San Ban Qiao Leisure Farm

A Master of Masks Combines the Beauty of the Mountains and Forests with Wood Sculpture
【Sanyi, Miaoli】

 Starting from "wood industry" in the local area, "San Ban Qiao Leisure Farm" has integrated the ancestral "painting" arts of the master and traditional "facial makeup" art to provide extremely characteristic "experiential activities". Furthermore, because the Farm emphasizes ecological conservation, it impresses visitors with a delightful natural environment and is considered a good example of "Environmental Education".

  • Authentication item:體驗
  • Certification period:2015 - 2020

《Farm Introduction》

 Located in Sanyi, the Taiwan's renowned wooden sculpture town, "San Ban Qiao Leisure Farm" is a farm with a beautiful rural atmosphere and an area of 6.5 Ha, which not only grows a massive number of herbs but was also a wooden sculpture studio before being transformed into a farm. In particular, thanks to the ingenuity of the masters of the farm, the couple Lin Wen-yuan and Peng Fei-yu, the Farm has integrated the "facial makeup" culture of traditional Chinese opera. Upon walking toward the entrance, you will see a row of colorful masks of the "Gods of Wealth from Five Directions". These colorful masks, which are especially eye-catching against the background of the green mountains and forests, are made in a variety of styles, all of which attract people's interest to check them out.

 Here, you not only can see the gigantic masks hung high on the external walls, but can also look up to see thousands of different masks hung on the walls inside the Farm's Mask Museum. Best of all, you can take part in a "mask painting" activity, and under the instruction of the master of the farm, you can create your own masks by painting your favorite characters and colors. Because the Museum displays the diverse culture of masks, demonstrates wood arts, and presents local characteristics, it has been widely recognized by tourists from both Taiwan and abroad.

 Furthermore, the Farm breeds and grows a variety of ecological animals and plants to achieve a different enchanting look in each of the four seasons. The Farm also includes a vast camping site, B&B, restaurant, and other leisure and recreational facilities. Tourists can both enjoy the natural landscape and experience rural life. Therefore, it is a great choice for families and friends to have a pleasant and heart-warming trip. The Farm is a new kind of farm, and its "natura", "friendly", "cultural and creative", and "artistic" elements will all inspire you!

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 In combination with the local environment of wooden sculpture culture and forestry, "San Ban Qiao Leisure Farm" provides characteristic activities to create different experiences from the themes of "natural ecology" and "mask art", to fully display the industrial cultural values of  Sanyi, Miaoli. Furthermore, with his "creativity", the master of the Farm creates vivid, representative works with different cultures of leisure farms.

 The architecture of the Farm involves a massive amount of wood. In addition to the emphasis on ecological engineering methods, such as "embankment", "bag bank", and other facilities to conserve water and soil, the Farm combines traditional culture and wooden sculpture arts to decorate the entire environment with gigantic colorful masks. An "image of agribusiness", which is neat, beautiful, and highly identifiable, and has powerful imagery, is thus constructed. Therefore, besides the "congenial natural environment", the farm presents an abundance of colors in combination with "acquired humanist art".

 Visiting the Farm allows you to not only "visually" appreciate the brilliant "mask culture", but also feel the happiness of "participating in the creation of an art work" by actually participating yourself. Furthermore, the vast outdoor space is the best place for you to experience and enjoy nature. Whether you're leisurely wandering around or staying overnight to camp, you will feel physically, mentally, and spiritually relaxed and fully enjoy the wonder of "staying at a farm".

《Travel Recommended》

  • Visiting the Mask Museum to See the Ever-Changing Amazing Faces

    The "mask"-themed museum was formerly a wooden sculpture studio. After the studio was transformed into a farm "focusing on the teaching of wooden sculpture" in 1999, the master combined the farm with the art of facial makeup in Chinese opera, which he has always been fond of, and established the only "mask museum" in Taiwan. Currently, the Museum contains thousands of masks. In addition to understanding the history of facial makeup in Chinese opera by visiting the Museum, the visitors can learn how to make a mask and develop a deeper understanding of the meanings of the images for each character by participating in the painting activities.

  • Experiencing Painting DIY to Show Your Infinite Creativity

    The "painting DIY" activities designed by the Mask Museum are a more friendly activity for improvisation developed from the required painting skills for beginners of wooden sculpture by the master after many years of research. The activities include the easiest mask painting, blue shirt painting, ornament painting, individualized ceramic modeling, portraits in multiple materials, wooden plaque making, etc. These are not only interesting activities for family interaction, but a great choice to enhance your interest in the diverse arts of wooden sculpture.

  • A Refreshing Sensual Trip for You to Get in Touch with Nature and Ecology

    Covered with rolling green hills and water, the Farm breeds and grows large numbers of animals and plants. Walking through the Farm, you will see green plants everywhere and flocks of geese playing in the ecological pond. In particular, in spring and summer evenings, you can see beautiful butterflies fluttering all around. Because of the refreshing rural atmosphere, you can leisurely enjoy the beauty of the mountains and relax in the ecological paradise of nature.


  • Address:No.158, Shuangliantan, Sanyi, Miaoli County
  • Telephone:+886-37-875-766
  • Public Transportation:Nil.
  • Route by car:
    Exit National Freeway No. 1 at the 150k Sanyi Interchange-->Turn right onto Provincial Highway 13. Go north toward Sanyi for about 2 kilometers--> Pass Sanyi Wooden Sculpture Street and CPC Gas Station-->Pass the overpass and turn right at the traffic light at the entrance of the road (to East Line 130)-->Go toward Dahu for about 3.5 kilometers-->Turn left at the fork in the road in front of the Earth God Temple and continue to the Farm.
  • GPS:E 120°47'40.00" N 24°24'08.00"