Tainan Duck Leisure Farm

The Duck Farmer Who Gets Back to Basic
【Guantian, Tainan】

 "Tainan Dark Farm" gives first place to the duck industry, it provides experience activities that relate to "ducks' ecology", makes good use of ducks' habits to make it grow with rice, this symbiotic relationship has grown excellent quality Ya-He Rice, we may say that it's a model of practicing "Natural farming". Besides, the R&D of duck egg's processed product is quite creative, by this way, visitors could fully feel duck farmer's professional skills and life wisdom, it's quite enlightening.

  • Authentication item:體驗
  • Certification period:2012 - 2019

《Farm Introduction》

 "Tainan Dark Farm" originally gave first place to traditional Tsaiya Duck breeding and duck egg's processing production, this duck business has passed on from their ancestors for three generations and has gradually transited later; it has combined agriculture, education and restaurant and set up "Tian Mama Guantien Egg Products Center", it's an excellent environment to provide holiday, leisure and outdoor education.

 The farm covers an area of about 3 hectares, facilities are complete, environment is quiet, there are totally natural canals run through the farm, the surrounding scenery is green, beside the canals, there also plans a fishing area or you may take a boat and tour on the water as well, it's full of countryside pleasure. Except numerous ducks, you may also see different animals, such as chicks, goslings and Wild boars in the farm, meanwhile, there plants a large number of fruit trees for visitors to pluck, for example, mulberry from May to June and Sterculia nobilis in July; moreover, there also has a pleasant "Herb Plant Garden".

 Besides, in order to let the urbanite actually experience the rural life, the farm owner who grew up in the farm from childhood has designed a series of activities, including ecological tour guide, duck breeding, egg picking, interesting water rocket game, lotus tea and DIY dried orange peel tea…etc., these activities would add farming experience and rural life's knowledge and fun to the farm under the characteristic that gives first place to "Ducks".

 In particular, you may taste various kinds of egg processed products in the "Egg Products Center", including salted duck egg, unleaded preserved egg, bouquet egg, citronella tea egg, top spot-free preserved egg and herb preserved egg…etc., there are up to more than 20 kinds of egg processed products and the public praise is excellent.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 "Tainan Dark Farm" gives the first place to "duck ecology", except providing ecological interpretation, there is variety of farming experience teaching courses for visitors to choose, it fully combines duck industry and rural ecology tourism whose characteristic is bright and has entertainment, enjoyment and educational significance.

 The farm has a spacious interior, it uses no chemical fertilizers or medicaments and what they are particular about is natural working methods, meanwhile, they use native plants in the farm as materials to construct green facilities; the integration level between the whole building and agricultural production, rural life and agricultural natural ecology, moreover, visitors will smell no duck and poultry's smell in the whole farm, the environmental protection and health management are quite well. In particular, the farm has a duck egg classroom to provide a teaching site of knowing egg structure, choosing good egg and egg processing, the space is comfortable.

 In the experience activity aspect, the farm has highly combined resources like duck ecology and egg processing…etc., for example, distinguishing duck's quack of pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy, feeding ducks and picking duck eggs, the technique of distinguishing fresh duck egg, fine preserved egg and salted egg, knowing process of egg processing, moreover, there are abundant activities, such as medicated preserved egg, salted duck egg and DIY herb preserved egg…etc. Besides, the farm also blend in culture of aquaculture, including explaining the method of saving fishes that early fishermen used, ancient method of crossing river and there are activities that successfully reveal and give play to the peculiarity of the leisure farm, such as dancing with chicken, racing with goose, knowing lotus ecology and guidance of the tip of making kiln and kilning in it…etc.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Duck Egg Classroom - Thoroughly Understand Duck Egg's Knowledge

    Following the tour guide and entering the "Duck Egg Classroom" that was specially set up, you may realize egg's structure through professional interpretation, learn the technique of picking eggs and learn to distinguish fresh egg, egg within an egg, two-yolk egg, cracked egg, thick shell egg, green shell egg and abnormal-shape egg; meanwhile, you may also tour the manufacturing method of duck egg processed products and thoroughly understand abundant knowledge that relates to duck egg. Besides, If you come to the duck breeding area in the farm, you may actually approach duck's living environment and try to enjoy the fun of "picking duck eggs"!

  • Characteristic Experience - Move Your Arms and Legs and Enjoy the Fun Activities

    The experience activities in the farm are quite multiple, except being close to the ducks, knowing duck eggs and its related processing process, you may also row a boat, kiln in an earth kiln, make lotus tea and dried orange peel tea and painting a wind chime by yourself…etc. Among these activities, the "Water Rocket Science Experience" is particularly special, under the guidance of expositor; you may make a firm water rocket according to the steps, fill in 200c.c. water, and then go outside for lifting it off, it's quite popular.

  • Duck Egg Products - Taste Creative Characteristic Egg Products

    There are various kinds of duck egg products, from the most common salted egg, preserved egg to creative egg products like herb preserved egg, citronella tea egg…etc., there are abundant choices for you to choose. Among them, the "Healthy Bouquet Egg" has both healthy concept and abundant medicated wine aroma; it is soaked by the concoction of ten herbs, shaoxing wine and kaoliang spirit. "Elastic Three Flavoring Egg" has combined preserved egg, salted egg and tea egg; it has complex producing method, first, we have to pick fresh duck eggs and soak them with preserved egg liquid for 10 days, then bail them out and wrap them with salty red earth, in the end, boil them out with traditional Chinese medicine and tea so that we could complete the finished products with elastic outside, soft inside and full of tea aroma, you may say that it's the must-taste delicacy of "Tainan Dark Farm".

  • Duck Fragrance Rice - Popular Souvenir

    Other than most rice breeding methods, the farm let ducks play and act in the rice field to attain the goal of weeding, digging, oxygenation and fertilization, moreover, ducks would eat Pomacea canaliculata and injurious insects off, these creatures won't do rice growing good. Therefore, the rice field environment is good, the rice fibrils that use the method of "symbiosis of duck and rice" are twice longer than the normal rice, the straw is tenacious and not easy to droop, naturally, the "Non-toxic Duck Fragrance Rice" that grows by this way is particularly sweet, its quality is superexcellent and the demand often exceeds supply.


  • Address:No.178-1, Sankuaicuo, Dutou Village, Guantian Dist., Tainan City 720
  • Telephone:+886-6-690-1101
  • Website:www.duckfarm.com.tw
  • Public Transportation:Go to TRA Sanhua Station and then you may reach the farm by taking Xingnan Bus or taxi.
  • Route by car:。
    1. Head down south, take National Freeway No. 3 and exit at the Guantien Interchange→turn right at No. 84 Provincial Highway→turn left at No. 1 Provincial Highway, drive toward left at the first fork of the road and then, enter 181 County Highway, drive toward Danei (pass underneath the viaduct of National Freeway No. 3) and you will reach the farm.
    2. Head up north, take National Freeway No. 3 and exit at the Shanhua Interchange, turn left and enter 178 County Highway, turn right at Shanhua Brewery, enter No. 1 Provincial Highway and turn right at the traffic light after passing Zengwun River Bridge, enter 181 County Highway, drive toward Danei and you will reach the farm after driving about 1 kilometer.
  • GPS:E 120°16'21" N 22°57'21"