Fuwan Health and Leisure Farm

A South Pacific manor telling the story of tuna
【Donggang, Pingdong】

 Fuwan Health and Leisure Farm has a traditional soil-built house renovated by an ecological friendly approach to add art and cultural features. It also has an educational and interesting Bluefin Tuna Storytelling House as well as an excellent accommodation and dining environment. The visitors, for sightseeing or educational purposes, can absolutely experience the unique and pleasant cultural of the fish village.

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《Farm Introduction》

 Fuwan Health and Leisure Farm, also known as the Fuwan Villa, is located at the Depeng Bay National Scenic Area. The owner used to run a fish processing food business but because of the dream of having a long-lasting manor, he returned to his hometown and with the help from his two sons, one from the architectural domain and the other from the foodservice management domain, he transformed an old fish farm into a beautiful green manor. The transformation is a huge project; The father and sons spent a year making soil bricks, two years building the green manor, and then three years paving the stone roads.

 Once you enter the manor, you will be impressed by the various unique and tasteful pieces of art. The manor is also decorated by green plants to bring freshness into the atmosphere. The big, South Pacific-style, vacation-like villa is quite distinctive from the conventional simple and humble farm resorts.

 The main building here is used for the restaurant and the banquet hall. Aside from preserving the traditional unfolded court-yard house, a symbol of family union and harvest, the owner also included the idea of green buildings into the design. To make dining in this white building pleasant and comfortable, the owner chose anti-UV glasses to look good and to keep the temperature inside under 27℃.

 The building of the Bluefin Tuna Story House is a traditional soil-made house, and in the place, visitors can learn about the Bluefin habitat and relevant industries as well as the wisdom of our ancestors, such as the use of yellow soil, brown sugar, rice husk, and seaweeds to make bricks for building a fire-proof house that is warm in winter and cool in summer.

 The accommodation facilities in the "Villa" zone are awesome, and visitors can have many choices: from the ecological-friendly two-store prefabricated houses with a beautiful view of the ocean to the Japanese-style tatami rooms to the 80-ping individual villa with a pavilion garden. The services here are thoughtful and attentive; you would wish to stay here forever. The place can give you the most memorable moment, whether it is for your honeymoon or a family trip.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

 Transformed from fish farm, the green and environmental oriented Fuwan Health and Leisure Farm, inspired by Japan's Osaka and Kenroku-en, was constructed using ecological engineering methods. The base of the roads on the farm was built with Fonggang stone, and each road has to be naturally pressed for at least year to ensure its durability and sturdiness. For creating a natural look, many native plants such as pongamia trees, Indian Barringtonia, Indian almond trees, and silvery messerschmidiand have been planted, and these plants are very suitable to the salty earth, salty wind, salty water and harsh sun and are beneficial in reducing carbon emitted from the traffic. The farm has also putting effort into maintaining the conventional earth-build houses and integrating the buildings into the fish farm environment in order to create a cultural and artistic atmosphere. Besides, the place is well known for Bluefin tuna and the cherry shrimp, so visitors can enjoy a charming Southern Pacific Villa holidays, visit the Bluefin Tuna Storytelling House, taste local seafood specialties, try wild fishing, or learning to make cherry shrimp chocolates. You can definitely spend the most natural and cultural holidays here with us.

餐飲《Leisure Farm Food and Drinks》

 Food services are centered in the main building of Fuwan. On the first floor, you can find out the take-out service and an open rest area. The second floor is for banquets, suitable for group meeting, wedding and other celebrations. The third floor is the general dining area for visitors. You can have breakfast, lunch, dinner or afternoon tea here. The dining environment is comfortable and bright and the traffic flow is excellent. The food provided here are creative and prepared with lots of local specialties, including Bluefin Tuna, mullet roes, cherry shrimp, and pig knuckles. The chefs do not add MSG to the food so the visitors can experience the most natural flavors of the food. For restaurant hygiene and sanitization, the restaurant uses the ozone sanitization method to ensure food safety. In addition, the tableware used in the restaurant can be washed and reused to be environmental friendly.


《Travel Recommended》

  • Meeting Donggang Bluefin Tuna - A precious marine resource of ours

    Bluefin tuna is a Donggan exclusive specialty, and in the specially design Bluefin Tuna Storytelling House, visitors can learn about the various Tuna species and their habitat and habits through well-documented photographs and texts. You can also find the one-and-only industrial research report and exhibition in Taiwan revealing the economic value of Bluefin tuna and cherry shrimp. The trip allow the general public to recognize the precious and practical nature of Taiwan’s unique marine biological resources.

  • Appreciating the old soil-built houses - Admiring Ancient architectural wisdom

    The building of the Bluefin Tuna Storytelling House is a traditional soil-built house, known for good fireproof capability in addition to an excellent temperature control. Interested in the smart but low technology approach, the farm owner checked many books and consulted local people to obtain the best formula, comprising yellow soil, brown sugar, rice husk and seaweeds, for the bricks of soil-built houses. All the ingredients were mixed, crushed, fermented, and shaped and set before using. Once the walls were built, they were covered by a mixture of white lime and tung oil for protection. This traditional house is not only a worth-visiting local heritage but also good for educational purposes, wedding and celebration, or conventions.

  • Enjoying local seafood - Creative meals full of surprises

    The creative, menu-free cuisine offered here uses a lot of seafood and in-season ingredients. Reservation is required at least a day ahead for the chef to obtain fresh and seasonal ingredients. The mostly commonly used ingredients are the three Donggang treasures: Bluefin tuna, cherry shrimp, and escolar roes. In addition, mullet roes, coris aygula, crabs, ebi and oysters are also often served on the table. You should also try the chef's specially prepared pig knuckles, fried fish (Harpadon microchir), fugu hotpot, grouper with angel hair noodles, and other delicious treats.

  • Villa Beautiful Villa rooms - A sophisticated accommodation experience

    The farm has a user friendly villa maximizing coziness even in the smallest space. These white suites are harmoniously integrated into the surrounding environment, the fishpond and the mangroves forest. The interior of each type of suites is distinctively styled to create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Each suite also has its private, soul calming garden. Aside from a pavilion located at the center of the garden, the most impressive features of each suite are the living room and kitchen as well as a bathtub built with Taiwanese cypress wood and imported stones (黑觀音石). Having a bath here is not only relaxing but rejuvenating. You can breathe in the cypress essence while enjoying the beautiful garden.

  • A happy biking tour - A joyful LOHAS trip

    Then environment around the farm is especially suitable for biking tours. If you like country sceneries, you can choose the country route to see the rice fields, red bean fields, and wax apple fields. If you are an ocean people, take the fish village route to visit the wetland of Dapeng Bay, Donglong Temple, Chenhai Temple, and the Overseas Chinese Market. The farms also provided packaged tours designed for sport-oriented riders and the one for family-oriented riders.


  • Address:No.100, Dapeng Rd., Donggang Township, Pingtung County
  • Telephone:+886-8-832-0888
  • Website:www.fuwan.com.tw
  • Public Transportation:Take the public transit to Zuoying Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail→Exit the Taiwan High Speed Rail station from Exit No. 2 or 3 and then take the Kengting Express Bus (30 minutes per bus between 9:00 AM and 7:00PM) Get off the bus at Dapeng Station (a trip about 45 minutes without traffic jams)→Inform the farm about your arrival (about 10 min to get here).
  • Route by car:Take National Freeway No. 1→Exit the freeway at Jhutian system interchange→take National Freeway No. 3 (toward Linbian)→Exit the Freeway at Linbian interchange and turn right heading toward the direction of Donggang→Take the coastal No. 17 Provincial Highway→Turn right to Dapeng Road after about 3.2 km→The farm.
  • GPS:E120.4816 N22.45905