Dakeng Leisure Farm

A Cozy Paradise That Has A Lot Of Rural Fun
【Xinhua, Tainan】

 "Dakeng Leisure Farm" has devoted to preserving and maintaining its traditional agriculture characteristics and abundant natural resources all around, it's one of the best places to participate environmental education. From the ecological point of view, the farm near Experimental Forest of NCHU, behind the farm, there is a forest trail, plus, the farm applies natural farming, it has planted diversified flowers and trees; all the visitors could be easily close to the nature through the owner's enthusiastic guiding tour. In the farm characteristics aspect, here not only preserves traditional rural cultural relics, but also provides all kinds of living experience and fully use local food materials to make creative cuisines, let the visitors may fully realize native rural amorous feelings and the beauty of rural culture.

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《Farm Introduction》

 "Dakeng Leisure Farm" is located at the junction of Wushulin, Tuqi Village, Longqi Dist., Tainan City and Dakeng Village, Xinhua Dist., it is surrounded by mountains, in here, it's not only a place to overlook Central Mountain Range and Da-Gang Mountain, but also a good place to enjoy sunrise and sea of clouds, it's a quite famous tourist spot in there.

 The owner started from agriculture and animal husbandry, from chicken farm, restaurant to B&B, and the owner has extended the farm step by step, now it's quite big and organized and it's the only leisure farm that has mountain spring SPA equipment in Taiwan. It covers an area of 6.2 hectares and has planted a lot of flowers, plants and trees, the farm also normally display early-aged rural implements like bullock-cart and bamboo fence and it also has "Lovely Animal Ecology Park", you may see hens bring their chicks, mini pigs, peacock and pigeons wander all around which has a lot of rural amorous feelings. Besides, here also have equipments like Hiking Trails, Gazebo, Forest Vacation Vapor Bath Huts and Yi-lu-ba House Boat…etc.; the Training Field that was build along the mountain terrain also has Hanging Bridge, Single Rope Valley Crossing and Upper Air Pulley, we could say that they're suitable for both young and old and quite suitable for vacation customers of all ages. As for the other characteristic of "Dakeng Leisure Farm", that are delicacies that are made by the hostess and his second daughter, except parading "non-toxic, organic, health and regiment", every cuisines of the restaurant could taste the ingenuity that is free from the traditional cooking method after adding youngster's creativity.

 At present, the farm is run by three generations of the owner: grandpa and grandma raise chickens and grow vegetables, father and mother operate the business, the first daughter is in charge of marketing public relation, the second daughter is in charge of cooking and the third one is in charge of reception, each performs its own functions and jointly fight for their farm, and under the join of youngsters, the farm also introduces a variety of bath series products that are made from home-grown herbs and strides forward international tourism market step by step, it has attracted many foreign travelers to come here experiencing Taiwanese rural living style.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 "Dakeng Leisure Farm" is located at the east of Experimental Forest of NCHU, except owning a large area of bamboo forest, plants in the farm like bamboo shoots, pineapple, sweet potato and citrus are quite abundant, and the thematic characteristic of the farm is obvious. In the aspect of maintaining environment, except using local plants as the materials of building green infrastructures, the farm also insists not using pesticides to plant crops, they emphasizes using natural farming to maintain the biological diversity of this farm. Besides, the farm owner also makes good use of resources, he has largely blended bamboos, natural vegetables and fruits into the accommodations, dining and agricultural products of farm and conducts educational interpretation that fully present farm's characteristics.

 In order to let visitors experience more local life, the farm also provides chicken feeding, early-aged cultural relic, bullock-cart and bamboo fence experiencing, moreover, dendrocalamus latiflorus and citrus harvesting and traditional DIY activities like mocha making, glue pudding making, soybean milk grounding, tofu pudding making and sweet cakes making…etc., and traditional bamboo weaving skills teaching…etc., it's quite abundant and not only suitable for learning education of elementary and secondary school, but also has the experience value of making the first and second level characteristic of local agriculture prominent.

餐飲《Leisure Farm Food and Drinks》

 The dining of "Dakeng Leisure Farm" is quite attractive, they largely use home-grown agricultural products; they mainly have free-range chicken, Ceylon spinach, bamboo shoots, Plum Cordia and basil…etc., the materials are fresh and have local characteristic and the farm has also developed creative healthy cuisines using the concept of combining Chinese and western to make visitors taste countryside pleasure. The dining space is spacious, light is soft environment is neat and clean and in order to make the whole farm style prominent, most of the desks and chairs are made of log; as to choosing tableware, the farm also emphasizes the concept of energy-saving and carbon-reducing, they provide non-disposable tableware that are cleanable and re-usable which is quite environmental.


《Travel Recommended》

  • Hiking Trails - The Beautiful Scenery That Could View at a Glance

    The forest trail that locates behind "Dakeng Farm" is a hiking route that is suitable for both young and old, there are abundant natural ecology along the trail; if you look up, you would see Taiwanese traditional countryside plants like Acacia confuse, Macaranga tanarius and bamboo…etc., and you may see a variety of fruits like papaya, mango and guava..etc. in different seasons. Walking up along the trail, uou may reach the highest spot, Gazebo. In here, you may enjoy the sunrise and sea of clouds in the early morning, overlook the beautiful sceneries of Central Mountain Range, Da-Gang Mountain and Caoshan Moon World in the morning, you may even overlook the whole Tainan City while sunshine; moreover, by evening, you may see the sunset and count stars, the extensive view would suddenly make your mind become bright open. On the way back, you would pass the Training Field, the antiquated hemp rope and log recreation facilities are also a kind of unique nostalgic enjoyment that countries have.

  • Open-air Mountain Spring SPA - Stress Free Spa That Combines Cold and Hot Water

    A mountain spring SPA that covers an area of 500 hectares, it is a key facility that "Dakeng" is most proud of, in the SPA, there has a 20 foots tall Big SPA Waterfall, Cold and Hot Spring and Cold, Warm and Hot Sauna…etc., the equipments are complete and there are natural forest that is full of original beauty of quiet all around. You may thoroughly loosen your tight nerve and wash out busyness and worry of daily life; Parent-child Paddling Pool has water slide and abundant artificial landscape, the water quality is pure, you may trustingly let your children play with abandon. Besides, there has a Herb Steam Sauna and an Energy Smoke Sauna beside SPA area, you may enjoy the carefreeness of sweating profusely and bringing smudginess inside your body away. At last, going to the Outdoor Coffee Area to taste a good cup of coffee and chat with your relatives and friends, we may say that it's one of the biggest pleasures of life.

  • Wild Vegetable, Venison and Home Cooking - Creative Flavors That Have Blended Tradition in It

    Restaurant that uses bamboos as main building material that is full of local flavor. There are dozens of vegetables like Fried Bird's-nest Fern, Anredera cordifolia, Odding Burnweed, grass heart and Brassica juncea Coss…etc., the farm has emphasized that all of them are freshly picked from the vegetable garden of the farm at the very day; the flavor of Grilled Free-range Chicken and Roast Mini Pig that have been roasted until fragrant and glossy are excellent and they are the popular dishes that the frequent visitors would certainly pre-order in advance. Besides, dishes that use "three treasures of Dakeng", sweet potato, bamboo shoot and pineapple to cook are ever-changing, such as "Dongpo Pork with Green Bamboo Shoots", this dish fries the meats first, and then stews the meats with green bamboo shoots; "Roasted Green Bamboo Shoots", this dish roasts green bamboo shoots with cheese and shrimp roe and it has generous flavors. These two dishes are old cuisines that are made by new ways, except tasting good, their present way are quite dainty and they both have visual sense and sense of taste that would make you never have enough. If you haven't eat enough, you may choose sauced bamboo shoots that is pickled by local bamboo shoots and bring it home to taste slowly.

  • Yi-lu-ba House Boat - An Overland Boat That Has Blended into Nature

    "Yi-lu-ba House Boat" is located at a corner of the farm, it's a three-story complex restaurant that is deliberately built into "ship" shape by logs, there are a lot of flowers and trees all around and specially designed fountain landscape, match all of them up is just like a boat really passing by, you could say that it's the owner's distinctive design. The style of the coffee shop that is located at the third floor of the house boat is simple, it has been divided into bar area and seat area and there are outdoor coffee seats outside the French windows; no matter where you sit, you may enjoy the gardening landscape all around and the faraway beauty of mountains and forests with abandon. There are charming lights at night and it presents a romantic sentiment that is different from daytime; the coffee shop would arrange folk singing on holidays, you may taste the combination of coffee and music and enjoy a vacation that is indifferent and comfortable.

  • DIY Bamboo Waving - A Folkloric Skill That Could Participate and Enjoy with Your Children

    "Bamboo Waving" is one of the Taiwanese traditional folkloric skills; it symbols  ancestors' wisdom, during agricultural period, except applying bamboo waving to the agricultural equipments, such as bamboo chair and dustpan…etc. However, as time goes by, this skill has gradually declined, in order to preserve traditional culture, the farm owner specially hires professional master to teach bamboo waving, using Dakeng's endemic bamboo as material, let the visitors waving bamboo chair, bamboo basket and bamboo besom by themselves, it's not only full of fun, but also could let this folkloric skill inherit persistently.


  • Address:No.82, Dakeng Village, Xinhua Dist., Tainan City 712
  • Telephone:+886-6-594-1555
  • Website:www.idakeng.com.tw
  • Public Transportation:Take Xingnan Bus (Mountain Line, Ganglin-Dagu) beside TRA Tainan Station and get off at Dakeng Farm, then you may reach the farm (there are about 6 buses per day).
  • Route by car:Take National Freeway No. 3 and exit at the Xinhua Interchange→take No. 20 Provincial Highway and drive straight toward west about 1 kilometer→turn left after passing the bridge and drive forward about 5 kilometers according to the indicators, then you may reach the farm.
  • GPS:E 120°22'26" N 23°00'49"