Ping-Ling Leisure Farm

The seasonal play of the beautiful scenery
【Shuangxi, New Taipei】

 Ping-Ling Leisure Farm has abundant insects, fauna, and floral ecosystems. The specially designed "Farm Village Experience Zone" presents the traditional rural folk style. Through professionally provided guidance and navigation, visitors can obtain good knowledge of the natural landscape and agricultural culture. The DIY programs lead visitors to experience the realities of rural farmers' lives, and satisfify the senses with their focus on "hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching". This is a wonderful place for environmental and ecological education.

  • Authentication item:體驗 餐飲 住宿
  • Validity period:2011/01/01~2015/18/31

《Farm Introduction》

 The Ping-Ling Leisure Farm is located in the Pinglin Creek watershed, on a vast tract of 12 hectares. In the very beginning, the farm ranch was developed with a mindset of preserving the ecosystems and was dedicated to the integration of traditional Taiwan countryside facilities with natural resources and the local populace. Today, the farm ranch is well equipped with both hardware and software, and has become the best arena for viewing butterflies and fireflies in metropolitan Taipei. Visitors come during all seasons to appreciate the beautiful scenery and experience the distinct moods of the countryside.

 The farm ranch has abundant ecosystems, which are divided into 10 theme parks, including the ferns zone, orchids zone, rare plants zone, aquatic plants zone, codiaeum forest tails, nectar zone and semi-tropical secondary forest. Visitors are guided by professional narrators. Planted in the mountain hiking areas are Ginger Lily, Camellia, Osmanthus, Azalea, Peach Blossom, Cherry Blossom, Tung Flower, along with the maple and bamboo forests and fruit trees, that bloom in all-seasons rotation, magnificent and breath taking. Climbing up the mountain along the "Tough Guys" slope, step by step through the stairway trail, you can breathe the Phytoncid exuding from the woods, and when you reach the pavilion at the mountain top, you can overlook the Shuangxi and Pinglin sceneries from a distance, that are wide open and gorgeous, and make you feel so comfortable and refreshed.

 The farm has used natural engineering to well preserve the ecosystems. Many aboriginal insects are proliferating and breeding in this preserved land, which is also inhabited by lively squirrels, frogs, and the wonderful butterflies and fireflies, and you may run into birds like Formosan Blue Magpie, Black bulbul and Scimitar Babbler. Urban dwellers are easily moved by the life pulsation of the great nature.

 Moreover, in this farm, you'll see traditional country styles, such as the elaborately decorated countryside experience zone, that is arranged exactly in accordance with the ancient farm village scene, with a series of display including keel waterwheel, kiln, oxcart, and so on, guiding you to the immersion in the good old days of the grandpas and grandmas era. In addition, there are the DIY programs such as bamboo weaving, Aiyu scouring, making Sanyo dumplings and ginger lily pyramid-shaped dumplings, which are all full of the rural atmosphere, and very fun.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 Although the farmland was originally a non-farming facility, the cultivated nectar plants and rare plants have created a natural environment atmosphere. The natural farming that uses no herbicide has created flourishing habitats for butterflies and insects to proliferate, and well preserved the biodiversity. In addition, the retro architectures and the renovation of ancient compound into guest rooms and restaurant cabinets are very vintage. There are also the exhibition of farming implements and facilities for farm experience such as the waterwheel, hand water pump, and stone grinder. All the activities are serviced with narration and navigation, very educational and fun.

餐飲《Leisure Farm Food and Drinks》

 The Ping-Ling Leisure Farm has made very good use of the local special plants - Ginger Lily and Sanyo, in its food recipes, and innovatively created the Ginger Lily pork pyramid-shaped dumplings, Ginger Lily sausages, and Ginger Lily cakes and cookies. The Sanyo material is even meticulously cut into long slim slices like noodles and actually made into Sanyo noodle cuisine. Very special, and certainly very delicious. The kitchen is equipped with refrigeration and freezing facilities to well arrange the food materials and keep them fresh all the time. The cookware is well arranged in place and maintained clean and sanitary. The tableware is eco-friendly and well managed.

住宿《Leisure Farm Accommodation》

 The accommodation consists mainly of log cabins that are integrated into the mountains and woods. The old house was renovated into guest rooms to highlight the local features. The guest rooms are well equipped and sanitary. The public space is cozy and safe. The path leading to the guest room area is specially designed as a moderate slope for easy access between the guest rooms and the ranch premises.

《Travel Recommended》

  • The sunrise viewing hiking trail - Strolling along the hiking trails and sightseeing the mountain sceneries

    The hinterland of the Ping-Ling Leisure Farm covers the entire mountains, thus the mountain tops become the leisure farm's dedicated mountain hiking routes. The hiking trails are built to the mountain terrains, and there are a variety of trees planted along the trails. Starting from the Suspension Bridge, the first thing coming to your eyes is the "Maple forest hiking trails", and when you pass the "Stop for a while" pavilion, you'll be connected to the "Cherry blossom trail" and then reach the "Flower Pavilion" - a genuine flowers viewing spot; after that, you'll be in the area of Tung flowers and bamboos, and finally get to the "Sunrise View" pavilion. Every section of the trail gives you a distinct scenery, and the leaves change colors in the seasonal rhythm, making a colorful and tripping ambiance. At the Sunrise View pavilion, you can overlook downtown Chuangxi and the beautiful mountain views of the farm. The sunrise and sunset gives you ever changing scenic landscape, very enchanting and unforgettable.

  • The 10 ecological theme parks - Get close to diversified fauna and flora

    The farm emphasizes preservation of natural environment. There are 10 theme parks established in the farm, including the ferns zone, orchids zone, rare plants zone, aquatic plants zone, Codiaeum wood trail, nectar plants zone, and semi-tropical secondary forests. These parks attract birds, insects and butterflies to inhabit in the farm. Visitors can take contact observations on the ecosystems and get closer to nature. The farm also has a wild vegetable farming area and a large tract of orchards. Visitors can get to know about the wild vegetables and experience the vegetable farming. Of course, it is a great fun to feast on the personally hand-picked fruits and enjoy the "simply fresh" taste.

  • The farming experince zone - Set youself into the old-time farm life

    The farm has two wooden keel waterwheels, hand water pump, stone grinder, kiln, oxcart and many other farming utensils. There are also livestock and poultry of cattle, sheep, chicken, duck and turkey. Moreover, the exhibited buffalo models fully exude the countryside ambiance of the ancient agricultural societies. You'll see with your eyes and do with your hands, like playing the hand water pump and stone grinder, treading the waterwheel or even going to the field and digging the soil. Such an experience gives you a profound perception of the "diligence" the farm life lives on.

  • DIY activities - Do the traditional food with your own hands

    To match up with the rich farm ambiance, the farm host has scheduled a series of experience activities that are full of genuine farm features. Activities such as bamboo weaving and stilt walking are fun and demand skills. There are the favorable dessert DIY programs such as making Ginger Lily pyramid-shaped dumplings, Sanyo glue puddings, Aiyu ice cream, and so on. The food materials are mostly sourced from the farm, so that the participants can personally go through the whole process from material preparation, through scouring and all the way to cooking. It is a great fun to learn the dessert making skills, and feast on personally made desserts. Both adults and kids will have fun.

  • The summer fireflies festival - Quest for stars on the horizon

    Gifted with the natural resources, the Ping-Ling Leisure Farm has become a favorite holiday idea for watching butterflies and fireflies in the metropolitan Taipei area. In the transition from spring to summer, at the month of April going to May, the trippingly flying spot lights pervades the mountains and valleys, twinkling like thousands of stars on the horizon. The scene is thrilling and exciting. At this point of time, the farm will hold the "Fireflies Experience Camp" activity, with which you'll be guided by insect experts to explore the fireflies' habitat and see how they grow and change in their life span, and know about the secret of the illumination of these little spot lights. Registration for this super hot activity is always fully booked.


  • Address:No. 35, Waipinglin, Shuangxi District, New Taipei City 227
  • Telephone:+886-2-2493-4016
  • Public Transportation:Alight at the Shuangxi station, and walk for 15 minutes or take a taxi for about 3 minutes to get here.
  • Route by car:Take Highway No. 3 and then connect to Highway No. 5 and exit at the Shiding Interchange -> take a left the traffic light to connect to County Road No. 106 heading in the Pingxi direction -> take a right at the point of 67.8 km on the County Road in the Pingxi District, heading in the Shuangxi direction -> cross the Shuangxi tunnel and here you are.
  • GPS:E 121°50'29" N 25°02'16"