touching rhythm of the great nature. Strolling along the trails to reach the mountain tops bring you the pleasure of overlooking the landscape down the hill, and the changing scenic views along the ways makes you content in a poetic feeling.

 The thing you don't want to miss is the farmhouse grown "good gingers" that are not only sold in the markets for "ginger seeding", but also developed into a series of signature dishes, such as the "ginger chicken", "ginger milk curd", "brown sugar ginger mochi", etc. Moreover, the Hakka signature dishes such as the ginger slice fried with pork intestine, Hakka tofu, Hakka eggplants really satisfy the gourmet stomach. Of course, the ranch also offers facilities for Bar-B-Q, camping, tea making, bed and breakfast accommodation, that make family outing an unforgettable experience on this mountain town holiday.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The Could Habitation Leisure Farm is the first ever tourist orchard in the Dahu area. In recent years, the integrated bed-and-breakfast accommodation and restaurant food service have been well developed into completion. The farm ranch grows "gingers" as its highlight, accompanied with vegetation such as strawberries, peaches, plums, grafted pears, Makino bamboos, basils, and cabbages. The abundant agricultural resources signify the well preserved natural environment.

 The main architecture corresponds to the mountain town culture and fits into the surrounding environment. The ranch is designed to manifest the Hakka style and offer a warm and comfortable leisure ambiance of a country flavor. The interior decoration elaborately accentuates the local features and agricultural moods, and the games of Hakka riddles attract visitors' attention on the Hakka cultures.

 There are fun games designed for visitors' experience, most of which are farming related activities like fruits picking and agricultural products processing DIY that include home-made fresh tender gingers, ginger cakes, ginger snowman, etc.  Also developed are the diversified foods and cuisines themed on gingers, including the ginger juice smoothies, ginger milk tea, ginger chicken, ginger fried with shrimps, etc., along with many extended products such as ginger cakes, ginger slices, and ginger sugar. These products have greatly raised the farming's added values and provided excellent opportunities for visitors to know about the "ginger culture".  In addition, the service staff are all in uniform outfit and well trained for navigation and narration. The brochures are also available for visitors to quest for interested spots in the ranch.

《Travel Recommended》

  • The fun of fruits picking - Feast on the fruits you personally pick

    The farm offers fruits year round, including the strawberries from February to March, the peaches from late April to late May, the red plums for entire June, the grafted pears for entire July, and the sweet persimmons in September and October. The orchard is filled with aromatic fruits year round, and eating the fruits you personally pick really brings the tasty freshness to the extreme. You can pick as many as you'd like to, and take the remaining to the ranch exit to buy them, and the checkout service will neatly pack your fruits, so that you can take the most fresh fruits home and share them with friends.

  • Climbing high and overlooking far - The ever changing landscape

    Since the farm ranch is in high altitude, and mountain climate has shaped up the ever changing scenic views - misty now and then sunny for while, unpredictable and magnificent. When the night falls, the houses are lighted up to warm the mountain town in the night curtain, and the mountain mists and clouds are crouching to give way to the starry sky. Specially in a bright night sky, you can overlook far beyond the mountains into the distant Zhuolan, Xinshe and Taichung metropolis, and the magnificent night light splendor will definitely amaze you.

  • Ginger juice and drinks - Aromatic ginger drinks and snacks

    Gingers are not just ingredients in the dishes. They are also used to make drinks and snacks. For example, under expert guidance, the "Ginger Milk Curd" is derived from a Hong Kong formula. This drink is made by churning fresh gingers which is then added with hot milk. It tastes smooth, sweet, and aromatic, and is specially popular in winter. Added to the menu are the ginger coffee, ginger smoothies, ginger milk tea, coupled with fresh baked ginger cakes and brown sugar ginger Mochi. Such a perfect combination of drinks and snacks will make your afternoon teatime very, very "ginger", and certainly pleasant and unforgettable.

  • Ginger cake DIY - Hand-made ginger cakes of unique flavors

    Since this ranch garden is famous for its "gingers", you definitely want to do the "ginger juice cakes" yourself. The instructor will guide you step by step to churn the prepared ingredients with the dough and then season the mix, and then mould the dough for shapes, and then bake them in an oven. Before long, the fragrance will flush into your nose to tease your taste buds. There you go, the fresh and aromatic ginger cakes are ready to serve. The cake making process is very fun and is loved by both adults and kids.


  • Address:No. 6, Jiangmayuan, Lilin Village, Dahu Township, Miaoli County 364
  • Telephone:+886-37-951-530
  • Website:www.ginger.emmm.tw
  • Public Transportation:Alight at the Sanyi train station, where there is a contracted motorcycle rental shop beside the OK Mart convenience store in front of the train station. Rent a motorcycle and ride along Miaoli Road No. 130 heading in the Dahu direction till you reach the 27.5 km marker, and here you are.
  • Route by car:Exit at the Highway No. 1 Sanyi Interchange -> go in the Sanyi downtown direction till you see two 7-11 convenience stores, and take a right at the second 7-11 -> connect to Miaoli Road No. 130 heading in the Dahu direction till you reach the point at 27.5km, and here you are. Route by car southbound: Exit at the Highway No. 1 Miaoli Interchange -> connect to expressway No. 72 heading in the Dahu direction till you reach the end of the road and then take a right -> connect to Tai Road No. 3 in the Dahu direction and then take a right at the 137.4 km marker -> connect to Miaoli Road No. 130 till you reach the 27.5 km marker, and here you are.
  • GPS:E 120°50'01" N 24°22'29"