M&G Family Leisure Farm

An urban farm on Yangmingshan mountainside
【Shilin, Taipei】

  Since “agricultural ecology” is the core resource of “M&G Family Leisure Farm”, not only has a wide range of plants been grown within the extent, the farm has also been carrying out its operation based on the philosophy of conveying “food and agriculture education”: from ecological guiding tour on the farm, recognition of agriculture machinery to participating in farming practice and collecting crops for preparing meals, the systematic experience package tour is exquisitely designed and offered. It is undoubtedly an ideal field for practicing environmental education.

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《Farm Introduction》

  “M&G Family Leisure Farm”, originally an old orange garden which has stayed undeveloped for almost thirty years, is located in Pingdengli of Yangmingshan area. The farm owner, who inherited the property from his ancestors, has determined to make use of this land and share its wonderful natural environment with more people by ahereing to the spirit of passing down “gratitude, respect, and love”. Therefore, the 1.17-hectare leisure farm is built upon thorough planning: from plum blossom avenue at the entrance to wisteria section, vanilla and herbal plants section, orchard and vegetable plantation, moso bamboo forest area, and coffee corner inside the park, all is well-proportioned and arranged in order. In addition, the 4.1-hectare “M&G Citizen Farm” adjacent on the west side where flowers, fruits, and vegetables grow and flourish all year round is a natural farm rarely-seen in Taipei City.

It is precisely because of the business objective based on “omnidirectional environmental protection of body, mind, and earth” that the farm operates its management on the principle of agricultural production, leisure tourism, ecological education, and food and agriculture experience. It is expected that all tourists who visit the site are able to temporarily break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and let all of the five senses be nourished and moisturized: to realize the diverse scenes of “spring ploughing, summer weeding, autumn harvesting, winter storing”through the visual sense, to hear the sound of wind whistling among bamboo forests, rain drops, chirps, twitters, and whirrs of birds and insects via the auditory sense, to smell the fragrance of scented flowers, grass, and rich soil, and the aroma of repasts and meals through the olfactory sense, to savor the freshness and relish of mountain vegetables, wild fruits, and natural ingredients via the gustatory sense, and to feel the throbs and thrills which convey to the abyss of your heart wave after wave by the tactile sense of skin. Here on “M&G Family Leisure Farm”, one can truly comprehend the wonderfulness of “to live in harmony with nature”.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

  「Besides cultivating and producing vegetables and fruits of all seasons, landscaping plants such as vanilla, maple trees, plums, and bean trees are also grown on “M&G Family Leisure Farm”. The entire area treats the land in a eco-friendly manner that neither chemical fertilizers nor pesticides are applied within the extent. Moreoever, the relevant buildings including experience classroom and conditioning facilities are constructed and manufactured with green materials like woods and steel plates by means of eco-engineering method. As a result, the farm is naturally provided with excellent agricultural resources and ecological environment.

  With regard to experience programs, the farm offers informative environmental guiding tour into which farming experience activities, for example, plowing in the fields, pulling veggies, picking herbs and vanilla, are blended on the basis of “food and agriculture education”. Then the subsequent culinary DIY teaching program, which allows the participants to be fully engaged in the entire process of “from production land to the table” and gain a profound understanding as well as the cognition of basic farming skills and rural life culture by utilizing and cooking the collected ingredients, is carried out. Furthermore, the fresh fruits and vegetables produced by the farm is another “high point” among all the experience programs. Apart from observing, appreciating, and buying them home for preparing home-cooked meals, the visitors can also enjoy various kinds of creative vegetarian dishes which are made and served according to the change of seasons, taste “the original sweet and pleasant flavor of real food” on the spot, and be overwhelmed by the delightful feeling brought by the “city farm”.

《Spotlight on Recommendable Delicacies and Tours》

  • Rambling Around the Mountain Farm/Appreciate the plants and become acquainted with the crops

    There are many trails elaborately mapped out along the farm for visitors to enjoy varied vegetation sceneries formed by wisteria, orange daylily, Taiwan cherry, plum, all types of herbal plants, and moso bamboo in different seasons. What is more, a great variety of crops including orange, pomelo, pumpkin, watermelon, white gourd, sponge cucumber, radish, and etc. are harvested in accordance with the change of four seasons in fruit and vegetable planting area where surprises can often be found everywhere upon raising your eyes and glancing around. It is literally the best farm for “viewing plants and knowing crops” beyond compare.

  • Partake in Farming Activity and Move Your Fingers!/Get closer to vegetable garden and learn how to use agricultural machinery

    In addition to a large area of fruit and vegetable garden, there are many agricultural implements on the farm as well: stone bull, iron bullock-cart, and cultivating machines, for instance. And if the weather permits, the visitors are able to experience the process of loosening the soil by applying cultivators, weeding, and growing vegetables under the guidance of the farm owner. A co-cultivation activity like this enables the participators to increase practical knowledge of crop cultivation and harvesting, develop affections while feeling grateful for “foods on the table” as having become keenly aware of the toilsome labor devoted by the farmers, and realize the valuableness and the meaning of “Respect Heaven and Love the Earth with charitable hearts”.

  • Self-made Vegetarian Dishes/From picking and washing vegetables to cooking and serving foods on the table

    Not that you are here, you should try out the fun of “freshly picked, freshly washed, freshly made, and freshly consumed”! Along with the change of seasons, the farm initiates all sorts of gourmet DIY teaching programs such as vanilla handmade cookeis, dumplings with potherbs, vegetarian pizzas, rice hamburgers, and etc. based on the exploitation of different herbal plants, veggies, melons, and fruits. Such activity is suitable for people of all ages. Children, parents, or grandparents can all find pleasure within and enjoy it as much as they do.

  • Relish the Wonderful Treat of Innovative Vegetarian Dainties/Let’s devour the feast of farmhouse wild herbs

    The “vegetarian cuisine” prepared by the farm is considered to be one of the major features. As the chef is filled with whimsies and creative ideas inside his head, every dish served on the table is full of innovative and unique styles. Plus their abounding in good looking, savoury smell and tasty flavor, the menus definitely go beyond what anyone could ever imagine for “vegetarian meals”! Besides, the vegetarian hot pot which comprises at least five types of local potherbs including freshly-picked crown daisy, madeira vine, panicled fameflower, purslane, sowthistle tasselflower, honewort, Chinese violet, and etc., available depending on the seasons, is another highlight of the farm cuisine. The dip sauce, the “vegetarian salsa” served with the hot pot is of a peculiar flavor as well. Do not forget to reserve and pre-order the dish in advance for discovering its extroadinary taste!

  • Purchase of Seasonal Crops/afe and guaranteed ingredients and fruits and vegetables in limited quantity

    As both environmental protection and natural ecology are emphasized and valued, the farm applies neither chemical fertilizers nor pesticides in cultivation. For this reason, all veggies and fruits produced by the farm are the safe and guaranteed ingredients which can be consumed with confidence. In addition, the visitors are able to purchase dissimilar mountain vegetables and wild fruits including pumpkins, balsam pear, horseradish, tomato, cucumber, kumquat, and etc. in different seasons. Pick up some awesome ingredients for your household cooking, and the freshest and sweetest healthful greens are ready to be served.


  • Address: No. 99, Ln. 43, Pingjing St., Shilin Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Telephone: +886-905-169-176
  • Web: mg-leisure-farm.com
  • Transportation Guide:
    ◎By Car: Drive straight along Section 2, Zhishan Road in the direction of Section 3, Zhishan Road → turn left on Lane 71, Section 3, Zhishan Road → continue to drive and connect to Pingjing Street → turn into Lane 43, Pingjing Street and arrive at the front gate of M&G Family Leisure Farm on the left-hand side after driving for 1.3 kilometers. (free roadside parking along Lane 43 beside the farm)
    ◎By Public Transport: Take Taipei City Bus No. 303 and get off at “Lunzaiwei” stop. Walk for 1.3 kilometers (about 20 minutes) and reach the destination on the left-hand side.
  • GPS:E121.574787 N25.142820