Angel Garden Leisure Farm

Romantic and Graceful Feast of Orchid Flowers
【Jutian, Pingtung】

  “Angel Garden Leisure Farm” is graceful and exquisite. Through the demonstration of professional greenhouse cultivation and fashionable space, orchid plantation agroecology and life application aesthetics of orchid are conveyed and manifested. The tourists will be able to gain relevant knowledge of flower varieties, planting techniques, and experience orchid curing, or even relish the wonderfulness of orchid arts by participating in our activity programs besides flower viewing. It is absolutely an ideal field for practicing environmental education.

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  • Validity period:2019/01/01~2021/12/31

《Farm Introduction》

  Established in 2015, “Angel Garden” is the pioneering leisure farm themed on “orchid flower” whose predecessor was the “Jutian Dancing-Doll Orchid Yam” known for its orchid production. The first-generation owner Chen, Wen-Qin has thrown himself into the industry of orchid planting since he rented the land of less than half hectare more than twenty years ago. The site is initially used to grown and export mainly dancing-doll orchids, but along with its expansion and development, the unit has become the most representative growing and exporting area of orchid flowers in Southern Taiwan up to now. Not only has its flower cultivation area reached to 3.5 hectares, its floriculture varieties has increased from the original single dancing-doll orchid to vanda, ascocenda, together with the culture and planting of flame orchids imported from Thailand.

After having succeeded to his father’s business and returned to his hometown for engaging in farm management, the second-generation owner Chen Hong-Zhi exploits the advantages of his own garden and local agricultural products, into which integrated the originality of flower aesthetics and space architecture, to create “Angel Garden Leisure Farm”. In addition to applying the site as a recreational and educational spot which allows everyone to “gain an understanding of orchid ecology, appreciate the beauty of orchid flowers, and create orchid arts”, an exquisite garden banquet hall where group dining, family reunions or gatherings of friends, events for special occasions and wedding parties can be held and accommodated is also built. One can experience a sheer different “orchid feast” on this European country style leisure farm: from “Angel Square” surrounded by picturesque tracery walls, delicate and lovable purple cabin called “Angel’s Dining Table”, and the eye-catching, lily-white church of “Angel College” to the waterways that traverse through the farm, the glistening landscape pond, and the colorful “orchid greenhouse” beyond the glance, all is amazing, dreamy, and satisfying. Therefore, apart from enjoying the delightful view and lovely flowers, one should not forget to join the experience programs such as one-day flower grower, floral arrangement, bouquet DIY, and etc. And remember to purchase a few pots of orchid for bringing home as souvenirs and savor authentically the wonderfulness of being in Taiwan, the “kingdom of orchid flowers” after “checking-in and taking photographs”.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

  “Angel Garden Leisure Farm” is a recreational site featured on “orchid flowers”. Through integrated application of new-generation agricultural technology, the orchids can be hung directly in the air and grown by simply relying on “sun, air, and water” instead of being planted in earth. As the currently planted varieties of dancing-doll orchid, vanda, ascocenda, and flame orchid are in vast numbers, we not only serve as the biggest export base of tropical orchids in Taiwan but also offer floral arrangement and catering services in the hope of establishing a new leisure and hospitality world with an eidetic imagery of orchid.

  Based on our appeal for a non-toxic environment, our site adopts neither chemical fertilizers nor pesticides that all of the orchids and plants we cultivate are treated in a non-poisonous manner. We have even constructed artificial mosquito-repellent pools for creating the friendly environment. Furthermore, in order to reflect the theme of “flowers and plants”, the buildings within the farm adopts green building materials which focus on lighting and ventilation and combines the exterior design of church architecture with floral installation art. The image of “angel garden” for our farm, on the basis of “European style”, is laid out sensibly. Meanwhile, not only has the professional orchid greenhouse where guiding interpretations of orchid ecology are carried out been set up, the meals and dishes served at our restaurant are also made from edible flowers with relevant explanations. We have thoroughly united “floral design and artworks”, “environment”, and “delicacies” altogether to display another outlook of the leisure farm.

  he experience programs initiated by our farm include household floral design, bouquet making, orchid screen printing (drawstring bag and tote bag DIY), and one-day flower grower, putting emphasis on enabling visitors to learn about the relevant knowledge of the history and flowers and plants and the way of taking care of orchids at home by partaking in these implementation activities. Moreover, products like orchid pots, fresh bouquets, orchid facial masks, and etc. are available as well, contributing the option of picking and choosing souvenir gifts besides visiting “the one-and-only orchid theme leisure farm in Taiwan”.

《Spotlight on Recommendable Delicacies and Tours》

  • Orchid Greenhouse Workshop/Renew your acquaintance with all kinds of tropical orchids

    Arriving at the one-and-only leisure farm themed on “orchid flower” in Taiwan, it becomes a must for you to learn more about and understand the beautiful variety grown within the extent. All you have to do is to walk into the production greenhouse which has been built exclusively for planting orchids and equipped with microcomputer program for controlling illumination and wind speed, and you will be able to see a large field of a wide variety of orchids in various colors such as brilliant yellow, fuchsia, and amaranth, etc. interwoven with one another. What is more, you can get the chance of knowing the growth characteristics of dancing-doll orchid, vanda, ascocenda, and flame orchid and diverse curing skills for taking care of different orchid flowers under the in-depth and professional guiding interpretation given by the owner. The most special part is, instead of being planted in earth, the orchids here are all hung up in the air. Hence you will be able to see clearly the complete appearance of a flower “from the root segment to the petal” by just standing in front of the plant. This is literally the best learning venue of “orchid workshop”.

  • Pilgrimage to Orchid Church/Appreciate the integrated beauty of architecture and floral design

    The white building, which is named “Angel College” and has the appearance design of pseudo-church style, is the most significant visual highlight of the farm. As for the refined space furnishings inside the building, the exhibition of thematic floral arts which changes once every week seems to be more charming and lustrous under the reflections of lights and shadows set off by the bamboo-shaped French window. As a result, there are many tourists who tend to frame, take pictures, and indulge in pleasures around this area, making the architecture of “Orchid Church” and the beauty of floral arts become the best commemoration of this “worthwhile trip”.。

  • Enjoyable Floral Afternoon Tea /Clear your mind and relish healing food and beverage

    The catering service offered by our farm lays great stress on using massively safe and guaranteed ingredients including various types of organic vegetables, edible flowers and plants, nonpoisonous lemons, innocuous red beans, and etc. cultivated by small-scale farmers and peasants to prepare diversified menu choices of commercial meal, set meal, and afternoon tea. After ordering foods from “Angel’s Dining Table”, the dainty and lovable purple cabin, it is recommended that you dine inside the “Orchid Church”. Take a sip at the bright-colored butterfly pea rose tea drink accompanied by a basket of baguettes or a serving of fresh and palatable angel cake while facing the beauteous and attractive pool landscaping outside the window in an environment surrounded by flower decorations and settings, you will surely be able to leave your mind empty and immerse yourself completely in the golden afternoon on this graceful garden farm.

  • Orchid Handicraft Experience Programs/All-in-one tour for flower viewing, savoring, planting, and playing

    On “Angel Garden Leisure Farm”, one can not only enjoy the fetching view of orchid flowers, savor delectable floral meals but also partake in fun activities related to flowers and plants. For example, wrapping large-sized and small-sized bouquets, making orchid screen printing bags, learning home floral design, even planting and cultivating orchids, being “one-day flower grower”, and etc. Through the process of various kinds DIY programs, you will be able to experience profoundly, the aesthetics of life on a farm and the heartwarming feeling of natural handmade practices brought by “zero distance with orchids”.

  • Purchase of Orchid Souvenir Gift /Bring back wondrous and romantic orchid memories

    In addition to orchid pots in a wide range of colors, green plants like usnea (air plant), together with the non-periodical sale of other small potted plants for household ornaments are also available at our site. At the same time, we sell quite a wide choice of pretty designed bouquets, freshly cut flowers, and etc. for visitors to pick out and buy with ease. Furthermore, the whitening mask developed and produced by our farm from orchid extracts is a truly practical product for skin care. It is the most distinctive souvenir item of “orchid farm” that is good both as a present and for personal use.


  • Address: No. 101, Ln. 120, Fu’an Rd., Fengming Vil., Zhutian Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
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    ◎By car: (1) Take the 188 county road from Kaohsiung's southbound Expressway No.88 (just eastbound) and walk for 5 minutes below the 88 elevated road to the pier number 355. (2) From Chaozhou North - Chaozhou 189 County Road to Wan Dan direction, Yushanlong gas station (on the left) left to Da Liu, along the 88 elevated below 2 minutes to the pier number 354 turn up to reach.
    ◎By public transport: (1) By bus: take Pingtung Bus, from Pingtung to Chaozhou (vice versa), and get off at Gouzaiqian Stop (about 1 kilometer from the farm, shuttle service is available upon making reservations in advance). (2) By train: get off at Chaozhou Railway Station and take a taxi to the destination in about 5 minutes (4 kilometers).
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