Lucky Time Leisure Farm

The soil-to-dinner table agronomy farm
【Daxi, Taoyuan】

 Lucky Time Leisure Farm is a well-planned facility themed on promoting “traditional agronomic practices” and experiencing “natural ecology”. Its carefully designed activities are intended for guests to self-enhance and self-improve about nature in terms of awareness, knowledge, skills and attitude. Moreover, it uses low-carbon food to convey the concept of "diet and environment" and brings forth "food education". This farm is not only a warm and pleasant getaway, but it is an excellent place for environmental education.

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  • Validity period:2015/01/01~2017/12/31

《Farm Introduction》

 Located on a vast tract of approximately 5,000 pings, the Lucky Time Leisure Farm is a dreamy farmscape created by nature enthusiasts, abundent in natural resources and ecosystems. Developed by owner Chen Heping on the mindset of “agronomic revival”, it is outfitted with facilities such as a “sustainable garden”, terraced field, “working chicken coop”, firewood stove, and brick kiln. This farm is so richly in country charms, netizens call it the brick-and-mortar version of SNS “Happy Farm”. Lucky Time is also the first private farm to receive the “environmental education certification” from Taoyuan County.

 This rustic and wholesome farm is divided into botanic sections “Lucky Time Eden”, “Plum Forest Trail”, “Green Prairie” and “Flying Lotus”; and animal areas “Insect Hospice”, “Bird Shack”, “Dragonfly Habitat” and “Butterfly Trail”. It also has a zone dedicated to “food and farming education” offering DIY and explorative activities i.e. “Wheat Grinding Wheel”, “Agronomic Workshop”, and “Village Diner”, and learning programs such as farming chores, how to make wood-fired pizza and bamboo rice, etc. In addition, one can get up close with nature as well as be feasting on freshly-grinded rice and country-style cuisine cooked using the “big stove”, so as to fully appreciate the beauty of “farm, food, and art”. This is the perfect place for kids, family outing, fieldtrip, and life education.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 Themed on “ecosystems”, “traditional agronomic practices” and “food and educational experiences”, the Lucky Time is no ordinary family-operated farm, it is an one-of-a-kind modern-style “agribusiness”.

 The farm emphasizes "environmental protection" and cherishes natural ecological resources. Because it’s concentrated on "agronomic revival", it takes full advantage of the "agro-cultural resources” available on the compound. As one enters the farm, one immediately feels the refreshing "elegant", "pleasant" atmosphere. The entire facility is built using ecological engineering methods, where tremendous efforts were given to restoring the land, designing a "sustainable agriculture system" and converting an abandoned terraced field into a "sustainable garden" so as to repopulate butterflies, beetles and other insects and bring back nature. In addition, buildings extensively use brick, stone, wood and other natural materials; so everywhere from the entrance gate, agronomic classroom, big kitchen stove, firewood kiln, and even in the bathrooms, is filled with images of rural lifestyle, beautiful and harmonious with the surrounding farmscape.

 The rich and diverse experience activities and tour packages are in line with the "agronomic revival" theme, such as vegetable planting, weeding, fertilizing, cutting rice, big stove art, brick-kiln pizza, bamboo rice DIY, etc. Eco-tours include seasonal plant appreciation, insect ecology commentary, farm animals watching, etc. Guests get to see nature up-close through the farm’s energy efficient and renewable facilities; embrace country-living by doing farming chores, making food from scratch, eating farmhouse cooking, etc.; enjoy the purist form of vitality away from the hubbub of city-life; and take back amazing memories.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Seasonal Plant Appreciation - Enter the world of flowers, trees, grass and vegetables

    On the farm, one sees beautiful flowers of vibrant colors, winding grape vines, and a large patch of green grass, a rarity living in the city. Follow the guide one can learn the changes of every tree, every flower plants, and be amazed by the wonders of the plant world. In addition, the huge vegetable garden not only grows eggplants, green onions, antler-shaped lettuce, Okinawan spinach, water bamboo, etc., guests can pick their own vegetables and experience the fun of an "one day farmer"!

  • Animal Watching - The paradise of insects, fish, birds and animals

    The farm inhabits a wide variety of animals, such as domestic chickens, ducks, and geese; also due to its successful restoration work, guests can see beetles, dragonflies, butterflies, native fish, snails, frogs and birds up close. This is an "animal paradise" not only children are mesmerized by, but adults are often taken away by the “beauty and diversity” of nature on the compound also.

  • Traditional agronomic practices - The life and times of grandpa and grandma

    The farm offers experience activities rich in farming characteristics. It has local elders demonstrating traditional agriculture techniques so guests can learn from grandpa about irrigation and fertilization and planting and harvesting rice; or take cooking lesson from grandma in the stove kitchen making sticky rice cake and rice noodles. In addition, one can also learn how to make paper from soy pulp, toy copter from bamboo sticks, and even use screen printing or tablet rubbing to make the best "rural living aesthetics" souvenirs in the agronomic classroom.


  • Address:No. 225, Kangzhuang Rd. Sec. 3, Daxi Township, Taoyuan County
  • Telephone:+886-3-889-689
  • Public Transportation:
    1. Down south by train: To Taoyuan Rail Station, go to the rear of station →take Taoyuan Bus to Daxi, alight at Daxi Main Station →transfer to bus going to Pinglin/Shihmen Reservoir and alight at Neizha Temple →walk about 5 minutes to destination.
    2. Up north by train: To Zhongli Rail Station, exit from the rear to Xinxing Road, take Taoyuan Bus either going to Zhongli – Guanluque – Daxi, or Zhongli – Baling →alight at Daxi Main Station →transfer bus going to Pinglin/Shihmen Reservoir and alight at Neizha Temple →walk about 5 minutes to destination.
    3. By High Speed Rail: To Taoyuan Qingpu Station →take Taoyuan Bus “THSR Free Shuttle Bus” and alight at Taoyuan Main Station (rear of Taoyuan Rail Station), transfer to Taoyuan Bus going to “Taoyuan – Gengliaojiao – Daxi” →transfer bus going to “Pinglin/ Shihmen Reservoir” and alight at Neizha Temple →walk about 5 minutes to destination
    4. By Bus: To Taoyuan Bus Daxi Station →take a taxi to destination (about $120).
  • Route by car:Take National Highway No. 3 and exit Daxi Interchange heading to Daxi downtown →turn left on Yuanlin Rd. → take Taiwan Provincial Highway 4, heading to Shihmen Reservoir direction →go straight about 2.5KM through Kanjin Bridge (Taiwan Provincial Highway 4 at the 32.9K mark).
  • GPS:E121.16.584 N24.51.151