Tomita Love Leisure Farm

Romantic European Garden & Animal Farm
【Daxi, Taoyuan】

  “Tomita Leisure Farm” applies “herbal plants” and “animals” as its core resources, into which integrated gardening and environmental landscaping for offering the major experience programs of “getting close to animals and the study of diverse plants”. The farm is both thematic and enticing for it displays the elegant demeanor resembling that of a “European manor”. It is undoubtedly an ideal field for practicing life education and learning rural aesthetics.

  • Authentication item:體驗
  • Certification period:2019-2021

《Farm Introduction》

  Located just 500 meters away from Cihu, “Tomita Leisure Farm” schemes out its blue print based on the design of Hokkaido’s Farm Tomita during the initial period of its establishment. Thanks to the overspreading flowers and herbal plants within the site, diverse atmospheres and sceneries are presented all year round. And with the deliberately deisnged landscaping installations and European-style buildings such as Mediterranean windmill, fairytale carriage, vintage car, crystal church, wooden castle and restaurant, and etc., Tomita Farm has become a hot spot where tourists come for photographing pictures and checking-in, accompanied by the visits of newly-wed couples for taking wedding photos. Many production teams have been attracted to the place for shooting TV idol dramas: “La robe de mariée des cieux “, “Green Forest My Home”, “Bump off Lover”, “Hooping Dulcinea”, and “Bitter Sweet”, for instance.

In addition, the wide variety of animals and birds including alpacas, horses, goats, miniature pet pigs, chickens, ducks, gooses, and etc. carefully reared by the farm owner have become the highlights which make people feel reluctant to leave once arriving at the site as well. The half-open livestock raising envorinment not only allows these animals to wander freely around the elbowroom, the visitors are also able to make close contact with these companions. As a result, one can easily see the lovable alpacas roaming leisurely about the plaza, together with lively horses running briskly on grazing lands upon walking into the farm. No matter what type of visitor you are, a youngster who aspires after romantic views or parents who are on a family trip with small children, this leisure farm filled with heartwarming animals and charming gardens aura is definitely the best recreational resort beyond compare.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

  Themed on “herbal plants” and “animals” with the possession of forest trail resources, “Tomita Love Leisure Farm” is able to offer an ideal enrionement for having “close contact with flora and fauna”. Since plenty of herbivores animals are bred on the farm, the entire site tends to implement environmentally friendly farming techniques that it applies neither chemical fertilizers nor pesticides for the sake of animal safety. Furthermore, since “rural aesthetics” and “maintenance of environment” are promoted and valued, the overall scene is formed based on the atmosphere of a beautiful, European-style pasture that the main buildings and all facilities including mass animal houses, educational commentary rooms, plantscaping and landscaping installations, and etc, are well integrated with its natural surroundings.

  The farm offers scheduled guiding tours, together with resources such as flowers, herbal plants, livestock, birds, and insects involved into the section of environmental ecological intepretion and education. Besides, it has developed several DIY handwork teaching programs including tea tree bactericide DIY, potted stranflowers and aromatic herbs DIY, herbal scented tea DIY, and etc. by exploiting the budget production of stranflowers and sweet grasses. As for “feeding activity”, it is another major feature of Tomita Leisure Farm: from the common goats and horses to peculiar miniature pet pigs and grass mud horses (alpacas), the tourists will be deeply impressed by the joy and affecting feeling of “getting close to animals”.

《Spotlight on Recommendable Delicacies and Tours》

  • Wander about unhurriedly and enjoy garden vista/Experience different rural aesthetics

    The extended floral field of the farm is planted with lavendars, common cosmoses, sunflowers, camellias, Indian azaleas, cherry blossoms, colorful snapdragons, and etc., accompanied by “rose labyrinth” and “wisteria tunnel” built within the extent. The spectacles vary along with the change of seasons, and each of its own unique beauty. With the interspersion of the specially designed and arranged outdoor landscaping architectural installations including crystal church, lake boat, lilywhite piano, and etc., picturesque and attractive views are ingeniously set up and composed. Since paying a visit to the spot, one should always take a stroll around: in addition to experiencing rural aesthetics otherwise from the traditional Taiwanese savor while appreciating all kinds of rich planting and protophyta, it is also recommended that countless photos be taken for leaving the sweetest travel memories.

  • Feeding goats and horses with your own hands/Experience the intimacy with animals

    Aside from beautiful vegetation in the landscape, the herd of animals is another impressive highlight of Tomita Leisure Farm: grass mud horses in “alpacas zone”, horses in “grazing zone”, and chickens, gooses, pigeons, goats, rabbits, and etc. in “lovely animal zone”, every kind of animal animals are amiable and docile. The farm has initiated the activity program of “feeding with your own hands” as well, allowing everybody to directly make intimate contact with these animals and be affected by the particular experience of “being on the farm” in reality. This is what makes “Tomita Leisure Farm” enchanting. Just try to imagine that how adorable the tableau would be if being chased by a flock of small and big alpacas with simply holding carrots in your hand.

  • Interesting handwork program of plants/Creations made from stransflowers and dead branches

    Do not assume that the potting you see in the picture is made of “artifitial flowers”! Not only are the transflowers grown by the farm in bright colors but also contain waxiness and the property of “to become inflorescent according to temperature change”. Therefore, the plant is suitable for practing ornament DIY, and the finished potting is unlikely to wither even if being placed at home for more than half an year. Besides, the farm has especially planned out the program of collage teaching based on the utilization of dead branches from autumn and winter trees. The participants will be able to make one-of-a-kind and fascinating animal or insect models on their own by letting their creative juices flow.


  • Address: No. 59, Ln. 29, Touliao 1st Rd., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • Telephone: +886-3-387-2540
  • Web:
  • Transportation Guide:
    ◎By Car: National Highway No. 3 → get off at Daxi Interchange → follow the road sign of “Daxi”, turn to Provincial Highway 3, and connect to Provincial Highway 4 → follow the road sign and turn left at 32.6K “Puwei” → then connect to Provincial Highway 7 and reach the destination. (the farm is situated 500 meters ahead of Daxi Cihu)
    ◎By Public Transport: Take Taiwan Railway and get off at Taoyuan, Zhongli Railway Station and transfer to Taoyuan Bus (Taoyuan to Daxi, Zhongli to Daxi). Get off at Daxi stop and transfer to Taoyuan Bus (Daxi to Fuxing, Daxi to Xiao Wulai, Daxi to Baling, Daxi to Amuping) and get off at Cihu stop. Walk backwards for about 15 minutes and reach the destination.
  • GPS:E121.288128 N24.839814