Natural Garden Leisure Farm

A mesmerizing green garden to satisfy all your sightseeing desires
【Ligang, Pingtung】

 The Natural Garden Leisure Farm has rich herbal resources and breath-taking scenery. As small as it may be, it manages to integrate with the natural environment of the Gaoping River, showcasing the farm's characteristic of being "small but elegant". Furthermore, it features a diverse range of activities that incorporate elements of the DIY approach, education, and recreation. The farm is the best place to come for a perfect family trip, and it’s also an excellent classroom for environmental education.

  • Authentication item:體驗
  • Certification period:2014 - 2019

《Farm Introduction》

 The Natural Garden Leisure Farm is situated just along the evergreen banks of the Ligang River. The owner, Mr Wu Wen-Ping, who was once a chef and wedding photographer, and who has always been devoted to his hometown and nature, decided in the end to return to his roots to build a leisure farm that is "worthy of adding value to the local properties". After committing substantial effort to expanding his professional knowledge, as well as insisting on protecting the natural environment, the herb-themed "Natural Garden Leisure Farm" was born.

 Though the farm itself only occupies an area of over 3000 pyeong, what stands in front of it is the 60,000-pyeong large Riluo Park, which provides a stunning view of nature. The farm has all the elements of wood, grass, flowers, water and rocks. Not only are there planting areas for herbs, flowers and an organic herb nursery, the farm also has a Japanese-style garden, which includes an overhead viewing gallery and a specially designed atrium garden. This garden, coupled with a spectacular water-wall, invokes a sense of zen and brings forth the passion of Southern Taiwan. In addition, Mr Wu has also specially built an artificial creek named the "Aquatic Canal" so as to mimic a natural environment. In it, you will find not just river fishes that are commonly found in the Gaoping River, but also a rich diversity of frogs inhabiting the vibrant environs.

 In addition to learning about herbal plants and viewing the beautiful garden scenery, you will find a wide selection of delicacies in the farm's restaurant to give your taste buds an equally satisfying pleasure. The delicacies that can be found on the farm include a diverse range of Chinese and Western dishes, including, for example, a herbal hotpot, Thai ginger fish, rosemary pork chop served with rice, and sage beef brisket pot, among others… Shiso tea, mint tea, handmade cookies, and delicate cakes, as well as other teas and snacks are also available for an enjoyable time with friends or family. As the farm is usually filled to capacity on holidays, it is best to make a reservation.

 Furthermore, for groups of more than 15 persons, the farm has planned many hands-on activities. These include making fragrance pouches, making DIY herbal mosquito repellents, and hands-on baking of herbal cookies. The farm also cooperates with nearby farms for special activities such as fruit picking, orchid appreciation tours, and vegetable picking. This is the place to be for an outdoor living lesson for primary and secondary school children.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 The organic herb-themed Natural Garden Leisure Farm combines ecology, food and beverage service, and hands-on activities to adequately showcase the charms of farms as well as local cultures. Not only does the farm emphasize a "healthy and safe" approach in cultivating its herbs, using no pesticides or herbicides, it also adopts eco-processes and uses the energy saving measure of lowering temperatures by sprinkling water to achieve its goal of environmental protection. Its uniqueness even extends to its logo.

In addition to views of the Japanese-style garden and natural herbal scenery,  you will find special tours that are available only via reservations. Through these tours, groups can explore the farm with activities such as the guided tours on the natural environments of herbs and the cultivation of herbs, making soap with natural oil extracts, and DIY herbal cookie making. There are also guided tours on the ecosystem of the Gaoping River and clam catching activities that form part of the farm experience. These activities are tied closely to the farm's resources, and not only are they rich and diverse, they are also fun and educational. Above all, with passionate service and highly professional knowledge, the tours that Mr. Wu gives are often lively, interesting and informative, giving you a sense of relaxation in both body and mind.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Strolling in a beautiful garden - Everywhere a stunning view to admire

    With the careful planning of the owner, scenes of picturesque landscapes are what await you at the Natural Garden Leisure Farm. You will be greeted by Bali-style straw houses, pebble paths, and straw-covered corridors, as well as a spectacular water screen the moment you step through the door. Upon arriving at the Sky Garden, you can make use of the square walkway to have a 360-degree seasonal view of the farm as well as the beauty of the Gaoping River coast. As for the Atrium Garden, the foliage plants that are grown there will give you the impression of a tropical rainforest. The vast expanses of greenery will definitely calm and soothe you.

  • Knowing herbs - Natural flora with a permeating fragrance

    In the farm there are many herb-themed zones for you to experience. In the "Flowers and herbs cultivation zone", you can get to see many different species of attractive flowers and herbs. The 800-pyeong "Organic herb nursery" allows you to experience the joy of foraging personally, and once you are at the "Greenhouse of natural herbs", you will get to learn about the ecology of a diverse range of plants. Furthermore, there is the "Herb display and sales zone", where there are over 10 species of herbs for you to appreciate and purchase. Not only will you have an opportunity to learn more about different aromatic herbs, you can even bring them home with you!

  • Fun-filling herb lessons - Practical hands-on activities

    The farm has designed different special herbal DIY lessons for visitors of different age groups. For instance the "herbal pouches" not only posess a natural fragrance, they also work as an insect repellent, deodorant, and air freshener, while the "herbal mosquito repellent" is specifically designed to chase away mosquitoes. With merely herbal extracts, alcohol and water, you can have a mosquito repellent that contains your own "personal aroma". Moreover, for those who enjoy making a dish or two, you can bake herbal cookies, your own healthy DIY herbal tea, cook herbal dishes, and so on. But in order to do these, please remember to make a reservation!

  • Diving into the aquatic habitat - A life experience close to nature

    In the specially built "Aquatic Canal", you can see over 20 rare species of fish and frogs that originate in the Gaoping River, as well as other aquatic plants that are not commonly found in an urban setting. This is the best place to spend time with your family. In particular, under the guidance of the farm owner, you will feel humbled as you learn more about the treasures and wonders that Mother Nature has given us, and from this experience, you will understand the importance of protecting our earth and environment.


  • Address:No. 126, Guojiang Rd., Guojiang Village, Ligang
  • Telephone:+886-8-772-2077
  • Public Transportation:N/A.
  • Route by car:Exit from the Jiouru – Ligang Interchange of National Highway No 3 and proceed in the direction of Ligang (for around 2 minutes) → At the fork, turn left to enter the Ligang urban center → Proceed to where the road ends at the Ligang river bank → Turn right and proceed for another 500 meters to reach the farm.
  • GPS:E120.5 N22.79