Wisdom Lohas Leisure Farm

Therapeutic Herbal Gardem within an Ancient City of History and Culture
【Shuishang, Chiayi】

  Through medicinal plants, organic agriculture, local history, and regional culture, together with the availability of experience programs designed by professional certified instructors of environmental education on the basis of conceptual integrity, Wisdom Lohas Leisure Farm spares no efforts in conveying the lifestyle notion of “environmental protection” and “healthcare”. It is absolutely an ideal field where the general public can practice environmental education and go for leisure and recreation on holidays.

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Angel Garden Leisure Farm

Romantic and Graceful Feast of Orchid Flowers
【Jutian, Pingtung】

  “Angel Garden Leisure Farm” is graceful and exquisite. Through the demonstration of professional greenhouse cultivation and fashionable space, orchid plantation agroecology and life application aesthetics of orchid are conveyed and manifested. The tourists will be able to gain relevant knowledge of flower varieties, planting techniques, and experience orchid curing, or even relish the wonderfulness of orchid arts by participating in our activity programs besides flower viewing. It is absolutely an ideal field for practicing environmental education.

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Ming Chuan Leisure Farm

A Pineapple Farm that Triggers Five Senses
【Majia, Pingtung】

  Based on pineapple cultivation and extensive experience in agricultural product processing, Ming Chuan Leisure Farm is has been proactively promoting “organic environment” with the combination of “ecological landscape” to construct the appearance of “leisure farm” step by step. Extending from agricultural production, rural life to natural ecology and life inspiration while upgrading from Primary industrial sector to Tertiary industry, Ming Chuan Leisure Farm is obviously built by a diligent and clever manager with positive attitude. It is absolutely an ideal choice for practicing and experience environmental education.

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