Sheipa Leisure Farm

A holiday resort of mountain mists and drifting clouds
【Wufeng, Hsinchu】

 Sheipa Leisure Farm offers rich resources for environmental education. Visitors can stroll along the forest trails and listen to the narrator explaining the cryptomeria and cypress trees, the national park, and ecosystem conservation, as well as soil and water conservation. To experience the farm features, visitors can pick seasonal fruits, make DIY fruit vinegars, and taste local dishes. Through all the activities, visitors can gain an insight into farmers' diligence, appreciate the local agricultural products, and get to know the essence of Hakka culture and gourmet food.

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《Farm Introduction》

 The Sheipa Leisure Farm is situated near the top of the Yemakan Mountain, 1923 meters above sea level, and only 6.5 km from the mist observation park that is covered with fog all year round. This is a place people call the "mountain top, home of the clouds." The farm ranch is adjacent to the Sheipa National Park, which has great forests of cypress, cryptomeria, and giant woods, with beautiful and magnificent scenery year round. This is Taiwan's sole private farm ranch that is closest to a national park, and thus is extraordinarily rich in natural resources.

 The extraordinary geographic location makes this lone isolated farm ranch particularly blessed with unparalleled scenic views that are pervaded with vast mountains and huge greenery. In the ranch, there are forest trails, orchards and dinning areas. The European style log cabins are built along the mountain terrain to blend into the surroundings, so visitors can open the room door and immediately enjoy the magnificent Sheipa mountains under the blue sky and drifting clouds. You don't have to go far to watch the sunrise, and sunset clouds, and the starry night, which change as the season shifts. And it is a great experience to look far at the distant saint mountain ridge line. People call and make reservations all year round.

 The ranch host with an academic background from an agricultural research institute has been studying latest foreign plantation techniques and put them into practice, so that the beautiful flowers, vegetables and fruits growing in the ranch have greatly signified the ranch's features, with each season highlighted with distinct flowers and fruits. This is also the first place in Taiwan that has successfully cultivated the local kiwis. Moreover,  in 1898, the ranch introduced small blueberry saplings from Germany, making another record of the Taiwan agricultural history, and even today it is the still the only place in Taiwan that grow the small blueberries. There are also many conserved plants in the ranch. This is the best place for visitors to observe mountain ecosystems of fauna and flora.

 The National Sheipa Park is featured with its "scenery every where, scenery all seasons", and the "Sheipa Eight Grand Views" has long been famous all over. Here in the farm ranch, there is the tranquil and serene "Cloud Cafe", an excellent pot for leisurely watching the changes of sunlight and appreciate the gorgeousness of the mist and clouds, in this romantic corner high up in the mountains, immersed in the Eight Grand Views.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 Combining the geographically gifted natural resources with the ranch host's professional agricultural background, the Sheipa Leisure Farm has fully manifested its unique features, for which visitors feel appreciated of having a tour of this wonderful place. For example, as situated right beside the National Sheipa Park, the ranch has built natural mountain trials in a harmonious way with the landscape and preserved the ecosystems. The professional narrator will walk with you along the trail and explain to you all the abundant ecological knowledge. For its agricultural production, the farm has been developing exquisite and high value added products, such as kiwis and small blueberries, both of which are domestic pioneers. In addition, the garden landscaping takes in aesthetics to create tasteful and elegant styles.

 To make the tour more interesting and fun, there are the DIY experience programs that use the agricultural resources in the ranch, such as the seasonal flowers and fruits, to design a variety of games that are fun and interesting in their respective ways. Even a same crops can be used for different DIY activities. Kiwis, for instance, can be made into jams, and their twists can be made into pens, very creative. The experience classroom is spacious and comfortable, and the facilities are safe to use. Plus, the experience programs are further enriched by adding the elements of natural fauna and flora, trails and forest tours.

餐飲《Leisure Farm Food and Drinks》

 The Sheipa Leisure Farm has a Chinese restaurant, a Western restaurant and the Cloud Café, which offer Chinese and Western meal sets as well as a buffet. The food ingredients are mostly sourced from the farm, and the menu even include fruit meal set for choice. The dishes are unique, including the main course like kiwi fried rice and blueberry sauce shrimps, sided with the local livestock such as free-range chickens, to fully present the local features. The dining environment is spacious and excellent in lighting, exuding a comfortable and cozy feeling. The kitchen is also spacious and well equipped, the hygienic conditions are perfect, and the cookware and tableware are properly managed, all of which just for the making of a quality and safe food service.

住宿《Leisure Farm Accommodation》

 The Sheipa Leisure Farm has 78 log cabins, which are brand new European style cabins made with original wood, to accentuate the mountain cottage atmosphere. Provided in this serene environment is the warm and modern accommodation. The cabins are designed to fully take into account safety and functions, and integrate into the natural surroundings. The rooms are clean and well equipped with towels, bed sheets, quilts and slippers, which are sent down the mountain for washing and disinfection every day.

《Travel Recommended》

  • The Sheipa Eight Grand Views - The legendary enchanting sceneries

    The sunrise, sunset glow, misty fog, sea of clouds, forests, giant woods, starry nights, and saint ridge line, are the famous "Sheipa Eight Grand Views", and are the must-see natural landscapes in the Sheipa Leisure Farm. Whether you are strolling in the ranch, sitting in the high spot Clouds Cafe having a cup of thick and aromatic coffee, or just nestling in the room and looking out of the windows, you'll fee the sunrise and sunset, the sunlight shifting, the misty clouds meandering, the colorful clouds changing chiffons, and totally immersed in this magnificent grandeur, so intoxicated that it simply doesn't matter where you really are.

  • A tour of forest breath - Fallen leaves trail under the woods straight up to the sky

    "The tour of forest breath" is a free tour accompanied by a guide who will lead visitors through the farm ranch and enter a 2-kilometer forest trail on the Yemakan Mountain. This is the favorite private attraction of the local people. It takes about two and half hours in a round trip. The entire trail is flat and smooth except for a upward hill about 3-story high in the midst of the trail. Along the trail is the forest of Japanese coniferous trees planted by the Bureau of Forests, mixed with the deciduous forests of maple trees and oak trees as well as cypress forests. The fallen leaves pave the forest ground, and are amassed through the years into a natural carpet along the trail, so you can even take off you shoes and walk on the fallen leaves barefoot, to feel the softness of the great nature.

  • Hakka flavor buffet - Light and refreshing, what a mountain delicacy

    The farm ranch offers Chinese and Western cuisine. The farm grown vegetables and fruits are used as ingredients to make creative dishes such as kiwi fried rice and blueberry sauce shrimp balls. Since this farm is located in Hsinchu, the great center of Hakka people, the Chinese cuisine is largely Hakka recipe based, which however has got rid of the traditional heavy salt and grease, and instead used improved formula to make healthy yet delicious dishes. The banquet is served in buffet, so the visitors can eat whatever they like and as much as they can to fit into their stomach, hungry for the delicacies.
    The signature dish "Hakka Pork Knuckle" is marinated with special sauces that make the pectin-rich pork skin crispy and full of texture, and the meat juicy and chewing, delicious like no other taste can compare. Of course, there is also the traditional "oily chicken" cuisine that takes in free-range chickens to braise into a beautiful and delicious dish that arouse aftertaste over and over.

  • Blueberry souvenirs - Low sugar, low calorie and hundred percent healthy

    The blueberries are harvested in July and August, and are perfectly made into ingredients for recipes, and used for DIY activities. In addition, there are many processed products derived from blueberries, such as the blueberry jams, blueberry jelly, blueberry nougat, among other bountiful choices. The blueberries are rich in vitamins, minerals and multiple plant fiber polymerase, but containing no fat or cholesterol, yet is low sugar and low calorie, thus is very good for brewing into wine, which tastes aromatic, sweet, thick, exotic and exquisite as well.

  • Blueberry vinegar DIY - Year-round hot sale

    Since the Sheipa Leisure Farm is Taiwan's sole place that grows small blueberries, visitors come here to taste the blueberry cuisine, and learn how to make the "small blueberry vinegar". The DIY starts with the fruit picking, and going through scouring, wipe drying, adding sugar and vinegar, all the way up to bottling, and you do it all with you own hands. You take the masterpiece back home and wait for 3 months, then you'll be able to taste the handmade blueberry vinegar of your own handicraft. What a wonderful experience!


  • Address:No. 380, Minshin, Taoshan Village, Wufeng Township, Hsinchu 311
  • Telephone:+886-3-585-6192
  • Public Transportation:Alight at the High Speed Rail Hsinchu station and then take the shuttle bus directly here (limited to guests with room reservations; reservation for the shuttle bus service required).
  • Route by car:Take Highway No. 1 or No. 3 -> exit at the Highway No. 3 Chulin Interchange -> head for Jhudong -> head for Dabajian Mountain in Wufeng Town -> Qingchun -> take Dalulin Avenue and at the 21.5 km point, here you are.
  • GPS:E 121°07'49" N 24°33'01"