Flying Cow Ranch

The green grass of farm ranch
【Tongxiao, Miaoli】

 Flying Cow Ranch is steeped in the cultural traits of dairy farms, making it an ideal place to learn about the ranch industry. To create both a leisurely ranch environment and to protect the ecosystem, the constructions on the ranch have mostly been built with natural materials such as stones and wooden sleepers, and ecological engineering has been adopted to conserve biodiversity. In addition, an "aquatic zone" was established with many wetland ponds, in which there are many aquatic plants that can purify the wastewater discharged from the ranch so that the water can be recycled for irrigation. Visitors will see how the farm ranch raises animals and processes dairy products, and in the meantime, they will also perceive how the farm ranch cares for the environment and maintains a mindset committed to its protection.

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《Farm Introduction》

 The Flying Cow Ranch has a colossal 50-hectare tract, and is a renowned tourist ranch in northern Taiwan. The ranch mainly raises cattle, and has 360 heads of "Holstein cows" and "Jersey cows". The ranch has a beautiful landscape and a large hillside grassland, exuding exotic ambiance like in Australia and New Zealand.

 The ranch advocates "nature, health and joy" and emphasizes the three-in-one  "production", "living" and "ecosystem" farm ranch experience. There are six theme parks in the ranch, which are "Dairy Cattle", "Butterflies", "Cute Animals", "Water Zone", "Natural Farming" and "Jungles". Visitors can walk along the trails and see all the animals and plants in the ranch.

 For accommodation, the ranch offers adjacent log cabins as well as separate log cabins with each having an independent yard. For food service, there are two main dining areas: the "Flying Cow Restaurant" serves Chinese group cuisine; while the "Red Barn Restaurant" serves Western cuisine, pasta, and mini hot pots. There is the signature dish "Specialty Milk Pot" that is seasoned with fresh milk sourced from the farm, making it a very special cuisine. In the fast food area, visitors can buy all kinds of desserts made of fresh milk, including milk ice cream, milk cookies and milk candies, all of which are delicious and worth a try.

 Furthermore, the ranch offers many ranch related outdoor activities, such as feeding sheep with grass, feeding calves with milk, the duck parade, as well as riding mini horse and riding carriage. The DIY programs are also very rich, including color painting beef puppets, rocking the letter in a bottle, and making ice cream shake, milky cookies and milky egg cakes. These activities and DIY programs will draw you a perfect ending for the happy holiday that is filled with the pastoral charm.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The Flying Cow Ranch covers a vast area. The original American style barn was renovated into today's tourist center and dining area, to fully combine the farming facilities with the leisure essence, so that visitors can experience a distinguished farm ranch style. To highlight the dairy farm culture, the ranch resources are fully utilized and the features are blended into the environment and the designed activities. Even the food and extended products are also related to cows, such as the processed products (cheese and cookies), souvenirs (foods and guest room ornaments), experience activities (feeding calves, painting beef puppets and figure drawing), tourist package (one-day and half-day schedules), and so on. These programs and activities are very rich and educational, fun and creative. To promote the farm's products, in addition to the physical store, the ranch has also set up a webshop for interested people to surf and shop. All are for the dedication to the ranch business and for the customers.

 Furthermore, the space for experience programs is wide and bright, and well equipped. There are low stools particularly for kids to meet ergonomic requirement. The classrooms are equipped with rubbing alcohol to show the care about hygiene. To maintain a sustainable environment, the ranch does not use pesticides or chemicals, and water reservoir for water purification and recycle is built with ecological engineering, and the natural habitats are fully utilized to proliferate insects and cultivate fauna and flora. All the efforts have produced excellent outcomes.

餐飲《Leisure Farm Food and Drinks》

 The main dinning areas are the "Flying Cow Restaurant", "Red Barn" and "Fast Food Store", each of which has its own cuisine with special flavors. The dinning areas are all elegantly decorated, with lighting, tables and chairs and even the background music all very representative and symbolic of the ranch themes. All the kitchens are maintained very clean, neat and hygienic, the grease and water are handled with separate facilities, and the ventilation system makes sure the air is clean all the time. As a result, all the kitchens exude refreshing feel, without any odor, and the routine sanitary checks make sure the hygienic standard remains unchanged, and the tableware are well cleaned and arranged and hygienic management is well implemented.

住宿《Leisure Farm Accommodation》

 Each accommodation premises has it own unique style, and guest rooms are also equipped and decorated to signify their individual features. The guest rooms are fully equipped and comfortable, and the sanitary standard and hygienic checks make sure the guest rooms are clean. The ranch also provides barrier free environment in major facilities like in the accommodation premises, the restaurants and the experience classrooms.

《Travel Recommended》

  • The ranch experience - The moment of warmth of intimate contact with animals

    The Flying Cow Ranch has some most featured activities, i.e. close to animals. For example, milking the cows let you know how to hold on to the cow nipples and squeeze out the most fresh and sweet milk; feeding calves with bottled milk on behalf of the mother cows; and the duck parade is a big, bug fun, with which the ducks are set in place A and visitors in place B and given the feed, so when the duck are set free from a fenced area, they will desperately run to the visitors for the feed, without be shy to the strangers, not at all.

  • Shaking the milk bottle - Play and Eat, Double Fun

    Milk is not only the leading role in the ranch products, but also the main character in the activity programs. One of the very fun activities is put thick and aromatic milk into a bottle and then shake and fling the bottle for 10 minutes, and then the milk will become fresh butter. You can add the homemade butter to the hot baked meal pack and enjoy your afternoon teatime. After finishing the tea, you can draw and paint patterns on the empty bottle, or write down your wishes on a note and put it in the bottle, making this DIY thing a very memorable ornament.

  • Milky Cookies - Aromatic milky handmade cookies

    The deliciousness and enchantment of the handmade cookies are irresistible. You definitely don't want to the miss the chance of learning how to use fresh milk to bake cookies. This recipe takes the ingredients of fresh milk, butter, milk powder, as well as low-gluten flour, granulated sugar, eggs, which are mixed together and kneaded into dough with a moderate hardness. Then, split the dough into small pieces and make them into whatever shapes you like, and then put the shaped dough pieces into oven to bake for 10 to 15 minutes, and finally, there you are, a full plate of delicious cookies, milky and aromatic, making you drool.

  • Color painting beef puppets - The most symbolic memory of the ranch

    In the Flying Cow Ranch, you can see many supplies and ornaments in various shapes of cows, so lovely that you just want to have them. If you want to take one home, come and join the experience activity of "color painting beef puppets", with which you'll be given a white porcelain molded cow, and you can exert your imagination to paint on the cow, so the bare body of the cow become colorful and patterns enriched. When it gets dried, you take it home for a long, long remembrance of this wonderful ranch holiday.

  • Milk products - The best quality souvenirs

    The Flying Cow Ranch is Taiwan's first ranch that introduced the Jersey cows from Australia. These are British breed cows, that produce nutritious high butterfat milk with super thick aroma. Thus, the ranch has been inspired by the milk and developed many extended products, such as milk buns, cheese buns, baked pudding, milk bars, yogurt, and even milky bath gel, shampoo, oil cream, and so on. These are all exquisite souvenirs highly representative to the ranch, good for personal use or as gifts.


  • Address:No. 166, Nanhe Village, Tongxiao Township, Miaoli County 357
  • Telephone:+886-37-782-999
  • Public Transportation:At Taipei Songshan Airport, Taoyuan International Airport, the High Speed Rail Hsinchu station, or Wuri station, there are 6-passenger shuttle minivans available for NT$1700 to get you here.
  • Route by car:Exit at the Highway No. 3 Tongxiao Interchange at the 144 km marker -> connect to country road No. 128 heading in the Tongxiao direction -> connect to Tai Road No. 1 southbound (Tongxiao outer ring road) -> pass a tunnel at the 133 km marker and then take a left to connect to county road No. 121 -> go straight for about 8 km to get here.
  • GPS:E 120°44'01" N 24°26'25"