The One and Only Crocodile Zoological Farm

A crocodiles paradise loved by people
【Chaojhou, Pingdong】

 The One and Only Crocodile Zoological Farm has abundant resources related to crocodiles and their habitat. This theme is unique and well defined. The farm offers various interesting activities and exhibitions for the public to learn about crocodiles. It is an excellent environment for visitor wanting to learn the habitat of crocodiles and the various species of crocodiles, having a close contact with crocodiles, tasting crocodile meat, or trying various skincare products made with crocodile oil. All these activities, impressive and educational, can help the public gain understanding about what aquaculture business is like and the lifestyle of aquaculture farmers. It is a place worth visiting.

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《Farm Introduction》

 Close to Donggang River, the One and Only Crocodile Zoological Farm is large and with many eye-catching sceneries. The farm owner transformed a pig farm into this crocodile farm and has visited many foreign countries to learn about crocodile farming, especially in terms of designing the space for crocodile egg laying and technology for crocodile breeding. Currently, the farm has more than thousands of crocodiles of five crocodile species: Caimans, New Guinea crocodiles, saltwater crocodiles, estuarine crocodiles, Africa crocodiles. There is also a tailless crocodiles born during the 921 earthquakes. One and Only Crocodile Zoological Farm is definitely the largest crocodile farm in Taiwan.

 Asides from the crocodile zone, there are also a goat and crocodile zone, a wild boar zone, a frog fishing zone, and a firefly conservation zone. Visitors can visit the rearing environment of crocodiles, learn about the habitat of crocodiles, and have a close contact with crocodiles by feeding the crocodiles and picking up their eggs. There are also many rarely seen animals in the farm, such as goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, bullfrog, freshwater turtles, peacocks, turkeys, snapping turtles and more. It is a small zoo but with many hidden treasures. Actually, the zoo-like farm is also a beautiful botanic garden; there is a planting zone, abiu zone, and a forest zone. It is excellent for families with kids to enjoy the nature.

 Aside from frog and turtle fishing and pizza making using the pit oven, visitors can also shop for handmade soaps or herbal balm made with crocodile oil, visit the crocodile habitat exhibition center, the leisure and recreational center, or use the karaoke facility in the garden. Spend you weekends or vacations here on One and Only Crocodile Zoological Farm and you will enjoy every moment here, whether you are a grownup or a kid.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 Crocodiles are the theme here at the One and Only Crocodile Zoological Farm, and about a quarter of all the available crocodile species in the world can be found here on the farm. Asides from crocodiles, this farm surrounded by green and luxuriant trees is also known for its great biodiversity; animals including goats, turkeys, and wild boars as well as plants such as abiu, cinnamon, and coffee can be seen here too. To create a natural and healthy environment, the farm uses compost made from fallen leaves and food scraps as fertilizers, raises ducks and geese to maintain the lawn and remove snails, and install environmental friendly fly trapping boards instead of relying on artificial pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It is worth the effort and the result is amazingly well.

 For experiential activities, visitors can try feeding crocodiles, playing tug-of-war with crocodiles, picking up crocodile eggs, visiting the crocodile specimen exhibition, or participating in many other activities designed for learning about crocodiles. Visitors can also spend time fishing bullfrogs, baking their own pizza using local ingredients, or trying out the various farm tools. All these activities are fun, interesting, and educational. Because this farm is initially a pig farm, old facilities such as feed troughs are kept for exhibition to teach visitors about the early ways of rearing pigs and other livestock and poultry as well as the evolvement in pig farming.

 The farm has comprehensive facilities and equipment for experiential activities, sales and exhibition. The entire area has a very good traffic flow and lighting. Visitors can also obtain many useful printed materials or take advantage of the multimedia facilities here to acquire relevant information. Each exhibited crocodile species is clearly labeled and explained in terms of the species and habits.

《Travel Recommended》

  • Introducing the crocodile habitat - Visiting the home of crocodiles

    Book the visit in advance to have the owner of the farm, who has 30 years of experience in crocodile farming, tour you around. His lively and humorous explanations can help visitors learn about the living and growth of crocodiles. Visitors can also take a look of the various crocodile specimens to learn the features of each crocodile species. The visit is fun and educational.

  • Playing tug-of-war with crocodiles - An exciting war between humans and crocodiles

    What? A tug-of-war with crocodiles? Exactly! Come and experience the fight. Grab the rope tight and collaborate with your team members. It is safe to enjoy the sport testing the strength under comprehensive and protective safety measures. You will be impressed by the powerful strength of crocodiles here.

  • Bullfrog and turtle fishing - A unique and relaxing fishing experience

    Bored with fishing for fish? Why not try our bullfrog or turtle fishing? Tie a piece of bait on the fishing pole and lower it down into the water. Gently move the fishing pole to trick the bullfrog or turtle. It takes lots of skills and patience to catch one, and you will be very proud if you can really catch a big one.

  • Feeding the crocodiles yourself - A closer look at live crocodiles

    Can you imagine the feel of touching crocodiles? The farm has planned many crocodile related activities for the public to have a closer look at these "scary" crocodiles. For example, you can experience holding a baby crocodile in your palms, which is not terrible at all. Feeding crocodile is another interesting activity you should try. All you have to do is to throw the prepared fish head toward the crocodiles, and the crocodiles will immediately swallow it up. Isn’t it similar to the scenes you have watched on the Discovery channel?


  • Address:No.108, Ln. 600, Taiping Rd., Chaojhou Township, Pingtung County
  • Telephone:+886-8-788-2707
  • Public Transportation:Taking taxi: You can take a taxi at the Taiwan Railways Chaojhou Station, and the trip takes about 7 minutes.
  • Route by car:Take Jhutian Interjection to exit National Freeway No. 3. Head toward Chaojhou (connected o County Road No. 85)→You will see a sign telling you the direction of Wandan (connected to County Road No. 189)→You will pass by Cianyue Gas Station→You will see One and Only Crocodile Zoological Farm's sign in front of the Wukuei Bridge→Drive along the riverbank for about 600m and you will see the farm.
  • GPS:E 120°31'49" N 22°33'50"