Ming Chuan Leisure Farm

A Pineapple Farm that Triggers Five Senses
【Majia, Pingtung】

  Based on pineapple cultivation and extensive experience in agricultural product processing, Ming Chuan Leisure Farm is has been proactively promoting “organic environment” with the combination of “ecological landscape” to construct the appearance of “leisure farm” step by step. Extending from agricultural production, rural life to natural ecology and life inspiration while upgrading from Primary industrial sector to Tertiary industry, Ming Chuan Leisure Farm is obviously built by a diligent and clever manager with positive attitude. It is absolutely an ideal choice for practicing and experience environmental education.

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《Farm Introduction》

  Located down the mountain of Pingtung Dawu, “Ming Chuan” is a “reputed family of pineapple farmers” which has been handed down through three generations. Not only has the family been planting pineapples for more than half a century, the leader of the second generation, Wu Mu-Quan, has also won recognition of “Shen-Non Prize for farming award”. With the excellent quality of pineapples they have cultured, the Wu family has become the representative peasant family that exports the first batch of pineapples from Taiwan to Japan. Having been influenced by what he constantly saw and heard ever since childhood, Wu Jian-Ming, the successor of the third generation, has not only accumulated solid farming experiences but also determined to study farm management during college. After taking over the business of his family, he makes concerted efforts with his wife Xie Mei-Lian to jointly create the new appearance of leisure farm that stresses the idea of “natural ecology, living philosophy, and coexistence of life” beyond the 20-hectare organic pineapple field.

Based on the faith in “farmland is the production field of foods and the habitat of living creatures”, “Ming Chuan” has elaborately drawn up every detail including trees, bushes, bricks, and tiles of the entire layout: from the four endemic species totems (Taipei frog, collared scops-owl, Heng-chun birdwing butterfly, and Geothelphusa pingtung) on the stone brick wall at the entrance to the clear, demarcated fruit orchard, garden area, and aquatic plants ecological pond inside the park, and even that hand-laid “gigantic pineapple”, the bamboo-woven body of which is combined with other local source materials like paddies, limes, and kenaf fibers and built by means of traditional engineering method, risen straight from and among the greensward, all contains the affections and vision the owner has developed for this land. Therefore, one can not only get closer to nature, experience farming chores but also savor all sorts of fresh and delectable pineapple products and realize the true meaning and wonderfulness of “let life return to nature, let existence return to simplicity, let taste bud return to genuineness” upon visiting the site.

體驗《Leisure Farm Experience》

  With the two major features of “tropical pineapples” and “ecosystem diversity”, “Ming Chuan Leisure Farm” implements comprehensively organic farming to fulfill the three life concepts that environmental education wishes to convey. The outdoor area is the garden type ecological section where the main building merges and coordinates with the surrounding rural scenery. In addition to selling rich and diversified agricultural processed products and offering light meals and finger foods, the main building is also the very spot where baking activities of DIY teaching program take place. The overall facility is favorably mapped out. And with the emphasized integration of all relevant identity designs of “pineapple” theme, the characteristics and atmosphere of modern farmhouse in the countryside are impressively presented.

  The farm owner utilizes his own agricultural resources to scheme out activities such as pineapple harvesting, farming practice, and pineapple cake and pizza DIY programs as well as organize other relevant experience programs such as grassland picnic music concert, friendly farmers’ market, and light trip to the place of origin, which are at once interesting and instructive, by working in coordination with local firms and peasants from time to time. Besides, the innovative pineapple processed product is another prominent highlight of the farm: from fruit vinegars, dried fruits, jams to popsicles, pastries, and soy-bean sauce, the delicacies not only reflect the attentiveness and all-out efforts the owner has thrown into developing and producing items, one can also relish the authentic, luscious flavor of the excellent, MIT pineapples from every kind of product of exquisite quality.

《Spotlight on Recommendable Delicacies and Tours》

  • Ecotourism on Ming Chuan Leisure Farm/Discover by listening to the secrets of natural land

    While wandering about on this secluded and refined farm surrounded by abundant vegetation, you may explore the rich biodiversity within the site under the guidance of the owner: from air plants which reveal innumerable shapes, Brazilian grape trees, caimito, golden apple to varicolored Muller's barbets, tree frogs, swallowtail butterflies, black bulbuls, and etc., you will be able to perceive the exuberant vitality inside all living beings on earth at close quarters and discover the beauty of the changing seasons. What is more, the visitors are allowed to make sundries of personal style including handkerchief and eco-friendly reusable bag by participating in “hammered leaf and flower prints” DIY program and to experience the wonderfulness and preciousness of “standing close to nature” at any time.

  • Pineapple Harvesting in the Field/Experience the joy of harvest in person

    How exciting can it be to harvest yellow and orange pineapples in an endlessly spreading pineapple field where organic farming is completely carried out? You can have such an opportunity as long as you come in the right season. With the guidance of the farm owner, let us put on a conical bamboo hat and grab a reaper to experience the firsthand feeling of “embracing pineapples and returning from a rewarding journey”. Furthermore, we can have a good grasp of the history of pineapple history and realize thoroughly the inherited spirit and memory of “pineapple family” by hearing the stories dictated by the owner. How can anyone miss such a valuable experience?

  • Handmade Pineapple Snacks /Experience the fun of baking fruits

    Arriving at the farm which is famous for producing “pineapples”, one should take the chance of making delicious snack by using pineapples apart from harvesting ripe fruits and digging in fresh pulps. The baking classroom set up by Ming Chuan Leisure Farm is well-equipped. All you need to do is to follow the instructions given by specialized teachers, move around your fingers, and you will be able to make traditional, dainty Chinese pineapple cake, together with the finger-licking western-style pizza with ease. To practically experience the feeling of “from production farm to the table” and discover that “food and agriculture education” can actually be so close to “daily life” no matter what age you are at. Come and join the DIY program of baking pineapple cakes; even small children are capable of accomplishing the task.

  • Purchase of Optimum Pineapple Presents/Bring back fantastic souvenir gifts of excellent flavor

    The farm owner is ingenious that he has developed and made a large quantity of processed foods from pineapple dried fruits, pineapple slices, pineapple juice, and pineapple jam to pineapple cake, pineapple brown sugar, pineapple ice pops, and pineapple vinegar, pineapple soybean sauce, pineapple bean paste, etc., involving snacks, drinks, pastries, and condiments. The diversified items produced by Ming Chuan Leisure Farm are all “organic”, and it is not hard to imagine that these organic products have become the best souvenir deeply fancied by the visitors.


  • Address: No. 114-6, Jiayi Vil., Majia Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
  • Telephone:+886-8-7990-220
  • Web: ecloud.ewang.com.tw
  • Transportation Guide:
    ◎By car: National Highway No. 3 (southbound) Changzhi, get off at Sandimen Interchange → pass through Provincial Highway 24 → turn to County Highway No. 185 in the direction of Liangshan Waterfall → drive along and reach the destination at 32 km.
    ◎By public transport: Take bus No. 605 (weekends only) at Chaozhou Railway Station and get off at Jia-Yi Primary School stop. Walk for about 10 minutes to reach the destination.
  • GPS:E120.631559 N22.662637