Fairy Lake Leisure Farm

An Independent Fairy Land in the Hazy Fog Lake
【Dongshan, Tainan】

 "Fairy Lake Leisure Farm" has maintained the existing landscape and natural resources,
make natural ecological functions circulate evenly and endlessly, plus self-run farm, orchard and wild vegetable sceneries and cooperate with professional tour guides which could provide visitors an environmental education that is quite sufficient. Wandering along with the forest trail of "Educational Ecology Area", a distance of approximately 4 kilometers, there has explanation boards and rest pavilion along the trail; it's also an excellent way to be close to the forests and mountains, watch birds and observe insects.

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《Farm Introduction》

 "Fairy Lake Leisure Farm" is located at an independent hilltop among the Kan Tou Mountain of Ali Mountain branch in Dongshan District, Tainan City; its elevation is 277 meters and has a great view which could overlook Chianan Plain and have a panoramic view of local settlements' basin scenery. Especially, during each November to next May, as long as the temperature drops, there would be a special landscape that the surrounding valleys would be circled by dense fog and show only the hilltop of the farm, it's just like an independent fairy island outstands in the lake and it is where the dreamlike name, "Fairy Lake" comes from.

 Every generations of the farm owner are farmers; they have planted fruits and vegetables all over the farm. Since they have transformed into leisure agriculture,  They still uphold the traditional spirit of "people and land are business principal axis", except devoting themselves to farming production, they also trying to share "the happiness of being a farmer" with visitors, therefore, they have planned many farming activities, letting people could not only enjoy beautiful mountains and forests ecologies, but also go to the field and pick apples to experience the happiness of one-day farmers.

 Fruits that have been planted in the farm have abundant varieties, from Ponkan and orange in fall and winter to sweet litchi and longan in summer, there also has coffee that is famous in Dongshan; you may enjoy different sceneries and colors in four seasons according to the changing of seasons, especially from July to September, the mountain is full of longans which is very spectacular and the longans they grow not only have big fruits, but also have particularly small seeds, plus, rainfall in winter is low, therefore, the fruit sweetness has been raised; thick longan fruit is particularly enjoyable when you eat it, you may even bake the fresh picked longans into dried longan and bring them home to share with your relatives and friends. Besides, in November, there are truly Taiwanese-grown coffee beans to harvest, plus, Ponkan is just in season and it's heavy-laden with fruit, you may actually realize the beautiful scenery of "coffee turns red and Ponkan turns green".

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 This farm features agricultural production, it has planted a lot of fruit trees like longan, litchi, Ponkan and orange…etc. and coffee tree…etc. The environmental protection is fine, except reserving native plants, the farm also use natural working methods; water and soil conservation is good, the farm has entrusted professional team to conduct the research of plant species; ecology resources are abundant, except birds and bats, there also has a variety of insects like coleopteran, locusts, butterflies, phalaenae and cicadas…etc.

In the aspect of architecture, except using topography to build farmhouse, the farm owner also gave first place to the low-rise building, most of them are one to two floors which could well blend into environment. In the plan of experience projects, the owner has fully combined local agricultural resources, natural ecology and traditional culture to provide multiplex activities like longan picking, dried longan baking, vegetable picking, coffee grinding and brewing and night ecological tour guide…etc. which are fun and educational. Besides, the farm also applies its own  farm products to process and produce agricultural specialty products that have native flavor, such as coffee, fried longan…etc. to promote the added values of farm operating.

餐飲《Leisure Farm Food and Drinks》

 Overall, the Restaurant offers Taiwanese dishes made from fresh local and seasonal vegetables, fruit, wild boars, free range chicken, etc. Surrounded by green mountains and covered with clouds, the Restaurant has a spectacular view. Meanwhile, inside, the dining area is spacious and well-lit and features a well-designed traffic flow, and the kitchen is bright and properly ventilated. All the utensils are placed in a traditional setting. Only the freshest ingredients are used, and all the tableware is regularly cleaned. The Restaurant is eco-friendly and always clean.


《Travel Recommended》

  • Go to the Countryside and Be a One-day Farmer - Rural Experiences That Return Nature

    Being close to the land and walking into countryside, it's modern's dream of returning nature -- "Fairy Lake Leisure Farm" has especially designed a experience activity, "One-day Farmer" to let the visitors roll up their sleeves and actually go to harvesting the farm's abundant fruits. According to the changing of seasons, agriculture products that could harvest are different, there are citruses, orange which are sour, sweet and juicy, litchi and longan that are sweet and fragrant, there even has Dongshan's specialty, coffee beans, at the end of the day, visitors may fully feel the happiness of "sweat and harvest". Besides, if longan is just in season, visitors may further participate the activity of baking dried longan by earth kiln and experience process of producing farm specialties.

  • Fruit Harvesting Season and Blossom Season - Joyful Harvests That Shift by Four Seasons

    The varieties of vegetables and fruits that have been planted in the farm are abundant, whenever you come here, there are different fruits and blossom season to pick and visit; March and April are the blossom season of citrus and longan, you may know the process from seed germination to fruit bearing and understand the structure of longan flower and its fruit; June and July are harvest seasons of Hei Yeh litchi that is just in season; July to September are just the picking time of longan , you may not only taste the longans you picked, but also visit the process of baking longan and taste longan flower tea. October to November are the ripening seasons of Ponkan and coffee, except tasting the flavor of "Dongshan Green Peel Ponkan", you may also understand coffee tree's ecology and the manufacturing process of coffee; each November to the next January are the peak harvest-season of orange, you certainly can't miss the good flavor of Dongshan Sweet Orange.

  • Long-legged Wooden Houses - A Leisurely Space That Is Surrounded by Fruit Trees

    There are wooden houses that were built near the mountain in the farm, each of them is independent and they have been built between flowers and trees which is beautiful and pleasant. Entering into the wooden house area, the oncoming sight is a variety of fruit trees, it is leisure and quiet all around and the environment is quiet and comfortable. Every house has view to enjoy, the space is spacious and the furnishings are simple. Due to avoiding the humidity of mountains and forests, therefore, the farm owner specially adopted long-legged style to build, so, due to the wooden houses don't contact the ground directly, they're not only ventilated, but also could prevent the infestation of insets like termite…etc.

  • Fresh-picked Wild Vegetable Cuisines - Lohas Foods That Are Pure Nature

    Every generations of the farm owner are farmers; they have planted fruits and vegetables all over the farm and the farm also introduces healthy wild vegetable cuisines, the main course, "Healthy Wild Vegetable Chicken Soup", its soup is stewed by free-range chicken plus sautéed old ginger and medicinal materials, the fragrance is strong, and the wild vegetable is picked in the morning and boil in a bowl, then plus home-made Ceylon olive tapenade to foil wild vegetable's fresh and sweet, it's a dish that could express country's lohas food flavor most. There are several rural home cooking like "Odding Burnweed with Scrambled Egg", "Crackling Pumpkin" and "Crisp Bamboo Shoots Braised Pork"…etc. for side dishes, no matter main course or side dishes, all of them could express pure wild vegetable flavor.

  • Processed Food of the Farm - Make the Original Specialties into Souvenir

    Longan and coffee bean are the home-grown specialties of the farm, after processing they would become related souvenirs like extremely popular dried longan, longan pulp and coffee…etc.; the home-made dried longan of Fen Ke longan was backed by traditional earth kiln for five days, it has multi-layered aroma and is a good mate while drinking tea. As for longan pulp, its making process takes a lot of work and time, and 3 jins raw longan could only be backed into 3 jin dried longan, the quality is excellent. Besides, they would back the Arabica raw coffee beans that have been planted in the farm by themselves and make into two products, coffee beans and follicular coffee that is convenient for visitors to choose.


  • Address:No.6-2, Helaoliao, Nanshi Village, Dongshan Dist., Tainan City 733
  • Telephone:+886-6-686-3635
  • Website:www.senwho.com.tw
  • Public Transportation:Take train and get off at TRA Xinying Station and then take Xinying Bus to Dongyuan, the farm would send shuttle car to pick you up (but you have to make appointment in advance).
  • Route by car:Take National Freeway No. 3 and exit at the Baihe Interchange→Dongshan→Dongyuan(there has detailed indicators)→Fairy Lake(from Interchange to Fairy Lake, you have to drive about 30 minutes to reach the farm).
  • GPS:E 120°28'56.6" N 23°15'54.5"