Wisdom Lohas Leisure Farm

Therapeutic Herbal Gardem within an Ancient City of History and Culture
【Shuishang, Chiayi】

  Through medicinal plants, organic agriculture, local history, and regional culture, together with the availability of experience programs designed by professional certified instructors of environmental education on the basis of conceptual integrity, Wisdom Lohas Leisure Farm spares no efforts in conveying the lifestyle notion of “environmental protection” and “healthcare”. It is absolutely an ideal field where the general public can practice environmental education and go for leisure and recreation on holidays.

  • Authentication item:體驗
  • Certification period:2019-2021

《Farm Introduction》

  Located in Sanjiepu, the hundred-year-old settlement “the biggest distribution center of Chinese medicine in Taiwan during the late Ming dynasty”, Wisdom Lohas Leisure Farm is featured on the planting of medicinal plants based on the idea of “organic production” and “health-preserving practice”. The farm adopts natural farming to the growth of a wide variety of vegetables and fruits and successfully creates an organic environment where a diversity of ecological species such as frogs, butterflies, and egrets are seen wandering leisurely among.

The site is divided into several specific sections, including the simple and unsophisticated “welcome garden” built out of the old lumbers and beetle nut stand, the “hidden island”, which is surrounded by aquatic plants, the “Shennong herb garden”, an impressive ground covered with hundreds of medicinal herbs, the “dazzling flower land”, where various plants and flowers are planted, the “greenhouse area” and “crop area”, where cultivation is shifted in accordance with the change of seasons, the extensive “sunshine lawn”, and “regimen restaurant” cum “DIY activity classroom” formed by the integration of container house into colored drawing. Here on Wisdom Lohas Leisure Farm, in addition to gaining an understanding of the qualities of herbal plants while learning their corresponding application modes, the visitors can also experience the pleasure of transplanting rice shoots, harvesting rice in the paddy field, gathering fruits, and picking vegetables inside the greenhouse. Besides, the specially-designed activities like “rearing seedlings”, “playing mud games”, and “catching tower screw shells” allow urban dwellers who have been long living in the city to have “close encounter” and “intimate contact” with the farmland. It is undoubtedly the perfect way to “step on the soil, know the earth”.

If you have more time to spare, it is recommended that you explore in passing the look and manner of Sanjiepu, a treasury city intrinsically rich in cultural features, by visiting the neighboring hot spots including the hundred-year-old Sanheyuan, the hundred-year-old tree, the hundred-year-old tobacco kiln, and the hundred-year-old ancient tomb to accomplish a fruitful journey that combines natural ecology with historical magnificence.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

  Featured on “medicinal herbs and plants”, Wisdom Lohas Leisure Farm, the land inside which is developed after having lain fallow for 10 years, has set up not only a zone exclusively for herbal and medicinal plants but also separated areas for greenhouse and regular crops. With the diversified resources of herbal sweet plants, fruits and vegetables plus the obtainment of organic certification, Wisdom Lohas Leisure Farm has successfully expanded its business into fresh-food chain supermarkets that the products they produce are now available for purchase on the shelves.

  As “eco-friendliness” is emphasized, all installations and constructions on the farm are ingeniously put up; for instance, the welcome garden built out of the old lumbers and beetle nut stand, colored painting restaurant renovated from a container house, natural ecological reservoir with the function of automatic temperature adjustment, and lavatories rigged up with hay and recycled wood based on the concept of “waste utilization”. These distinctive facilities fully manifest the spirit and value of environmental protection.

  The staffs who work on the farm are well-trained. In addition to growing and cultivating plants with their own hands while taking care of the overall environment in person, the employees are required to partake in certification program for environmental educators so that they will be able to give detailed interpretations with regard to the topics of natural ecology, medicinal properties of plants, farming technology, and etc. As a result, apart from offering medicinal plant guided tour, Wisdom Lohas Leisure Farm has schemed out many fascinating itineraries which involve tea ceremony culture, holistic system for health, farming experience program, and even customized tour content according to diverse demands for the visitors to join. There are plenty of agricultural processed products plus colorful, aromatic, and appetizing vegetarian dishes for visitors to choose from as well. It is an awesome place to go for experiencing the fulfillment of body, mind, and soul.

《Spotlight on Recommendable Delicacies and Tours》

  • Visit to Shennong Herb Garden/Get acquainted with fantastic sweet herbs and medicinal plants

    There are more than a few hundreds of pharmaceutical protophyte and herbal plants particularly including Roselle, Greater Galangal, Musk Mallow, Habanero Chile Pepper, and etc. planted by Wisdom Lohas Leisure Farm. With the presentation and explanation given by environmental education instructors, visitors are able to understand more about the growth characteristics of all sorts of medicinal herbs and learn multiple ways of life application. Here on Wisdom Lohas Leisure Farm, the best living and recreational experience which contains both intellectual and perceptual elements is thoroughly offered.

  • Roll up Your Pants and Get Down to the Paddy Field/Organic farming experience gained via stepping barefoot on the mud

    The large paddy field on the farm is an excellent domain to carry out farming experience program: both grownups and children are allowed to roll up their pants and step barefoot on the mud to have a profound, firsthand experience of the laborious work of rice seedlings transplanting, rice reaping, and tower screw shell catching, to actually realize what “being a one-day farmer” is about and comprehend the true meaning of “Ah, do you or don’t you know it? That bowl of rice we eat: each and every grain of rice is the fruit of the toiling farmers”. It is expected that everyone can therefore cherish more the foods we have and pay more respect to life.

  • Savor Peacefully the Freshest Vegetarian Meal /Masterful vegan regimen delicacies

    The “container house restaurant” built on the site serves “borderless innovative vegetarian dishes” elaborately developed by the master chef. Aside from utilizing greatly self-produced, natural organic fruits and vegetables for preparing gourmet foods, other types of menu options such as hotpots, health-preserving set meals, and flavorful light meals are thoughtfully provided in response to different appetites at the same time. And with the implementation of low-salt and low-oil cooking method, the original taste of fresh vegetarian delicacies is shown forth.

  • Have Fun with Plants by Using Hands and Brain/Self-made practical household life goods

    Wisdom Lohas Leisure Farm has initiated many experience programs which are both entertaining and informative by making use of the plants grown on the farm: for example, “straw heal doll DIY” and “organic seedlings-culturing”. In addition to learning the planting of plants and observing the growth of herbs, one’s creativity and cognition for vitality can also be fostered therefrom. As for “herbal mosquito repellent”, it is a program that introduces everybody the know-how of making safe and practical natural mosquito repellent which is scientific, environment-friendly, and harmless to the human body via the exploitation of trimmed leaves.

  • Purchase of Agricultural Souvenir/Healthy natural flavor of farmhouse kitchen

    On the farm planted a great variety of certified organic veggies including baby bok choy, Komatsu food, small leaf mustard, celery, rape, Chinese kale, pak choi, garland chrysanthemum, lotus leaf, tomato, sweet maize, and etc., which are all the safest and freshest ingredients for cooking and eating. Furthermore, the firm also manufactures and processes other kinds of foodstuff that are with extremely traditional feature of a peasant family: organic rice, Roselle tea bags, herbal tea bags, tomato vinegar, turmeric powder, plum sauce, soybean sauce, fermented bean curd, bean paste, and etc., for instance.


  • Address: No. 152-23, Sanjiepu, Sanjie Vil., Shuishang Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan
  • Telephone:+886-5-377-4916
  • Web: www.wisdomlohas.com.tw
  • Transportation Guide:
    ◎By car (southbound): Get off at the exit of Jungpu Interchange on National Highway No. 3 → in the direction of Chiayi and connect to Tai-18th Highway (Alishan Highway) → drive along ai-18th Highway and go straight on Zhongshan Road → turn left on Fuhe Road (head to Sanjiepu) → pass through Chenggong Bridge → continue to drive for 200 meters until getting past the culvert → arrive at the destination
    ◎By car (northbound): National Highway No. 1 connect to Provincial Highway 82 (Eat-West Expressway) in the direction of east Shueishang → get off at the exit of Chiayi Interchange (32.7K) → connect to Taiwan County Road No. 165 and turn left on Zhonghua Road → turn right on Fuyu Road → turn right on Fuhe Road pass through Chenggong Bridge → continue to drive for 200 meters until getting past the culvert → arrive at the destination
  • GPS:E120.475427 N23.434244