Chun Tian Yao Leisure Farm

The house of firewood kiln
【Sanyi, Miaoli】

 The Chun Tian Yao Leisure Farm actively promotes "pottery art" in combination with "agricultural resources", so that guests can fully appreciate the closeness between "living" and "production". Also through hand-shaping pottery, eating local dishes and experiencing the value of "ecology" and "life", one gets to realize the significance to nature’s teaching.

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《Farm Introduction》

 Located on a tranquil hillside, the Chun Tian Yao Leisure Farm (Spring Kiln) is famous for its artsy wood-firing kiln. Under owner Liao Zenchun’s insistence, this farm uses only acacia wood to fire pottery for more than a decade. But because of his commitment to uphold the traditional firing and pottery-making practices, tradition has become a major feature of the farm – upon entering, guests see a collage wall adorned with tung flowers, a masterpiece co-created with pottery artist Wang Tai Ming and guests, perfectly in line with Chun Tian Yao’s founding objective: “experience the fun of playing with clay!”

 On a vast tract of roughly two hectares, this farm is divided into kiln area, pottery classroom, pottery exhibition area, organic vegetable garden, bamboo and tung flower area, campground, as well as a country diner, and teatime cafe. Guests coming to "Chun Tian Yao " not only can shape clay bodies and form objects, but also can go with the owner to secluded spots to observe plants and animals, and wander around in a stress-free natural environment.

 The “kiln-roasted chicken” served here is particularly worth mentioning, as many tourists come just to get a taste of it. Listening to the owner’s vivid commentary while feasting on delicious food and experiencing the practicality and beauty of "firewood kiln"──every sense of perception is satisfied at once, be it sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch, this is the charm of rustic "Chun Tian Yao".

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The Chun Tian Yao Leisure Farm is themed on “firewood kiln", and combines it with self-owned rice field, organic vegetable garden, red brick house, and a wall decorated with a large number of earthenware and tiles, to present guests a quaint and wholesome atmosphere filled with mountain allures.

 In term of environment friendliness, the farm in addition to emphasize “farming without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides”, and only uses self-produced organic fertilizer in its vegetable garden and rice field, there is also a rainwater harvesting "eco-pond" where a variety of frogs and insects gather. Especially between April and May, guests get a double treat by enjoying the fabulous tung flowers during the day, and watch fireflies dance at night.

 The farm also makes good use of its resources to promote "pottery art" and "joy of farming" by combining ecology, homemade farmhouse cuisine, and experience activities. For example: it built a pottery classroom and hired local pottery artists to teach pottery-making skills; it uses organically-grown seasonal fruits and vegetables in its farmhouse dishes and Hakka cuisine; it uses its "firewood kiln" to create the house special "kiln-roasted chicken." In addition, it applies early bamboo-weaving skills to create cultural items such as the "tung pot" and high temperature wood-fired souvenirs including "unglazed" tea sets and coffee mugs. This farm teaches visitors about the life of pottery, and the rustic beauty of farmhouse pottery.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Spending time with fireflies and tung flowers - Strolling the romantic hillside forests

    The tranquil farm is away from the hustle and bustle of city life. During late spring and early summer, it is the season of fireflies and tung flowers -- at the end of April and early May, the hills are resplendent in white as tung flowers come into full bloom! The romance of drinking tea on a blanket of flowers is simply poetic. By the evening as twilight falls, fireflies dance in clusters, forming another "starry starry night" that is both brilliant and emotional moving. Often people cannot help but to stare. If one did not get enough of the marvelous sight this season, then please come back again August or September when fireflies make their repeat appearance. This place is definitely worth to visit more than once!

  • A visit to firewood kiln - A tribute to the blazing flame

    Built in 1995, the "Chun Tian Yao" was originally a traditional ceramic foundry with a gas kiln. However following the changing of times, owner Liao Zenchun was reluctant to see pottery-making industry fading into the sunset, hence after three years of efforts, finally under the guidance of master potter Chen Huantang, he transformed this place into an artsy pottery leisure farm that has an "acacia” firewood kiln as well as a modern electric kiln. Because of the special firewood kiln, coupled with rustic pottery fired under 1250℃, some twenty-strong potters were attracted and joined in. The truth is, due to cost considerations, many wood-fired kilns around Taiwan have stopped using acacia, and therefore, "Chun Tian Yan" is truly commendable for its unweaving dedication.

  • Shaping pottery ware - The ceramic art of farmhouse pottery

    If one does not hand-shape pottery ware, then one hasn’t really been to the "Chun Tian Yao”! This farm is complete with a pottery teaching center, also a number of professional teachers for guidance, so even novices can produce good household objects such as cups, dishes, bowls, etc. However, after shaping and forming is completed, because firing takes three full days, the kiln is only open twice a month. So, guests please be patient, but your exclusive souvenir is definitely worth waiting for!

  • Amazing day trip - Enjoying neighboring destinations in one day

    Because there are many attractions nearby and lovely mountains views, it's a good idea to include multiple destinations into a "day trip", such as explore the Shenghsing rail station, visit the ruins of Longtern Bridge, see sunflower fields, stroll around the Great Steep Wall, or pick fruits in Dahu, etc. There are many things to do in accordance with the season, and there are many choices to make your vacation interesting.


  • Address:Daping No. 7, Shuangtan Village, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County
  • Telephone:+886-37-877-520
  • Public Transportation:
    1. By Train: Mountain Line, alight at "Sanyi Rail Station" → take a taxi.
    2. By Bus: Take Fongyuan Bus going to "Taipei – Fongyuan" →alight at "Sanyi Yulon Motors" →take a taxi.
  • Route by car:Take National Highway 1 to 120K mark and exit Sanyi Interchange →turn right to Taiwan Provincial Highway 13 toward Sanyi direction →proceed 1KM after passing Sanyi Wood Sculpture Street →head toward Dahu direction (Guangfu Road intersection), turn right onto Miaoli Route 130 and go straight →turn left after passing Tianhou Temple and head toward New Keelung direction →take Miao 119 Route for 1KM →turn right at "Hakka Studies", and continue 1KM to destination.
  • GPS:E120.47.560 N24.24.352