Tsou-Ma-Lai Leisure Farm

A Living Farm with Green Grass
【Danei, Tainan】

 "Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm" has abundant flora and fauna resources, plus well environment maintenance and vast areas of grassland; you may say that it's an excellent place to experience natural ecology. Besides, using grass to research and develop related foods, souvenirs and hand-made DIY experience activities, the farm not only shows creativity of fully applying native resources, but also invisibly promotes native industry characteristics and specifically practices the concept that closely combines "Ecology", "Producing" and "Living", this farm is a good choice to conduct environmental education and outdoor education.

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  • Validity period:2016/01/01~2018/12/31

《Farm Introduction》

 "Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm" is a tourism and leisure farm that is run by Tainan County Farmer' Association and is also the first leisure agricultural theme amusement park, it is located at the intersection of Zengwun River and its two main branches─Dapu River and Houjue River and covers an area of up to 120 hectares, the acreage is spacious. The farm has given first place to New Zealand tropical tourism plantation and widely plants "Pangola" Grass that is full of extensive green. Except raising livestock like cows and horses…etc., the farm also have more than 150 varieties of wild animals, among them, there even have 11 varieties of endangered species, it is quite rare. Besides, plants and trees have multiple forest forms, including Indian almond, Spathodea campanulata, mahogany, Malabar chestnut, Fraxinus griffithii and maple forest…etc., they have different style and features and there are sceneries to enjoy in four seasons.

 Except the natural resources, the farm has also carefully planned tourism areas, Agricultural Pavilion, Rural Art Gallery, Country Theater, Grazing Region, Native Zoo and Herb Area; and has dining service area, "Nan-Ying Chateau", "Grassland Restaurant", "Tian Mama Herb Restaurant" and "Tian Mama Local Food Restaurant"…etc. In particular, due to grass planting is successful, therefore, the farm devotes to combining this core resource and fully applies it to each product and experiences, including Grass Dumpling, Grass Beef Noodles and Green Milk…etc., moreover, there also have activities like Grass Steamed Bun, DIY Grass Mochi…etc. that could let the visitors fully feel the life fun of "eating grass" and "playing grass", you may say that it's "the best grass life fairyland"!

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 This farm has given first place to grass producing to provide a healthy growing environment for poultry and livestock and the agriculture and animal husbandry resources are abundant. The farm lays emphasis on ecosystem conservation and has multifarious creatures, insects, frogs and wild animals…etc. The biggest characteristic is making good use of grass resources to research and develop original products, the farm not only has had its own brand (ex: Pennisetum alopecuroides products), but also blend it in experience activities and itinerary planning set, moreover, it has been made into souvenirs to fully promote the added value of native characteristic agricultural products. Besides, the farm has specially paid attention to promotional marketing, except printing dedicated brief introduction, brochure and instruction manual, the farm even provides perfect audio-visual media device that could let visitors fully understand the characteristic resources and abundant connotations of the farm even in the condition of no interpretation service.

餐飲《Leisure Farm Food and Drinks》

 There are five dining places in the farm, "Grassland Restaurant", "Starlight World", "Tian Mama Local Food Restaurant", "Tian Mama Herb Restaurant" and "Cafe", they have bright spaces and good atmosphere and provide comfortable and convenient dining environment. Meanwhile, largely use locally grown food materials, such as Marbled Sand Goby, Plum Cordia, river prawn and grass bamboo shoot…etc. to make characteristic local cuisines and flavor foods that could provide visitors excellent local food experience. The management of kitchen hygiene, cookware and food material preservation are good and the tableware also ave environmental protection concept.


《Travel Recommended》

  • Farm Ecology - Vibrant Green Grassland

    There are more than 150 varieties of wild animals in "Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm", including mountain rabbits, squirrels, batrachias, waterfowls, fishes and insects…etc. and there are 6 endangered birds, 3 endangered amphibians, 1 endangered mammalian and 1 endangered insect among them which are very worth exploring. Besides, there also has Grazing Region, Native Zoo and Small Animal Feeding Experience Area that are most suitable for parents to bring their children to feed cows, ride horses, be close to cute animals like lambs, mini horses, Japanese chickens and tortoises…etc. Besides, in the aspect of plants, here also has multifarious sceneries, tropical grassland, fragrant flowers and herbs…etc.; visitors may enjoy the beauty of trees like Indian almond, Spathodea campanulata, mahogany, Malabar chestnut, Fraxinus griffithii and maple forest according to seasonal changes, it's the best choice to experience natural ecology.

  • Sporting & Leisure Experience - Land and Water Facilities That Are Healthy and Fun

    There has planned several sporting and leisure facilities that provide different touring fun. Visitors may take tram rides that have certain path or rent bicycles to comfortably ride around the farm and enjoy the spacious green forest ecology; feel the pleasant sensation of yelling with abandon and releasing pressure; or do archery, play golf to train their own exercise skills. During the hot weather, visitors might as well change into swimsuits and go to "Water World" to enjoy the cool water; here also has sauna and SPA equipments for visitors to eliminate fatigue. Moreover, visitors may take cable cars as well, or take bumper boats and pedalos to tour the lake and enjoy the pleasance and leisure of vacation among the sound of birds.

  • Flavor Dining - The Must-eat Characteristic Cuisines

    Dining environment in the farm is good, and choices are quite multiplex. If you want to experience foods that have local characteristics, then you certainly can't miss local cuisines that is made by grass bamboo shoot, Marbled Sand Goby, Plum Cordia and river prawn…etc.; Besides, the cuisines that is made by grass, such as Grass Beef Noodles, Grass Wonton, Grass Dumpling, Grass Steamed Bun, and Green Milk…etc., they are unique cuisines that could only taste in "Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm" and it's a pity if you don't try it.

  • Move Hands and Use Ancient Farming Tools - Experience the Traditional Farming Tools by Yourself

    Specially set "Move Hands and Use Ancient Farming Tools" experience area in the farm has traditional farming tools, such as thresher, granary, bullock-cart, stone mill, fanning mill and water vehicle…etc., except observing by your eyes, you may also use your hands and feet to experience the feeling of using these equipments by yourself, no matter taking bullock-cart, treading water vehicle, pushing stone mill or trying thresher, all of these could make you fully feel the life images of farmer's working in the past.

  • Souvenir Grass Dessert - Healthy Exclusive Products

    The farm fully applies grass resources to research and develop a variety of exclusive products, including Grass Steamed Stuffed Bun, Grass Mochi, Grass Ice Pop, Grass Ice Cream and Grass Tea…etc. they not only have local characteristics, but also become healthy foods that accord with modern health concept due to they are rich in high fibre; they could not only be gobbled down in the scene, but could bring home as souvenirs to enjoy.


  • Address:No.61, Qiziwa, Erxi Village, Danei Dist., Tainan City 742
  • Telephone:+886-6-576-0121
  • Website:www.farm.com.tw
  • Public Transportation:Take train to the TRA Tainan Station and then take Xingnan Bus to Yujing (or Nanxi, Jiasian Line), get off at TRA Yujing Station and then take a taxi to the Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm.
  • Route by car:Take National Freeway No. 3 and exit at the Guantian Interchange, enter No. 84 Provincial Highway, drive toward Yujing, pass Tsou-ma-lai Tunnel and turn right before 38 kilometers, keep driving and you will reach the farm.
  • GPS:E 120°25'46" N 23°08'12"