Hualu Flower Leisure Farm

An aromatic world that nurtures your spiritual energy
【Zhuolan, Miaoli】

 The Hualu Flower Leisure Farm is rich in vanilla and floral vegetation. The plants are organically grown with natural farming and without using chemical pesticides. This is an eco-friendly farm ranch. Visitors can observe and learn about herbal plantations, enjoy the DIY games, and taste the aromatic herbal recipes. Through the participation in the farming process, visitors can have a better understanding of how the creative and innovative agricultural products are made and processed and how they are promoted with added values. Of course, visitors will also be impressed with the inheritance and transition of the flower industry.

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《Farm Introduction》

 Located in Zhuolan Town, Miaoli County, the Hualu Flower Leisure Farm is situated between the tourist attractions of Shenxin station, Lontien Broken Bridge, and the Liyutan Reservoir. The ranch features "floral aromas, fruit aromas, and farming aromas." From your very first step onto the ranch, your nose will lead you into a wonderful world of vanilla fragrance.

 The farm ranch is divided into 6 major zones, including the Wonderful Floral Zone, Phytoncid Dinning, Floral and Fruit Vegetation, and Picnic Lawn, in a vast tract of more than 10,000 pings, where grow a variety of aromatic herbs like the Australian tea trees and lavenders that can be made into all kinds of essence oil based soaps, creams and bathing lotions. Visitors are guided by dedicated instructors to do the one-of-a-kind natural lotion and aromatic perfume and enjoy the DIY fun. Visitors can also take a tour of the essence oil museum and listen to the touching stories about the essence oil hometown - Miaoli, and see the ancient kiln used to refine citronella and camphor oil in old days. What can be a better way than this to know about the development of essence oil.

 For the food service, most of the dishes are made with ingredients sourced from vegetation grown in the ranch. Since the farming here uses no pesticides, the harvest depends on the weather conditions and severity of pest invasion. The crops like tomatoes and perfume roses may not be as large and beautiful as the ones cultivated somewhere else with chemicals, but they are natural and healthy, and the organic flavors are really something distinguished and unforgettable. After having the sensational "spiritual energy meal" that is floral and aromatic herbs based with exquisite colors, flavors and fragrance, you can carry a basket and pick flowers and herbs in the "Aromatic Herbs Energy Garden" or settle down in a serene corner and make tea to enjoy the surrounding floral atmosphere, quietly and peacefully; or, you'd like to do nothing, but lying in an outdoor hammock and slip into sweet floral dreams, in the leisure and lazy afternoon.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The farm ranch started its business with flowers and, as a result, it has been very successful in growing a variety of flower spices and extended the success into tourism and creative products that are strongly themed on herbal essence oil. The architectures in the ranch are closely bound with flowers, so that the toilets, walkways and every table in the ranch are decorated with flowers and blended into the ambient surroundings to signify the profound awareness of environmental protection. The architecture design is "primitiveness - recycling" based in that bamboos and drifting wood are taken for construction materials, and together with the natural farming and organic plantation, the ranch has shaped up a modern conception of eco-friendly farming spirit.

 Moreover, the products of the farm are creative and highly value added. For example, in addition to the already abundant production of citronella oil and camphor oil, the farm has also developed essence oil and lotion products that are good for everyday use and very popular. For the experience activities, the signature DIY programs include the essence oil and lotion DIY and flower planting DIY. Visitors enjoy the fun and learning in such a wonderful venue, spacious and bright.

《Travel Recommended》

  • The Essence Oil Museum - Retrospection of the remarkable history of essence oil

    Miaoli used to be the hometown of "essence oil". As early as in the '50s, its export of lemongrass, camphor balls takes 80% of the total export of Taiwan. Picking firewood and kilning camphor balls are a common memory of many elder Hakkas. Visitors are guided by narrators in the tour of this first ever essence oil museum of Taiwan, where the kiln built by old-time master for refining lemongrass, the rarely seen polarimeters and the Takasago bottles of the Japanese Occupation Period, tell the stories of the Taiwan essence oil development.

  • The ranch park navigation - Classroom of nature with extraordinary plants

    The vast tract of the Hualu Flower Leisure Farm is divided into several special zones, each of which has its own distinct features. The narrators will guide you through the exhibitions, so you'll have a better knowledge of these plants. For example, in the "Aromatic Herbs Zone", you'll learn how to grow the plants, know how they can be utilized and how essence oil can be extracted; in the "Carnivorous Plants Zone", you'll see nepenthes and Heliamphora nutans, among the nearly 40 other species of plants that feed on insects, and observe how the plants use their bottle bodies to catch insects and then secret acid substance to corrode and digest the insects; in the "Cactus Zone", there are many desert plants not seen in Taiwan, and you'll know how the plants use their roots, stems and leaves to resist dehydration under high temperature and unforgiving, harsh environment, and how they wonderfully absorb radiation in order to survive.

  • Aloe Tea Tree Essence Oil Lotion DIY - Cosmetic products that smooth and nourish your skin

    "The Aloe Tea Tree Essence Oil Lotion" was developed by the farm is aromatic, smooth and non-greasy, perfect for skin care and nourishing. It is also good to alleviate swelling and itching from mosquito and bug bites. Visitors are encouraged to join the DIY program. The instructor will show you how to do it step by step. You'll be prepared with aloe gel, vitamin A, lecithin, the whitening mulberry extract, the moisturizing and stabilizing lavender essence oil and the extracted tea tree essence oil, and you just follow the instructor to add these ingredients one by one. And you're now having an essence oil lotion made by yourself.

  • Sanitary supplies extracted from plants - Natural and eco-friendly household guardian

    The farm offers many kinds of sanitary supplies extracted from plants. The most popular one is the "Wu Huan Zi" series. Wu Huan Zi, as litchi and longan, is in the genus Sapindus, whose fruits bubble when added with water, making them very good natural detergents, specially in the old times when modern chemical detergents were not availalbe. Today, however, when the environmental awareness is rising, these eco-friendly natural soaps are becoming hot stuff now.

    Furthermore, the farm also grows ginger that is good for preventing dandruff and hair loss, and mint that is good for preventing excessive scalp oil secretion. The farm has developed these two crops into the very popular "Ginger Mint Shampoo".


  • Address:No. 43-3, Xiping, Xiping Village, Zhuolan Township, Miaoli County 369
  • Telephone:+886-4-2589-1589,+886-4-2589-3280
  • Public Transportation:Alight at the Miaoli train station, and then take the Hsinchu Bus Zhuolan line, passing through Dahu, and get off at Xiping of Zhuolan.
  • Route by car:Exit at Highway No. 1 Sanyi Interchange -> head in the direction of Liyutan Reservoir and Zhoulan till you reach the 147.5 km point on Tai Road No. 3 -> take a left and go up the mountain for 5 minutes to get here; route by car northbound: Exit at the Highway No. 4 Fengyuan Interchange -> head in the direction of Shihkan and Dongshih till you reach Zhuolan, and then take Tai Road No. 3 till you reach the 147.5 km point -> take a right and go up the mountain for 5 minutes to get here.
  • GPS:E 120°49'22" N 24°19'55"